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"Galavant" (2015)
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Like it so far, 5 January 2015

Stumbled on this show and was surprised to find what looks like a gem in the rough. Mainstream TV (ABC< CBS and ABC) has been lagging as of late.Good mix of: Monty Python, South Park, Men in Tights (Mel Brooks TV Show from the 70's) and Glee (in medieval times) I was surprised to find no one from Monty Python was involved with this show. So many things remind me of Holy Grail and so on. If this was a cartoon, the Boys at Southpark would have a field day. I'm looking forward to see how this story line plays out and if and who shows up as guest stars. The songs are catchy, a story that's funny and pretty girls. What more do you want?

"Utopia" (2013)
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Gem of a show, 6 February 2013

Wow? Where did this come from? Talk about "a hot kiss at the end of a wet fist" kinda show. Utopia hits you smack in the eyes but you can't stop watching. You'll find yourself saying "oh no they won't do that" a lot and {BAMM} they keep doing it anyway. You won't believe how they get you to laugh at things you wouldn't while watching normal TV shows. Most of the gore is less graphic and more left to your imagination kinda stuff. They know what's left to one's imagination is scariest of all. Whomever did the castings didn't miss a beat and the settings are as hypnotic as the dialog. There are quite a few times when you find your butt cheeks biting your seat but most times they're grasping air 'cuz your sitting on the edge of it. (Let's see if there are any clichés I missed? Nope, I think I made my point) Now for the "Think X meets Y part" Think Soap meets Dark Shadows Twin Peaks meets Bob Newhart, Six Feet Under .....Scooby Doo, Lost.....Road Warrior, Shameless (US)......Rubicon (what ever happened to that show?) Now if this all sounds reasonable to you but you didn't quite understand what I said...That's why this is my new favorite show. It hurts so good.

Freebird (2008)
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Please sir, can I have some more, 30 June 2008

This is one to watch a few times. The excellent writing shows they had to have lived this story or know someone whom did because they nailed it. Freebird made me relive and laugh at my misspent youth. The title was a Great choice. Great film, setting, story, soundtrack and characters. It's a biker flick but would be a shame to pigeon hole it that way. Funny to the bone, kinda like Trailer Park Boys in the U.K. If you've never seen TPB, make a point to if you like this film. You will thank me. I hope to see more of these characters in other films. Sequel? Could be done. There's a whole lot more of the world I would like to see through their eyes.

2012 Doomsday (2008) (V)
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Spoiler would only enhance the pain, 6 February 2008

I couldn't spoil anything because there is nothing to spoil. Words could not convey the ......... of this film. You see I can't even find a word to say how bad it is. I can't believe when they were making the film or even writing it, that they couldn't see they were making a mistake. The actors seem to be trying to act as badly as possible. The story line is right out of the Sunday morning Davy and Goliath writers trash bin. You can't say this film is good for nothing, it can always be used as a good example of a bad film.When I think of the money lost and the time I wasted I want to cry. If the story is true, they should have spared us and released it on 12-25-2012