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Knew IMDb would not like it... lighten up..., 10 August 2014

A dark comedy starring three women. That's all the basic information you need to know this was not going to bide well with film snobs, much less the misogynistic ones. Bachelorette is a very humorous and fun movie that I had a great time with. I knew as soon as I got through watching it to come rate it on IMDb though that people would be bashing it, but I had no idea the backlash would be this harsh.

The story is simple enough: Four high school friends all get together to relive their glory days as one, the most unattractive (Rebel Wilson), is about to get married. The bridesmaids consist of high-strung Kirsten Dunst, burnout Lizzy Caplan, and dim-witted but lovable Isla Fisher, which in my opinion Isla Fisher absolutely stole the show. I loved it. It is very mean and in your face with it's brutality. You almost wonder why these women are even friends to begin with, but unlike everyone saying there is no reason, the film ties up all it's loose ends and shows how all of the women have their own battle scars and shining personalities in the end.

Don't let the comments and rating shy you away from this one, there are some gut-busting scenes. Like I said, Isla Fisher was magnificent. I thoroughly enjoyed and believed in her character, not to say the other stars didn't deliver, she just outshines them!

The Bay (2012/II)
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Effective and worth the watch, but could have been so much more, 8 October 2013

The Bay sounded really interesting. As soon as I read the synopsis, I was really enthralled and started to watch the movie immediately. Overall, directing is great at times. Some shots are genuinely effective, making you jump, and others are eerie and fun to watch, a real experience in some fields. The whole idea, the parasitic infestation and isolation on this island was a very creepy idea and in most ways, this movie succeeds in keeping you entertained.

Otherwise, the main protagonist, a woman telling the story of how all the chaos went about, brought the movie down so hard for me. She was annoying, acted poorly, and no scene with her in it had any enjoyable aspects whatsoever. Other than that, the directing as I said is great at times, but sometimes there are just random shots and camera scales that make the movie just, awkward. The concept was probably the best thing about the movie. Some creature moments are interesting, and there are some really good qualities about the movie altogether.

In the end though, it's another movie while even though I enjoyed it and it was by no means a bad movie, it has a lot of problems, and there were many things they could have improved on. Don't let me scare you away, it's a fun film to pass an hour by, but at the end it's exactly those kinds of movies you feel like they should have given you more. The shaky cam idea is applied a little here and there, and for some reason it's not a good attribute, but it also does not bring the film down. Like I said, all the aspects of this movie have their own pros and cons. Is it enjoyable? Yes, but you will definitely be able to spot the problems you have with the film. Could have been spectacular, but settles for a nice little chiller thriller/mystery documentary.

I was entertained, 29 June 2013

As a few have said, the animation in this film is not that great. The voice overs are quite creepy, and the whole story is a little out there. It is a gay pornoparody, for anybody stumbling across this and wandering, on superheros and there is nothing really great about it, but from the get-go I was interested. Starts off a little rocky, just for the slightest beginning but picks up. It's not the story that really interests me, it's the fun of watching a gay animation like this and getting aroused, from some of it.

Not very hot though, one sex scene in general with a very flamboyant man in a leopard outfit was just awkward. The main black hero, with one of the biggest "junks" in the movie, had the voice actor sounding like he was so out of place and the main guy's costume and attractiveness could have been a little enhanced. The best thing about the whole skit is an unexpectedly nice orgy that I blew one off to involving superheros who's powers are snake charming, supposedly being straight, and having anal beads enter the ass continuously... Very nice work on that part, ahem.

I give this movie it's props for trying. Ridiculous animation, lousy voice overs, droll storyline, but the sensuality in some parts are worth seeing. I was, at the least, entertained.

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I'm not ashamed you folks, I loved this movie, 26 June 2013

The Guilt Trip looked like one of those very fun, lighthearted movies. Seth Rogen is one of my favorite actors, and personally I have enjoyed Barbra for her music or films at some point or another. It starts off a little cliché, and there's not many really hilarious moments, but from the minute mark of when we get to the main story and the road trip sets off the film is out to capture your heart. Streisand comes across as a caring mom without being too overbearing or annoying and it really hits home with a lot of male audience members who are mama's boys.

Rogen feels out of place at times, but ultimately comes into his own and makes the character. There are some memorable scenes, and overall it just sets out to be what it is and nothing more. Emotional in the end, I was almost in tears, and that's what a film is supposed to do; capture your attention and entertain to the very soul. Give it a go for anyone who has the time for a little heartfelt gem like this in a nowadays diminishing substance value and more style oriented blockbuster fiasco.

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Bile, 19 June 2013

Apparently exorcism movies and paranormal entities have become a pop phenomena among the horror business these past few years. The Last Exorcism, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, it seems like a good idea to bare away from the central exorcism movie sometimes, like The Rite, and it might be a good outcome. Unfortunately, Anthony Hopkins is not here to carry this dull-bulbed snoozer.

The Devil Inside is about a woman who has questionably become possessed by several entities, and is succumbed to a plethora of exorcisms relating to murders that happened. The problem that lies within TDI, is that there is no character development, no sense of danger/thrill from the cheap effects and lame scares. Like they did not really try at all and just figured people would enjoy it anyway. The story sinks about 30 minutes in and veers off in twenty different ways, and the movie ultimately becomes unappealing, incredibly boring and hard to follow. The scenes that are supposed to shock or put the audience in suspense left me laughing, and just when I thought the movie was going to redeem itself a little or show some sense of professionalism, it's ruined.

Leave this one alone folks. You're better off watching the original The Exorcist, or something else in a $5 bin...

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Emotional and fun; a solid story with great performances, 18 June 2013

I had been wanting to see The Paperboy ever since I heard about it's plot and who was starring in it. The film is about Ward Jansen (McConaughey), a reporter who returns home to study up on a murder. He is accompanied by Yardley Acheman and Charlotte Bless (Kidman), the latter having written a man in prison various love letters about how she can't stand to be without him and knows he is innocent for his crime. The man in questioning for the murder is Hillary Van Wetter (Cusack), a temperamental redneck who is obsessed with the thought of Charlotte, more sexually than anything.

Involved in and surrounded by all the character's actions, and who the story line is ultimately centered on, is Ward Jansen's younger brother Jack Jansen (Efron). He is an emotionally distant and sexually repressed manchild who discovers his first love when he meets Charlotte. The movie moves steadily and is excellently narrated by the Jansen's black assistant, or basically slave considering the time it's set in, Anita, which Macy Gray pulled off one of the best performances in the movie, if not the best. All the actors and actresses felt comfortable with the movie they were making. It's like they did not even have to try to be professional. Nicole Kidman was my favorite.

Her portrayal of Charlotte as a dirty, sleazy but still sensual, emotional woman in love with a criminal was spot on. The way she walked, talked and acted showed she understood her role perfectly. I have always thought Zac Efron as a very believable and fine young actor, it shows in this film. Jack Jansen is both a boy you feel sorry for and want to help so badly at times, as well as Ward Jansen; McConaughey's role only improves from the moment he comes on screen. Like I said, the shiner here is Gray as Anita though. She's sassy, funny, lovable and some of the most heartbreaking/tense scenes involve her.

The story is one that could have been put through the shredder in the first 30 minutes. The way the movie starts out can either make it or break it for the viewer, and for me I was interested from the get-go. There are some beautiful settings, and like a movie is supposed to do, I was entertained and felt myself having many emotions throughout; suspense, empathy, regret, hatred, and lots of moments where I gasped in surprise. I don't know what it is about The Paperboy, whether it be the performances or the way the film is built and played out, but it is a movie that I thoroughly enjoyed and would watch again multiple times.

Life of Pi (2012)
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Exhilarating and gorgeous in many ways, 1 June 2013

Life of Pi is one of those everyday masterpieces that people will either love, hate, or hate it simply because others love it so much. Why I personally find the movie breathtaking is it's sense of direction, wonderful usage of character development and lines in a very improbable setting and how the whole movie is structured. Ang Lee has a very attractive way of creating his movies that makes you entranced for however long the run time is. Even though Ice Storm is not my personal favorite by any means, I was interested because of how he moves his movies along. Brokeback Mountain, and this movie, both build into great epics that for some people are put off at this point, but for the ones who truly understand and appreciate, know it is that defining moment in a film watching experience.

My defining moment was when Patel (however you spell his name) is alone in the sea and he sees the whale, and when he has to fight against Richard Parker. The scenes are stolen right out of the picture and you feel like you are watching a documentary of survival. Great story, excellent filming and an overall magnificent watch on any occasion. It deserved to be nominated for Best Picture.

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A beautiful experience all around, 9 April 2013

I did not know what to expect with The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I have not read the book, and none of the cast seemed promising except Emma Watson, who I absolutely adore. I didn't even know what it was really about, so I went in with an open mind and no expectations. The film starts off just a tad bit uneasily. I thought it might have ended up being a wannabe indie film with characters who think they are cooler than they really are and the whole film just tries to show itself off to the audience. However, The Perks of Being a Wallflower is enthralling and heartfelt, and it completely surprised me.

What makes this film work is the cast that I was doubting. They all put in spot on performances, especially the leading three. Charlie was such a sweet, corrupted boy perfectly portrayed by Logan Lerman, and Sam is a totally believable and kind-hearted, smart individual that was only perfected by a brilliant performance from Emma Watson. My favorite actually ended up being Ezra Miller, portraying Patrik, Sam's gay step brother who is totally more uplifting and brings upon the lightest parts of the film. Another thing though is the direction of the film and overall atmosphere. This movie could have been incredibly boring and pointless, but in my opinion, every step is taken so delicately in telling these character's stories that you can't look away. It's not that it's enticing, suspenseful or actually nerve-wracking, but the simplicity of it all is what throws all the ties that make this movie so great together.

The supporting cast do a great job as well, from Paul Rudd to Charlie's parents and their other ensemble of friends. The movie has a totally real-life feel to it, and some of the scenes are absolutely enchanting. The tunnel scene near the end was breathtaking, and all the homages to Rocky Horror Picture Show were insanely fun. Honestly, The Perks of Being a Wallflower is a movie that I don't understand how someone could pick out tons of imperfections they had with it. Not enjoy it? Yes, but as far as a movie goes, it is made top-notch and I firmly stand by that. The only problems I had with it was a mild twist that offered nothing to the story, and I wished the film would have been centered more on the three friends than just Charlie's anxieties and his affection towards Sam; every scene where it's just two of them or all three of them on screen is amazing. I blind bought this newly released film and am glad I did so..

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You have to see it to believe it... or don't see it, and take my word, 3 April 2013

When I sat down to watch From Justin to Kelly, I knew it had a not so kind reputation among IMDb. It has an incredibly low rating and is in the Bottom 100. Still, that does not mean I wouldn't enjoy it. I have liked a lot of "feel good, girly" films that many hate such as Gigli, Glitter and Crossroads and I always clear my mind and give any film a chance at impressing me, and sometimes people are just way too harsh on films that are merely a cute, fun time. This film, however, is not the case. It is as bad as it's made out to be, and I'll tell you why.

The acting is stale from every cast member. No one puts on a believable or even cheesy likable performance, including the main two "stars", which you think they would be able to muster some acting talent being the finalists of American Idol's first season... (joking). Whose idea was it to make a film off singers from a reality TV contest? The plot? There isn't one. A bunch of party thirsty teens that do nothing more than consume space on the screen and run around insipidly throwing outdated teenage slang here and there, not putting on a show attention-grabbing enough to interest children, teenagers, or adults. Don't even get me started on the songs and dance scenes. Oh my sweet Jesus, all every song does is occupy time, nothing more. They are all nowhere near catchy, and the choreography is some of the worst I have seen in any movie, ever. Even the sets are dull and completely opposite of breathtaking, and the direction is honestly home-video worthy at times.

So basically, there were no redeeming qualities about this film. I am lighthearted, and like lots of movies people consider bad, and can usually laugh at films that I myself find bad. Not one chuckle, or smile, or any emotion ran across my face while watching this movie. It really is that bland and uninspiring, I felt robbed of the runtime after watching it and felt I could have done something more useful with my time like watch leaves fall. I don't plan on ever watching it again.

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Pleasantly surprised, 23 September 2012

I had no intention of going to see House at the End of the Street, which from here on out I will refer to as HATES like everybody else. The trailer, as many have mentioned, made it seem like another paper copy, cliché teen horror flick that would play off of many other horrors in the sense that the characters are insipid and the plot is non-existent. I had a friend offer to buy my ticket for me and so of course I could not say no to that regardless of what we were seeing, which I did not know at first. When she told me we where seeing HATES I felt uninspired about the whole idea.

The movie starts off a little shaky, the opening sequence and a couple of scenes there on getting no more from me than mild interest and a brow raise or two. However, HATES is very nice in setting up it's big climax scenes and story twists. The main character, played excellently by Jennifer Lawrence, is likable, in the sense that she feels real in the way she interacts with her mother and moving to a new home and school, and doesn't teeter too far towards a socially inept emo kid, but not a total goody goody either and I am beginning to think Jennifer Lawrence is very capable of choosing good roles that she knows she will be able to tackle. (Loved her in The Hunger Games and X-Men: First Class) The mother, played by Elisabeth Shue, was protective, caring, but not overbearing and has made plenty mistakes in her past in her daughters eyes and their connection is almost impeccable.

When Max Thieriot's character is introduced, who gave a passable performance as well, it starts to get more entertaining. You wonder what exactly is going on in the house down the street and whether what the writers are wanting you to believe is really true. It is sad in the fact that I had the movie figured out halfway through, but that still did not sway my interest because HATES keeps you wondering exactly how the main dilemma is going to exhume itself. I was interested enough in the steady build up and atmosphere of the movie that the plot, which was not cinematic gold but deserves a worthy thumbs up, was overshadowed. However, that was not a step in either direction of mediocrity or brilliance for me, and the movie pays off one or the other after it's over.

I feel like I should say more, but HATES is a movie that if I explain too much might give away all the promising, solid qualities it has to offer. Is it amazing? No. Was it worth the ticket price? I did not pay for it, so I don't really care, but I will say that if you are any bit interested, go see it. I would definitely not have a problem with watching it again if someone brought it up later on after DVD release, and it is a lot better than a lot of the "horror" tripe released from 2000-2010.

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