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RoboCop (1987)
A Nice Change!
29 August 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Set in the not too distant future, RoboCop is a dark satire of the media, corruption and the '80s boom of consumerism. Directed by Paul Verhoeven, it's got all of his trademarks, from explicit violence to groundbreaking special effects.

I view RoboCop as sort of a prologue to Starship Troopers - we definitely see Verhoeven crafting his skills here, but this doesn't make it an amateur production - far from it. It's a basic story, which we've seen many times before - a cop, Alex Murphy, is almost killed by Clarence Bodicker, a bank robber with a foul mouth. We think he's dead - he is missing an arm, after all! He's revived by OCP, a mysterious corporation, who put him into a robotic body, the future in Law Enforcement.

RoboCop isn't just a mindless action film - the storyline of OCP wanting to raze Detroit and build it again, parallels the refurbishment of towns in the early '80s, who wanted to make it more sophisticated.

Overall, it's a nice change from the usual mindless action film, with nice hints of drama and satire. If you're looking for more, definitely see RoboCop 2, but you should probably skip number 3, where it all became a bit silly.
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Clutch Cargo (1959– )
Good Fun!
15 June 2010
If you enjoy classic TV and films, like I do, you should check this out. Famed for its "Synchro-vox", the actors were recorded while doing the voice work, then their mouths were superimposed over the still pictures.

Though it may seem awful, it's actually quite fun. Unlike many shows of today, which are done with computers, every frame of Clutch Cargo was hand drawn and hand coloured. There's no bad language or violence really, and it'd be safe to show this to pretty much all of the family. If you've got kids, you should definitely show them this, they'll love it.
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16 August 2008
I was lucky enough to see this film in Spanish class many years ago, the first time I watched, it blew my mind. Astonishing sets, a classic script and some excellent casting. This is a must for any sci-fi geek, foreign film buff or fan of cinema. The narrative will keep you on the edge of your seat, with much of the film not making sense, until it fits together at the end. The narrative follows a young playboy, who is horribly disfigured in a car crash with the femme fatal, Nuria. He undergoes facial reconstruction surgery, but when he wakes he finds that his life has completely changed. We follow Cesar as he tries to decrypt the mysterious events.

I'm not going to spoil the ending, all I have to say is... wow. Don't bother watching the Tom Cruise/Cameron Crowe remake, Vanilla Sky, it isn't nearly as entertaining and gripping as this is.
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Why Lord Why?
13 August 2008
While at my local video store recently, this title caught my eye from the bargain bin. I thought "Wow, maybe i've stumbled across some hidden Sandler gem" how wrong i was.

This Movie is garbage, i can't begin to describe how bad it is. I mean, Adam Sandler is just all wrong in this role. The direction is poor and half-assed and looks as though it was rushed. The script probably started off pretty good but the director ruined it by focusing too much on the comedy and one liners but not the story line.

Thank god Adam Sandler moved on to bigger and better Things.

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