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Could use many, many improvements, but I still somewhat enjoyed it, for whatever reason, 7 February 2011

Watching the trailer for Cold Creek Manor, I can understand how someone can get the idea that it was a supernatural thriller when it was released and I realize this is why a lot of people were disappointed with it. However, assumptions should not have been made, and I did not see the trailer before viewing anyway. I was actually excited to see it based on what I knew about the actual movie's story and not it's bad reception, and even though I agree it is most certainly not as I had hoped it would be in terms of likability, there is something about it I found very entertaining. Yes, the movie is mediocre from the core of it's story, but even though it is basically lackluster in everything, something intrigued me.

Maybe it was the offset performances. While some are questionable, others are too good for the movie itself. Kristen Stewart and Juliette Lewis are very enjoyable to me in their small, but very well done roles and manage to outshine even Dennis Quaid and Sharon Stone who merely were there for the ride and quite bad at times, like they hardly tried at all. The real show was Stephen Dorff, who I will argue that his character was placed in the wrong movie. His performance was utter bliss and gave his character the right amount of edginess, sexiness and loneliness that caused me to feel empathy for him and fear him at the same time. Well, not really fear him; more like appreciate his intimidation, I guess.

The story is crap, the rest of the movie just kind of rolls along, but it rolls along in a way that does not bore me, but merely passes the time I must say. It's just a popcorn movie, and people seem to take it way too seriously for it's own good, in my opinion. While the movie is nowhere near a masterpiece, is an overdone subject and does not handle a lot of material well, it is just an entertaining movie to me. Maybe it is because the main threat is so well done that it can pull the movie through to at least halfway decent, because alone it is not a bad movie, it's just not really a good one. I don't know, but I enjoyed it. It's poorly made, yes, but it is not bad, completely. It's not a "so bad, it's good" movie or anything like that either. The infamous snakes scene is a good laugh though for anyone who says the movie is a complete failure. Overall, I probably won't be watching it again, but there are far worse movies than Cold Creek Manor, and I would pick it over them any day.

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Mesmerizing and beautiful adventure; I just wish it was longer., 7 February 2011

I was really excited about seeing The Secret of Kells. I knew it was nominated for Best Animated Picture, and it sounded enjoyable enough and I love animated movies in general, so I was eager to view it. I found out it was only 75 minutes long before I watched it, and while it does not take away from the enjoyableness of the film, making it longer could have added on to the adventure and made the movie even more vivacious and bubbly than it already was, because at times it seemed way too rushed and like they were just ready to get the film over with. I loved the fast pace and energy the film carried, because it kept me interested at all times, but they seemed to be running on nothing but visuals at some points and the creators seemed frustrated with their own movie, in a sense.

However, The Secret of Kells does not disappoint. There are so many beautiful scenes, like I said, and artistic animation sketches that it is pleasing to the eye in every sense. The characters are really lovable as well. All of them are bright, energetic and original, aside from a few that are meant to be sullen, and each add a specific part to the story that creates a very nice adventure. I especially loved the character of Aisling, who even though she might be annoying to some, was probably my favorite thing about the movie, next to the vivid colors and designs. I did not care for a lot of the Christian overtones, but I had no idea what the story behind the Book of Kells even was until after the movie nor did I know it was a real story, so it took me by surprise, and that is just me personally, but for a movie about a "Book of Gospel", it held it down quite well. I think it could have been better by making it longer because we could have gotten a little more detail of the actual story, like they ended it abruptly, and it would have helped us better understand the whole situation, which that is not saying it is not understandable, but further information could have helped a lot. Yes, I know I just said that I did not care for the Christianity and now I am saying I wanted more information, but I did say they held down the religion well and made it to where it was not over the top, so if they did exactly that with more details, it would have been even better.

Anyway, the story itself is not as great as the characters it holds and the wonderful visuals because of the shortness, but in the end, whether you enjoy The Secret of Kells or not is based on sheer entertainment, and that is all the film is. It is very entertaining, even if it's not perfect, because the whole film is excellently executed, in that manner at least. The movie can be interesting for people of all ages, religions, races and so forth, because it is just a fun film that knows how to give it's viewer(s) a good time if they are in the right mind to begin with. While it is not the best in any genre it could fall under, it is most definitely worth a recommendation for anyone who is interested in the movie itself or movies like this. Even though it has a handful of problems, all in my personal opinion, the characters, scenes and entertainment value make it a delight from beginning to end and the problems are mostly disregarded after you have such a wonderful time with it. I am pleased it gets a lot of good reception. It is just an enjoyable film in general, so that's the main point I am trying to make.

Ringu (1998)
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I actually thought The Ring was much better than Ringu., 4 January 2011

Okay, I did see the American remake first, but contrary to what most seem to believe, seeing the remake of a movie first absolutely does not spoil the original for me in any way, personally, and I just thought The Ring was a much better movie all around. The thing with Ringu is it was just way too bland for my tastes. The performances were fine, but I guess I am one who loves a lot more material than I was given, like they gave in The Ring. I am not a CGI junkie, nor do I care for "quick scares" throughout the movie, even though The Ring did have both of those things in a bigger quantity than Ringu, but I was expecting more than I got in terms of story and revelation. It really was just a mellow movie to watch unfold, for me, and at times I was wondering if it would ever give me any real shock or sense of greatness.

I primarily liked The Ring better because the cast was incredible and while I absolutely loved the sets and realism in Ringu, those were the aspects I enjoyed most about it, it just as a movie itself did not deliver for me. Everyone goes on about how it is so scary, so I sat down ready to be frightened to death, because I figure if any country can scare you it is certainly Japan, and was ultimately disappointed. Here again though, I have never been frightened by any movie, ever. Still, I do not hate Ringu. It was entertaining and though I did cut it off at one point out of boredom to watch something else, I told myself if I cut it off now I probably will never finish it and went back to the spot I was at, because maybe it would pick up. A lot of the scenes seem very real, like I mentioned, which is what I liked most about it and therefore the climax is ultimately better executed, in my opinion, but I was just not very satisfied with it.

Maybe I expected too much after seeing the remake, but I was disappointed. It's okay at best.

Black Swan (2010)
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A dark, beautiful drama with excellent direction and performances, 2 January 2011

Black Swan never really came off as, should be expected, a wonderful movie. I put it off, but did have intentions of seeing it sometime, for I love Natalie Portman. She is my favorite actress, and I will watch her in anything. After the praise started to pour in, I got a little more interested, and though I still thought it looked like it would be a bit lackluster for me quite honestly, I sat down to watch it with a clear mind. I was just not too excited about the premise and trailer; they were less than satisfying. It is an evident understatement that I did not give this movie the approval it so rightfully deserves from anyone, at first. I am ecstatic to admit that it was a moving, incredibly mesmerizing movie that managed to completely entrance me even at many scenes.

I am going to especially admire it's sense of direction. It was so beautifully and twistedly crafted to where I felt the cruel beauty of the atmosphere, and was shocked and rapt in the twists and anomalous scenes. The performances are amazing; everyone captures their character perfectly. Of course, the shining moments were all Natalie Portman's, for me at least, who committed to the role and it shows. Her choreography and story is just better established by the perfect acting. The movie starts off a little rocky for me, I must admit, but that might be mainly because of how I felt about it at the start. It slowly progresses, I guess, which was probably for the best, seeing as how it takes it's time to become familiar with the characters and give us a nice pace on the chance to get more and more interested, which worked on me.

Black Swan is one of the best films of the year. It is certainly my favorite, from what I have seen. It should receive a lot of awards, especially it's Golden Globe nominations for Best Director, which I already said was superb, and hopefully it's Best Motion Picture "Drama" and Best Actress. I look forward to it being nominated for the Academy Award for Best Art Direction. It wholeheartedly deserves any positivity and I recommend it for anyone who loves deep, dark, beautiful, enthralling films like this is.

Burlesque (2010/I)
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High octane, fast paced musical is super fun, even if it's not a masterpiece, 6 December 2010

I, unlike a lot of people in lieu to it's box office results, really wanted to see Burlesque. I am not necessarily a Christina Aguilera fan, though she has made a lot of songs I like, same deal for Cher, and though the movie did not seem like it would be a 10/10, it looked insanely fun for my tastes and I had been invited by my friend and her mom to go see it with them. We were all fairly excited, after seeing the previews and hearing of what reception it did get from audiences was generally well perceived, and, directly after it was over, were pleased to admit that all three of us really enjoyed it and were not disappointed.

There is not really many downsides to this movie, in my honest opinion, that can not be made up for with other material. For example: The songs, while not all are memorable, make the movie ultimately more enjoyable, and have some nice choreography to the dances that were made for them. "Show Me How to Burlesque" is my favorite song, with Cher's "You Haven't Seen the Last of Me" and another song, that incongruently and infuriatingly is not listed in the soundtrack titles on here, and did not have a really huge part in the movie other than it being my favorite dance sequence, besides "Show Me How to Burlesque", being two other very catchy songs in the movie, as well. The others felt like they were there merely to fill time, because I personally did not find them that special.

There's not really any brand new, awesome material, but it really is much better than people would expect in terms of entertainment and professionalism. Christina Aguilera has got some pipes. Whether you like her vocals or not, she can hit and hold a note, and she really is not that bad of an actress. She wasn't in this film, at least, and while we are at it, neither was Cher; both gave pretty believable and likable performances. Everyone gave a likable performance both acting and music wise, especially my man candy Cam Gigandet. You could grate cheese on that boy's body. There is a nice touch of comedy here and there from Alan Cumming, Stanley Tucci, and a very cute and well done scene between Aguilera and Gigandet that involves a nice shot of Gigandet's bottom and another mishap in that scene that will make anyone crave "the box of cookies" at that exact moment. (I love Cam Gigandet.)

Moving on, another aspect is the movie has got excellent, sparkly costumes during some flashy, risqué sequences that could possibly make anyone have a seizure who was not thoroughly prepared. Another of my favorite things is it has got beautiful, and I mean beautiful lighting, and wonderful make-up in many scenes making the actors, actresses and settings look picturesque and crisp. Steve Antin, while not an amazing director, does a very nice job, and does an even better job with the writing, even if the script is not Oscar worthy. Like I have said, it is not going to be held in cinema history as the next Casablanca, or Godfather, few movies are nowadays, but this was an enjoyable experience for many reasons and I encourage anyone who thinks they can handle it for what it is to see it.

8 Mile (2002)
I have to admit; wonderful performances in an intense film, 17 September 2010

I hate rap. In my honest opinion of all that's to be said in this review, it's homophobic, sexist, poorly sung trash that rap artists try to pass off as poetry to get listeners to "understand" their life and the meaning of it. We listen to it because we are naive and the beat is catchy, and many who think they are cool because they listen to it and blare it all the time are insipid morons. However, for some reason that I absolutely do not understand at all, I wanted to view 8 Mile. Eminem is quite tolerable to me. Maybe it is because I slightly fall under the category of everything I just stated, or maybe because I just find him, as an artist, tolerable to an extent while everyone else annoys me, but either way, he attracted me to the film, and though I put it off for a while because I felt as if I was going to be extremely disappointed with it and the length of it would not be worth the watch, I eventually got around to viewing it.

I gladly admit that I was very entertained through out the entire film and that I can honestly say it was an enjoyable experience. The homophobic slurs, rap spitting sequences and wannabe characters get tiresome, but it is also kind of what you enjoy about the movie because it tries to capture what life may actually be like for some people in all those situations, and it does it quite well, certainly not as stupidly as I expected. The performances continue to interest and satisfy. I thought everyone, at least most everyone, did a perfectly fine job and made the movie more enjoyable than it would have been without the cast. Like I said, it's a bit dull at times, but everyone makes it work. The rap is actually quite understandable instead of being completely useless psychobabble, for the most part, because the writer actually attempts at interpreting what is being shown on screen into the sequences, at least, they try. It's exactly what I expected it to be, but I received the exact opposite reaction that I thought I would receive, if you can understand that.

Another thing, I was completely entranced near the end, on the edge of my seat even. It had built up all the suspense that I was not expecting it to build up and held it well around the climax. I guess I can ultimately say that my expectations were pretty much blown away. It got a rise out of me at times, though at others it really did just flat out bore, but still it all came together and worked for me. It's not a masterpiece, and it's not going to be labeled a favorite of mine, but it was worth my time and I felt overly satisfied and relieved at the end. Did I enjoy it? Definitely. Would I watch it again in the future? Sure. Would I recommend it? If you think you can handle the subject matter, you should have already seen it long ago.

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Maybe I've just gotten used to them, maybe they've actually gotten better. . ., 21 August 2010

Oh, Friedberg and Seltzer. How woefully you are viewed upon by over half the film world's population today. The films you have made have been deemed some of the worst ever. However, there are still some traces of fans out there, whether anyone believes it or not. I, myself, am certainly not a fan, but I understand both sides of the scale and review your films unbiasedly. With that said, I have to admit that I rather enjoyed the latest spoof from these two.

The Twilight phenomenon is an utter joke among many already. A feature length spoof of the movies seemed like it was bound to happen, but who would have known it would have been created by them. Some might enjoy this because they find any mocking of the Twlight films joyous. Some might enjoy this because they honestly find the antics humorous. Most will hate it entirely because of the directors. In any matter, I found it fun because of how well crafted I actually thought it was and how many times it made me laugh because of how funny the movie managed to be by working off the films' it mocks cheesiness areas.

Like some have already reviewed saying, this is an improvement in many ways. Unlike all their other films, this actually focuses on spoofing just the two first Twilight films and does not rely on criticizing every film they possibly can as well as making lame pop culture reference after lame pop culture reference to get giggles, even though there still are pop culture references in there, they're just not as lame and are spaced out for our brain's convenience.

Jenn Proske and Matt Lanter are actually incredible, in a sense, in their performances. Proske covered every Kristen Stewart fault swimmingly as did Matt Lanter for Robert Pattinson. Even though that's generally not something to be proud of, it works here. The movie doesn't linger on humorless side jokes until the point where boredom is spewing out of our mouths, and the crew captures the essence that I was looking for in this film. Yes, it has many problems, what Friedberg and Seltzer film doesn't? It still is entertaining in the right mood, and just maybe the two have finally started to perfect on what they have been oblivious to all this time, or maybe I have just gotten used to their mediocrity, but regardless, I think this film deserves more appreciation than some Friedberg and Seltzer haters will give it.

Miracle Run (2004) (TV)
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Surprisingly so much better than I expected. The dedication of the cast is simply amazing, 21 August 2010

I am not going to lie. I truthfully had no idea what Miracle Run was about, fully, and the only reason I had been wanting to watch it is because Zac Efron was in it, yes, that's the only reason; a bit ridiculous, but I usually just jump at any movie that has one of my favorite actor/actresses in it, or, in this case, an actor I find attractive. After seeing that it was a Lifetime original, my expectations were crushed and I immediately fell into dismay over what I was about to view.

My expectations rose just a little when the opening credits appeared. After seeing Mary-Louise Parker starred, I became delighted. I find her to be such an enjoyable actress and have loved her in everything I've seen her in. The first twenty minutes? I had become so interested that I didn't even have any idea of how interested I was. The storyline starts off incredibly with Mary-Louise Parker portraying Corrine Morgan-Thomas, beautifully I might add, discovering that her twin sons, Steven and Phillip, have autism.

The first half of the movie is about Corrine having to deal with her sons' autism and having to study up on how to better it in their lifestyle, which this half is what gets us concerned for the Thomas family and piqued to see what happens in the second half. The two child actors are not annoying in any way as you would think they would be, and they actually inspire sympathy for both of their characters and Parker's.

When the second half rolls around, I was not bored, I did not think the film was spiraling away from the brilliance it started off with, but it indeed perfected the story and made the characters and our entertainment rise to the highest level this film could achieve. The actors' portrayal of the Thomas twins are so lovable that you wish you could hug them and never let go, and even the supporting actors help the story click and build to where by the end of the film you are left with a comforting warmth and sensitivity.

This movie would have not been as fantastic as it was if it wasn't for the fantastic performances. Otherwise, it would have been another run-of-the-mill Lifetime failure that didn't inspire or persevere anyone into thinking of it so highly. The cast makes the script heartwarming and touching in the utmost sense, and I feel like this is an underrated film, suppressed by the LMN label. I recommend this for anyone. It's incredibly wonderful all the way through, and I certainly did not expect it to be. Job very well done with the subject matter and film itself.

It's actually not too far from being a highly superb sequel, in my honest opinion, 12 July 2010

Yes, we all know The Lion King is a classic Walt Disney that is regarded as one of the best by many of the general public. I can't disagree, it's positively amazing and with how wonderful, heartwarming and moving the lovable aspects of the film managed to be, it seems the ill-fated "Walt Disney Straight-to-DVD sequel" name was yet again doomed from the start, but what's this? I try The Lion King II: Simba's Pride on for size, and slowly, but surely, I start enjoying myself more and more, finding this film almost to be a sheer delight if it weren't for some minor let downs and fallbacks that kept me from really considering this film as highly superb.

The film's plot is simple, and while a bit, well, a lot hasty, it's effective, or at least it was effective on me. I really cared for Kiara and Kovu with the utmost admiration and I thought the voice-overs and character executions were excellent, regardless of who wasn't able to return for the sequel (at least they got some of the familiar voices, i.e.: Matthew Broderick, unlike some Disney sequels that neglect even getting a single one). It was even somewhat enchanting to me really, in ways, to watch this story play out. That could be for numerous reasons (i.e.: I absolutely love the tale of Romeo and Juliet which is exactly what this film's undertone seems to resemble, and we all adore forbidden loves, don't we?). Also, I don't know why, and certainly don't judge me, but I kind of got the hots for Kovu. . . just going to stop there.

Anyway, the songs are quite forgettable, as most have mentioned, though they are certainly not as bad as almost everyone has mentioned, and they are very fun while the movie progresses even if they are not the best features of the movie. I know Walt Disney is semi-famous for it's catchy, classic melodies, but what Disney sequels really stick with those? A few things that held me back from loving this film to the full extent were even though the film certainly doesn't try to pull off as many lame, useless, tasteless, plain out stupid jokes as many others, like Return to Jafar, it still had a few in there that put the "dropped eyes, horizontal lips" look on my face after hearing them, if you understand what I mean by that, and also the character of Nuka was completely annoying that I almost cringed every time he came on screen.

Still, even with the diminutive handful of downsides to this movie, I found that the beautiful characteristics and poignant story shined through and left me feeling very satisfied that it didn't turn out as horrific as the Aladdin sequels or as forgettable as The Fox and the Hound 2. It was entertainingly pleasing from beginning to end, and I actually intend on watching it again in the near future. It might get a nostalgic, mixed reputation from original Lion King fanatics expecting and feeling they deserved more, but if you free up your mind even a little and expect what's to be expected from a sequel trying to walk in the paw prints of a timeless masterpiece, you will be pleasantly surprised at the fun and joy you receive.

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Admit it, this was fun, 26 June 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

WARNING: I advise anyone who has not seen the film yet to not read this comment.

Director Mick Garris brings to us a nostalgic feature from the mind of Stephen King that sets new rules to the term "blood-thirsty creature", however lame they may be. All the way from dialogue such as tacky one liners like, "Cop-kabob!" and juicy delivers such as, "This doesn't have to hurt. Just think of yourself as lunch!" to scenes of mother- son incest between supernatural, flesh-eating whatever they are and murder by ear of corn, Sleepwalkers takes us on a quirky, poorly done, but overall enjoyable adventure with tons of undeniable mediocrity and shines of sheer camp brilliance along the way that gives us that icky, "Why do we like this?" feeling.

Sleepwalkers is just so fun and it's entertaining cheesiness is ultimately rewarding in the utmost sense. The hunky Brian Krause is so likable and cute as the son who wants the flesh of a local teen girl, but Alice Krige is even more likable and amazing as the controlling, yet oddly loving mother who takes pleasure in the part time hobby of having sex with her son. I wanted Tanya to die, I'll say, so badly did I want her to die, and usually when a horror film does that it ultimately fails in being pleasing to the audience, yet that's not the case with Sleepwalkers. The characters are bland, and the actors/actresses know that, so they overact to make them more likable, which in turn does not work, which in turn works! Understand what I'm saying? Anyone? Oh, nevermind.

The movie has an assorted collection of nice, memorable cameos, humorous anti-satire and cute, killer cats! What more could you want in a film?! You either love it or hate it, regardless of what you rate it, and I can understand both sides of the scale in different ways. I personally thought it was pure bliss that put smiles on my face, but here again, I enjoy most things.

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