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Something to wake up for..., 22 December 2003

I managed to see this for the first time a few weeks ago on T4 and I really REALLY enjoyed it. I love The Osbournes and I love L.A and Jack is a very interesting person ;) I hope T4 continues to air this for as long as possible. Go Jack.


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Amazing film., 4 December 2002

great film. 9/10 *thumbs up* :)

Julia Roberts is such a great actress in this film. I love the quote about the phone numbers she has **see 'Memerable Quotes'**

I loved Julia's character in this film, and I can really relate to her character. this is definitly her best so far.

This is a must-see for Julia Roberts fans. But avoid it if you're not.

Funny at the beginning..., 27 November 2002

I thought this movie was great especially at the beginning. It kind of got boring at the end. I could laugh for ages with this film.

I really enjoyed the scene at the pizza place and at the police station where Nick Lang (Michael J Fox) first arrives.

Both Michael and James (Woods) are wonderful actors.


"Friends" (1994)
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BRILLIANT SHOW ON TV EVER!!!!, 27 November 2002

I absolutely LOVE this programme. It's the best show ever, it beats any other show. My favourite "Friends" are Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) and Chandler (Matthew Perry) I could watch this show for days on end. It will be sadly missed when it ends next year, but I hope they will continue to play the repeats!