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A well Fit and Entertaining Love Comedy
24 May 2007
As a general feeling after the film, i was pleased; the movie was good, entertaining and leave you with a nice feeling after all. As a love comedy it is more well adjusted to women, but for me as a man and after i have hated a lot of this type of films, this was really good. Hugh Grant is an expert in this type of films (i can't count how many beautiful and famous actress he has kissed already: Renne Zellweger, Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock, Jeann Triplehorn among others); so his acting is quite well fitted and with style, his pop dancing and his show is really funny!; Drew Barrymore is beautiful ad his acting is deeply lovely, i am simply in love with Drew, she has the most beautiful face in Hollywood!, and her acting in this movie show her beauty, natural as she is. The Cora Corman character is great!, as a Shakira/Christina comic symbiosis is great!. A movie definitely to enjoy, laugh and stay with a pleasant smile after a while.

ABOUT THE MOVIE: Hugh Grant is Alex fletcher, a previous pop star who was part of an 80's famous band called Pop!, this band broke up and his career declined, while the other star of the group was successful as single. Hugh live only by giving small shows with the help of Chris Riley, his friend and manager (Brad Garret), Alex suddenly find an opportunity for compose a song to the popular pop singer Cora Corman (Haley Bennet), but he has only one week for the job. He met in the way Sophie Fisher (Drew Barrymore), a retired Literary student who took care of Alex's plants, Alex see in Sophie special abilities in composing songs, so he convince her to help him in his challenge, they two start to show feelings for each other, while making this song, some great and funny episodes evolve trough the movie, where Sophie's sister Rhonda (Kristen Johnston) an ex Pop! fan, and Sophie's previous university teacher Sloan Cates (Campbell Scot) appear.

7/10! a good love comedy!
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Dragonfly (2002)
An Amazing Jouney Near Death!
16 May 2007
I really loved this movie, i started watching this film expecting a common movie, but this film captivated me totally!, it was so touching that i couldn't believe the excellent movie i was watching!. I love the Stephen King type films and this was like one of them to me, the story is intelligent and well told, this film moves at the right pace until the end, to finally touch your heart and soul!; is remarkable how this story combines the drama with the tension of some scary scenes, specially the night scenes at the house. After i saw the movie, i could'n believe that this movie where directed by Tom Shadyac, yes! Tom Shadyac, the one responsible for making me laugh so hard with Jim Carrey's role in Ace Ventura, Liar Liar and Bruce Almighty!; i now think that besides funny movies, Tom likes also the movies in where a doctor is the star, like Patch Adams, another beautiful film of Shadyac. I have read some critics about the film and the overall IMDb rating, i can't believe this 5.7! is too low for me, but well i felt this movie as a 10 star one! and i keep to that!

ABOUT THE FILM: Kevin Costner is here Dr. Joe Darrow a great doctor that shares the profession with his wife Emily (Sussana Thompson), his wife decides to help some people in Venezuela, but suddenly she had an accident on a bus who felled to a river and her body was never found; Joe start to face his life without his wife, and he began to see Emily's patients, most of them were child with terminal cancer. Some of this child where near death because of their disease and were trying to give to Joe a message from his wife, after they saw her in the near death experiences. Joe tries by all means to find what his wife is trying to tell and he need to find the meaning of a strange symbol that the boys draw after this experiences "near the light at the tunnel". In this events Joe finds a lot of questions about everything that is happening in his life, and if the things he see are real or just something produced by his mind.

A masterpiece of Shadyac! Two Thumbs up!, worth to collect! 10/10!
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The Number 23 (2007)
Good 23rd work of Schumacher!
16 May 2007
I'm writing this comment still thinking in that number, is amazing how you can put things together that make seem the number 23 appear!. Well i hope the movie effect don't last too much, but i can write some things about this movie. First, it was a good movie for me, i expected more of it, but was good for me; i has always loved how Schumacher brings a totally well adjusted atmosphere to the movies; the colors, the places, the darkness and all is great, so the movie at some parts was really scary and spooky, that's Shumacher signature, like 8mm and Batman Forver; the script was original for a thriller, that's good specially when you are a movie fan and the thriller movies start to look all like the same, this paranoia involved about a number is absolutely great obtained. When the movie started and i saw Jim Carrey, it was difficult for me not seeing him as a funny role, but while the movie evolves, he perform a really good acting that erased me the funny Jim Carrey that i'm used too, that was great! The NED dog was a good reference to The Omen (1976) that makes this movie scary at times. I also found a good message after the movie, but i left that to you because this movie is really worth to not be spoiled in a comment. The only thing that i didn't liked of the film was that i expected a more scary and thrilling movie, but that is far from a critic to the movie, is just a personal feeling.

ABOUT THE FILM: Jim Carrey is Walter Sparrow, a common man who work in an animal control department, suddenly his girlfriend Agatha (Virginia Madsen) finds a book on an old library, the book name was "The Number 23", she decide to give the book to Walter as a gift. Walter start to read the book and to develop an special obsession for the character of the book, Fingerling, who has a lot of similarities with Walter, the character of the book, Fingerling, a detective, develop an obsession with the number 23, this number appear in all the things of his life and he starts to think that it means something more. Walter, while reading the book start to find that this number is also appearing in all his life. Robin Sparrow (Logan Lerman), Walter's son, start to live his father's obsession; and Isaac French (Danny Huston), a psychologist tries to help Walter with this obsession.

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Kingpin (1996)
One of the Greatest Comedies!
15 May 2007
This great comedy made me laugh a lot; it is really one of the best comedies that i have seen sort far; Bobby and Peter Farrelly definitely are masters in this genre, that maybe is one of the more hard to achieve. I think that pulling tears from the public is hard, but pulling laughs from the audience is as hard or harder than that!, this movie did it masterfully. I really was amazed of how Bill Murray as Ernie McCracken could perform such a hateful character, he does, and the impression that i felt was totally of hate for McCracke, great for Murray's performance!; the music is simply spectacular, the song played by Blues Traveler is great!, this movie also have a soundtrack worth to buy; some Urge Overkill song is heard in the movie too. But the thing that finally i liked most was that this movie, being a comedy, give a good lesson for life, for honesty and care for the others; you have to see the movie to the end to understand this!. Some scenes that i loved where the bully milking, the strip dancing of Ishmael, the hand on breast, etc, I laughed in this movie, and when i think about it some smiles come again.

ABOUT THE MOVIE: Woody Harrelson is Roy Munson a great bowler trained by his dad since he was a child and who was the Nevada state champion of 1979 beating the hateful Ernie McCracken (Bill Murray), after this in some incidents with bets with some bad guys Munson lose his right hand, and his career was spoiled, he isolates and start to drink, wasting his life. 17 years after that, he mets an Amish man, Ishmael Borg (Randy Quaid) who show a special talent for bowling, he tries to convince him to compete, but for his traditions he prefer to stay at home. Munson see in Ishmael a chance to go back to success and try by all means to convince him to compete. They start to live trough some great and funny situations while trying to earn some money, in their way the met the beautiful Claudia (Vanessa Angel), whose love for money make her join to the party and share with Roy and Ishmael some funny moments while they want to get to the Bowling 1 million dollar Championship.

Great, totally great funny movie! 8/10!
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Thrilling Action and non Peacefully Negotiation!
14 May 2007
Warning: Spoilers
When i think about the word negotiation, the first thing i think is business, second i think of a kidnapping payment and third and last i think about is the hostage situation. This film is about the last of the three; the hostage situations are put on screen one more time in a splendid way on this film, the movie isn't peaceful at all, it shows very hard and critic hostage situations, with a lot of gunshots and action; this is good, because for the ones that love action films with really good action shots and based on intelligent scripts, this is one of the films to watch. The script is deep and makes the movie strong on its basis, the directing and cinematography of the film is great, with some Die Hard style, the acting roles are performed great by Jackson and Spacey. This movie took me, grabbed me to finally spend one of the most pleasant 1 and 1/2 hour of my weekend.

ABOUT THE FILM: Samuel L. Jackson is here Ltt. Danny Roman, a police officer expert handling hostage situations, and negotiation with criminals. When Danny's partner Nathan (Paul Guilfoyle) was killed in some confuse events, Danny is taken suspect and some false evidence was set in his house to make him look guilty. Danny heard that Nathan knew something about some corruption on the Internal Affair division of the Police, so Danny suspected of them as the responsible of Nathan's death. When no hope was there for Danny, he decides to take as hostage the Internal Affair offices with some of the people who work there, including Insp. Niebaum (J.T. Walsh), the one that Danny tough as mostly implied in the events. With a lot of support of his wife Karen (Regina Taylor) during this hard events, Danny manages to bring an external negotiator, Lt Chris Sabian (Kevin Spacey), that's someone far from his division in order to try to probe his innocence. In this hostage situation, a lot of interest takes place, the same partners of Danny try to put an end to this by all means. Some of Danny's partners are: Cmdr Adam Beck (David Morse), Cmdr Grant Frost (Ron Rifkin) and Chief Al Travis (John Spencer). The kidnapped involved in the building besides Niebaum are Niebaum's secretary Maggie (Siobhan Fallon) and Rudy Timmons (Paul Giamatti).

8/10! great film of F. Gary Gray
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TMNT (2007)
Great Graphics and Animation!
14 May 2007
I really had a pleasant time watching this movie: the graphics and animation were great!, and the story is totally captivating as a superhero tale. The fight scenes are absolutely well obtained and i loved the facial expression of the human; they were quite original, the girls (April and Karai) looked beautiful; it's like a combination between anime faces and traditional cartoon characters!. The only thing that a didn't like of the movie was the fact that the thirteen monsters capture is shown too confusing, i would have prefer that they took more time on each monster so i could have seen more every one, its strength, behavior, powers and weak points, as on any villain that you usually see in comics. But besides that this is a good animated film. This fourth movie of the teenage mutant ninja turtles is maybe the best of all, totally computer animated but excellent in its script

ABOUT THE MOVIE: The story is about the ultimate enemy of this mutant turtles, who started 3000 years ago, where an extremely trained army of soldiers witnessed an alignment of starts that opened a gate to other dimension; this gate gave immortality to the leader of the army and also released thirteen immortal monsters that started to make some damages since that time, and turned to stone the rest of the great army. In the present times, the group of turtles was somewhat split, with Leonardo training in Southamerica, Raphael being a new type of hero as the night watcher, Michaellangelo working as party clown with a big turtle mask and Donatello being a 24 hour online assistant of some software company. Immediately when Leonardo returned from training and while he was having some differences with his brother Raphael, some monsters started to appear in town; while fighting these monsters they also met a group of expert ninjas leaded by Karai, who followed orders from a powerful and wealthy man, Max Winters. April O'Neal as archaeologist and well trained in martial arts, and her friend Casey Jones helped the turtles in these weird challenge as the ancient army of stone was returning also to live.

7/10! Good film and nice work of Kevin Munroe.
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Great and Realistic Mafia Movie!
12 May 2007
In this great mafia movie, i was really impressed with the realism of the scenes, is well shown in the movie all the previous research about the lives, behaviors and methods of some gangs in the U.S.; while i was watching the film i felt like watching real crime scenes in New York! that was great!. Gary Oldman is definitely a great actor for this type of characters; he was the one i liked most; good friend, good and risky mafia boy and good brother, and with some alcohol problems, he performed this character with perfect domination of the role. Sean Penn was great and he feels totally as one of the people of the real Irish mafia!; dark scenes, a great casting and realism is what this good movie have to offer. I didn't like of the film, that sometimes it cuts from scene to scene quickly showing different parts of the whole story that for a good part of the film you can't understand, this spaces are somewhat long and i got bored like at the middle of the film. But fortunately the movie restore it's pace and conclude in a excellent and thrilling way.

ABOUT THE FILM: Sean Penn is Terry Noonan a guy involved with some obscure business and people who after an incident with drugs, returns to New York where he join his old gang of Irish in New York after ten years, he met with his old great friend Jackie Flannery (Gary Oldman) and his ex girlfriend Kathleen Flannery (Robin Wright), the Flannery brothers are a Irish family that dominate the mafia business in the area and are leaded by Frankie Flannery (Ed Harris). When Terry join the group, he meet some other old friends like Stevie McGuire (John C. Reilly), and other important bosses of the mafia and extortion like Borelli (Joe Viterelli), dark interest start to rise in the gangs, where Terry plays an important role, Terry's interest start to be uncovered trough the film showing incredible events that make the film a great one. John Turturro as Nick plays also a great role.

7/10! for this good movie directed by Phil Joanou.
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Deja Vu (2006)
Another Masterpiece of Tony Scott
11 May 2007
Tony Scott films are really amazing pieces of art!, since Top Gun, The Last Boy Scout (with Willis), Crimson Tide (with Denzel), The Fan (with De Niro), Enemy of the State (incredible movie with Smith),Spy Game (with Redford and Pitt) to Man on Fire (the best of all!). With this movie, the third of his saga starred with Denzel, i can say that Scott is definitely an auteur, a director with a special talent and with his signature on his great quality films. The fiction and police subjects of this movie are just great; Denzel, as always complement a great directing and a good script with an extraordinary and realistic acting, he shows again why is one of the best actors of the decade!. The plot of the movie is amazing; how you can use the visualizing of the past to solve crimes; it resembles in some way, the Spielberg film Minority Report, but this one is much better. The shots, the action scenes, the feeling of tension is a delight for those who like intelligent films where you have to think a lot to understand fully the story, i personally love this type of films!. Like Tony said: with Malcom X, Jesus Christ and Jim Morrison, how can this movie be bad!

ABOUT THE MOVIE: This is the story of agent Doug Carlin (Denzel Washington) who was assigned to the investigation of a Ferry bombing in New Orleans where 563 people died; in this investigation he finds a woman corpse, this woman called Claire Kuchever (Paula Patton), will surely give a lot of clues to find the responsible for this terrorist attack, when she was actually found dead and burned in the river before the explosion had even occurred. Some special agents, including Agent Pryzwarra (Val Kilmer) and Jack McCready (Bruce Greenwood) invite Carlin to use a special and new tool to find the responsible, this tool is some kind of visor that put on video the events held 4 days ago, is like viewing the past and to possibly move trough it like navigating. Denzel, impressed with this technological aid, start to use it in order to find this terrible terrorist and while doing this, he get somehow involved and touched by Claire's last moments of her life.

9/10! two thumbs up for Tony Scott, and one movie to add to this incredible Scott collection of action masterpieces.
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Wild Hogs (2007)
One of the Funniest Films I Have Seen
11 May 2007
I really spend a great time watching this film. I'm not a big fan of comedies; instead i mostly rate comedies low, they have to be very good, so i rate them above 6; what need a comedy for me?, well to pull out of me some real laughs, not only the tiny the Ja,...,Ja, but the whole laugh from the bottom of your chest, the real JAJAJAJAJA!!!, and this movie really did; with a very intelligent type of humor i had a pleasant surprise and a great time in the theater, some great scenes as the lake swimming, the bull slapping, the fire on camping, etc, etc.. The characters where, great, i liked Dudley, simply excellent, timid, calmed but who enjoy friendship as none; Bobby, was real fun, Martin Lawrence comic acting is just perfectly adjusted for this guy, who isn't successful, but is a good husband and friend. Tim Allen acting as Doug the dentist is great!, he is afraid of living, but finally he enjoy at his best. And finally, John Travolta acting, he was the one i liked less, but he was good although as the "bad influence" between them. I loved the beauty and good acting of Marisa Tomei as Maggi!.

ABOUTH THE MOVIE: The film is about four friends in their middle age: Doug, Woody, Bobby and Dudley, who like to spend some time riding bikes as the Wild Hogs, Doug (Tim Allen) is a dentist with a common family, Woody (John Travolta) is a divorced, broke businessman and liar, who was the one that influenced the others, Bobby (Martin Lawrence) was a good husband that didn't worked and whose wife was like a tiger in a cell; finally Dudley (William H. Macy) a computer programmer who was single and wanted by all means to impress girls, but he was rather timid. The four friends decide to take a ride trough the U.S. roads and spend a good time, the ride is fine until they meet another bike riders called themselves, Del Fuegos leaded by Jack (Ray Liotta). These guys where really tough, and problems really start after meeting them. In the way they also visit the lovely and little town of Madrid, where they meet Maggie (Marisa Tornei).

8/10! Is a good work of Walt Becker really worth to watch!
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The Perfect Murder
9 May 2007
I was amazed after viewing this good film, is amazing how the two boys Richard and Justin resembles their evil personalities as two young guys who wanted to coldly commit the perfect crime; and i was even more impressed after I saw the case upon this story was based; the Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb crime of Bobby Franks; is absolutely true that this kind of criminal planning minds can coexist with us, as Leopold and Loeb they can still hide in the higher classes of our society, even in the religious society.

The film as a whole is great; as a thriller it kept me tied to the movie all the time, wondering what would happen next, the intrigue and mystery behind the murder keeps going; as you see how the perfect murder can be so coldly planned and perform; a total challenge for the cops and for the actors; Ryan Gosling as Richard shows why he's a great actor, performing the most difficult character of the film; indeed i think that he's on or two years short to obtaining an Oscar. I liked but not that much, the performance of Michael Pitt, and the Sandra Bullock performance was to me pretty normal, she was the hook for the promotion of the movie, but as a cop she looked extremely naive. The camera and cinematography of the movie is pretty well obtained and captivates the audience as well.

ABOUT THE MOVIE: Ryan Gosling plays here Richard Haywood, a high class student, popular, intelligent and manipulative friend of Michael Pitt (Justin Pendleton), also high class brilliant student; they are the main suspects of a perfect planned crime of a girl; the case was followed by agent Cassie (Sandra Bullock) a police officer with some obscure past that tries with her partner Sam (Ben Chaplin) by every mean, to uncover this murder. They all get involve in a CSI type of investigation, with great challenges as cops and in somewhat cat - mouse play where the mouse is extremely clever and loves to play.

Very good work of Barbet Schroeder, i will expect for his next movie! and Barbet, please keep working as director, i saw your acting at Paris Je t'Aime and wasn't that good.

8/10! without any doubt (i see a little underrated this film, that's a shame, i liked it a lot)
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Van Helsing (2004)
Beautiful Vampire Brides! Great Action, Great Movie!
8 May 2007
I really liked this film, i was impressed with the special effects, the costumes, the incredibly great story behind Van Helsig character, performed excellent by Hugh Jackman and the great other horror characters: Dracula (incredible), Frankestein is great, but the ones that really i loved were the vampire brides, wow! beautiful, gorgeous charming, just spectacular, and totally terrifying and horrible as vampires, i just wanted to be Dracula in that movie! he was the hero to me!. After this the deploy of the movie kept me amazed, of how an incredible film can manage all these terrifying monsters and still being a great film!: (1) Dr. Jekyll/Mr Hyde, (2) The Wolfman, (3) Frankestein (4) Dracula (5,6 and 7) The Vampire Brides (8) Igor, etc etc. The heroes are just like comic book heroes, but excellent; Van Helsing as the left hand of God and protected by church is just a great new era of the Crusades. Excellent!

ABOUT THE FILM: Hugh Jackman plays here Van Helsig, a Vatican detective, not very popular, who served to God finding and destroying the worst evil in the world, he followed instructions from The Vatican, and his skills were afraid by all the monsters. After he fought against Mr. Hyde, he was put on a special mission in order to destroy the evil Count Dracula (Richard Roxburgh), he then goes with his assistant Carl (David Wenham) to Transilvania and meet the Valerious family, who where trying to kill the monster 400 years ago, the only female survival was Anna Valerious (Kate Backinsale) who joined Van Helsing in his mission. They faced a great threat trying to kill this monster in which get involve also powerful fiery Wolfmen, Frankestein monster, more vampires (including terrible brides of Dracula), huge castles and more.

For this incredible ride i give 9 out of 10, great work of Stephen Sommers! !
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Dench and Blanchett at their Best!
8 May 2007
In this good film be have the opportunity to see with delight two excellent acting performances, the first, Judi Dench, playing incredibly the role of a teacher close to retirement, who lived alone and had some affective problems that she demonstrate in a very particular way, Dench is just magnificent in his performing!; the second; Cate Blanchett as the naive, somewhat innocent art teacher who foolishly got involved with a 15 year old boy, and got stuck in that relationship, she was innocent to see the true dark objectives of Barbara, her "friend", Blanchett is just great for this role too. This great acting performances combine in a good film, based on a book, where the dark side of the characters arises, leaving to you to decide which of them is the the darkest of all. An extraordinary plot that will explode just because some stupid cat.

ABOUT THE FILM: Judi Dench plays here Barbara Covett, a school teacher just about to retire, who is very strict with her students and shows herself firm but she's hardly tolerated by the other teachers. A new art teacher enter to the school, the soft, lovely and sweet Sheba Hart (Cate Blanchett); Covett and Sheba became friends, and Covett start to show slowly a deep dependence on Sheba, getting too involved with her and her life; Sheba's personal life is not the one that made her feel the best; her husband Richard (Bill Nighy) is too old and boring for her, they have two child, a rebellious 16 old year girl, and a 12 year old boy with Down's syndrome. When Sheba got sexually involved with a 16 year old student, Steven Connoly (Andrew Simpson), and Barbara found out this, an interesting plot begin to develop, in which Barbara use this information to get closer to Sheba and to manipulate her.

7/10 for this good film!, a good work of Richard Eyre.
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Yellow Trip. Not that good
8 May 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I didn't found this movie as special as i expected, and i can't understand the Oscar awards that this movie won (1) Best writing original screenplay?, well i can say it's original, but it isn't a good script, i disagree with the academy in this; i didn't felt a good writing showing this loving family with not much success in their professions going together in a not very successful car, all this when Richard motivating encouraging talk about being successful is repeated trough all the story. (2) Alan Arkin for best actor?, If Alan won an Oscar for this short acting (he appears in less than half of the movie), and for taking drugs, i think that the actors Jared Leto and Jennifer Connolly of Requiem for a Dream (2001) should have won the Oscar also; why the academy gave the Oscar to Arkin a lot of years after he was 2 time nominated in the 60's, well, i really don't know, but surely in those 2 nominations he acted the whole movie instead of this. Well i get laugh and really liked the character of Frank (Steve Carrell), as the funniest and more touching of the movie; i also liked Toni Collete as Sheryl, simply great!. I was also impressed knowing that this movie took 5 years to accomplish?, come on! 5 years!?, by matters of money, i really don't see the expenses in this film, besides the payment to the actors; and why they needed 5 different VW van for the filming?, i don't understand. But well, for the professional critics (i'm not one of them) this film is great and a masterpiece, for the IMDb voters, this movie is already in the top 250, but believe me, i tried but didn't saw too much good things in the movie, it was pretty standard to me and sometimes even boring.

ABOUT THE MOVIE: This film tells the story of the Hoovers, a particular family of Albuquerque, who consisted of: (1) Olive Hoover (Abigail Breslin), a little girl that loved the beauty contests and her dream was to be in them, although she was a little fat and had big notorious glasses. (2) Richard Hoover (Greg Kinnear) the father of the family, who is a motivator speaker who promote his 9 steps theory to audiences, but his audiences where rather short (4 people average) (3) Dwayne (Paul Dano) the 'not Hoover' of the family who followed Nietzsche toughs and was having a vow of silence until he was accepted to the Air Force (4) Uncle Frank (Steve Carrell) the number one Proust scholar, gay and failed-suicide uncle (5) Sheryl (Toni Collete) The mother of the family, who loved them all but not was very good at kitchen (fried chicken was the meal of almost every day) and (6) Grandpa Edwin Hoover (Alan Arkin), a heroin addicted old man that stayed in home all day. All this successful family travel together in a VW old van to California in order to take Olive to the beauty contest of Little Miss Sunshine, in the trip they face a lot of situations that being somehow comic delay a little the trip.

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The Last Mr Bean!
7 May 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I really had a good time watching Mr. Bean TV series and the first movie, but in this one i felt that Mr. Bean needed to finish, the movie shows a character that has nothing to add, he forget things, he can't speak, he is lonely and very dumb. The movie pull out of me some laughs, yes, but as a whole, the movie is somewhat depressing, boring and for a comedy it could have been more funny. The end of the movie is some kind of nostalgic, happy ending for the saga. Well is the end of Mr Bean but maybe we will have a second Johny English?, we'll see. I liked specially the scene where Bean sings as an opera female mother who lost her son, great! Rowan Atkinson acting is great and he show that he dominates the Mr. bean character well. But the movie only could get 3 stars for my personal rating.

ABOUT THE FILM: Mr. Bean (Rowan Atkinson) here won on a raffle to take some vacation to Cannes and also a video camera, on his way to this beaches in the south of France, he start to have comic situations, when he arrived to Paris, he needed to take a train to Cannes, at the Gare Du Lyon, he ask to some man (Karel Roden) to take some shots of him when he was stepping in the train, there were needed so many shots that the guy lost the train, this man actually was an important filmmaker from Russia that headed to Cannes film festival; he was also with his son Stepan (Max Baldry), who was in the train waiting for him. Bean then start a quest with Stepan to meet his father, with a lot of inconveniences, Bean became suspect of kidnapping the boy; on the way Bean finds himself in the filming of some commercial directed by the important director Carson Clay (Willem Dafoe), who also headed to Cannes and the beautiful actress Sabine (Emma De Caunes), who helped Bean on the way. The story show places and funny situations when Mr. Bean objective was only to finally get to the beach.

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Spider-Man 3 (2007)
Entertaining But I Expected More of it
5 May 2007
Warning: Spoilers
So i did it! i saw the long expected Spiderman 3 movie, i was in the theater shocking!, expecting maybe one of the best Superheroes pictures ever made, i remembered Batman Begins and taught that this would be a this level, but o surprise!, The movie is good, but simply as that, only good, no more!, i felt totally depressed when the plot holes of the film started to appear and to the end of the movie i was totally disappointed!. 250 million dollar and you still didn't could pay a better script?. Sam Raimi is a good director, i saw the 2 other films (Spidey 1 & 2), but sorry to say, is a terrible bad writer!, a movie with a budget that could have made this film the top one in the all times superhero movies!, simply terrible. I rated 7 for this film because of action scenes, the characters of heroes and villains where excellent and looked just great! and entertainment as a whole! I agree with some people, that bringing in one movie three different great villains, looked somewhat forced, the movie and Spidey needed time to show them, to fully develop as villains and needed also time to show Spiderman facing his own dark personality (another villain)!, i think that with just Venom the movie would have been better.

Some of the terrible plot holes of the film where:

(1). Why Spiderman, kissed Gwen Stacy in the event?, he wasn't affected by the black symbiotic substance!(2). The John Travolta dancing trough the streets try to resemble a dark side of Spidey? Please watch Superman 3 (3) When Peter Parker plans to propose marriage to Mary Jane, that was the best he could do?, the ring in the champaign cliché is so repeated that i could'n believe this (4). How is possible that Harry's butler told him this "small" detail of his father death after all this time?, (5). Even with the previous flaw, how is possible that after Peter Parker throws a bomb to Harry's face, he suddenly forgive him?, in that point Harry don't know the reasons why Spiderman behaves that way. (6). I couldn't believe the end of the film, totally terrible!, Peter felt like nothing had happened, he was so calm after Harry's death.

ABOUT THE MOVIE: Tobey McGuire plays here Spiderman and Peter Parker, Peter is facing a mature relationship with Mary Jane (Kirsten Dunst) and want to marry her, but he also is showing an alter ego about his spider-man side, this start to move away him from her side. Peter faces his friend Harry Osborn (James Franco) as the New Goblin, with much of his father's abilities, in a fight of Goblin / Spidey, Harry had a hit in his head and lost his memory. Meanwhile when Peter and Mary Jane where out dating, some meteor crashed near them and a black living substance came out of it and sticked to Peter's motorcycle. Meanwhile Flint Marko (Thomas Haden Church) the man that was the true killer of Uncle Ben, escaped from prison and felled into a breaking molecules machine, full of sand, after this he became the Sand Man! a villain that changes the shape of his body with sand, soon after this, the black substance sticked to Peters body forming a black spider-man suit on him, this substance also develop a dark personality, that made him do some bad things and hurting Mary Jane on the way, he also start dating with Captain Stacy's (James Cromwell) daughter Gwen Stacy (Bryce Dallas Howards) and uncover some false photographs published by Eddie Brock (Topher Grace), a new photograph of the daily Bugle; meanwhile Harry recovers his memory becoming again the New Goblin. When Peter tries to take out this substance from his body, it fall onto Eddies body (who was following him) becoming in the dark creature Venom. In all this Peter faces now not one, or two but three villains in the same time; this dark challenge take him to ones of the better action shots, in a building trying to save Mary Jane (again).

7/10! Good movie
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About Schmidt (2002)
Life is a Beautiful Ride!
4 May 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I simply loved this film!, it's great how Jack Nicholson performed this role, he isn't just brilliant, he is absolutely outstanding!, watching Nicholson i couldn't resist the comparison with his other performances, and i'm sure that he is maybe the most versatile actor in Hollywood, he live the character life and actually became that person, he is maybe the best Hollywood actor of all times!; i compare this Nicholson acting, with Tom Hanks - Cast Away; is a challenge for an actor to be totally the soul of a film, almost a monologue where 90% if not 100% of the film focuses on the main actor; only the true masters in the profession can do this with glory; and that's what Nicholson did here!. The story is touching and gave me the feeling of how wonderful live is, live is a ride that is so beautiful, that is a shame to start to live it just after retirement; Schimdt loves his life, his way of living; but he is sad, he knows that is a little bit late for living!, and his forces are drawn totally through the movie, until the film ends, brilliant and touching way to shake us all, and to push us to live our real lives, not the working lives!. The companies go and go with or without ourselves, but our live depends of what we do with it!. The Ndugu friend plays as a spectator the main supporting role in the film, Ndugu gives life to Schmidt and his true character and feelings; Ndugu discovers Schimdt, and uncover his sad ending of his life. Is remarkable how Nicholson and Payne manages to show a common normal retirement life as something captivating and beautiful as a film!. This film is totally a masterpiece, and something i need to have in my collection. Simply Great!

ABOUT THE MOVIE: Nicholson plays here the role of Warren Schmidt, a man that trough his sixties faces the retirement, and enters to a new life, in this personal change he start to feel the emptiness of his life, he has missed the true way of living and now he has to handle this fact; his relationship with his wife Helen (June Squibb) turns boring and their plans in this time resume to traveling in a modern van that they bought! His wife suddenly die and he faces loneliness and a daughter Jeannie (Hope Davis) that has always disagreed with him, he love her but she's already far from him, living a totally different live, and about to marry with a man that Warren don't approve: Randall (Dermot Mulroney), who lives as a salesman of water-beds, he writes letters to Ndugu, a child in Tanzania who he support economically with a foundation, in those letters he describes all his feelings day by day. He then decides to travel in his van and go to visit his daughter some days before wedding, his daughter don't want him to visit her so he makes a long journey where he visit a lot of places, people, he bring some memories and finally he arrive to the place where the family of his daughter lives and meet the particular Randall's mother Roberta (Kathy Bates great acting!). He then faces the wedding of his Jeannie and Randall and in the way he see his own life going away in emptiness.

10/10! for this beautiful combined work of Payne and Nicholson!
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Paws (1997)
Sunday Morning Movie, to Watch Only While Breakfast is Ready
3 May 2007
This movie, specially made for kids have been obviously inspired by Disney, some magic can be seen, but that magic will only work for child, and this will last only till breakfast, because the movie is bad, not too bad but simply bad. You can spend some time with your kids but that's all!. The resemble to Cruella De Ville (101 Dalmatians) in Anja is so obvious that you'll get laugh, the old man expert on computers is funny and also weird, and the PC dog that's more intelligent than Einstein is also funny, this unbelievable plot hides a story of finding a treasure that literally bored me to the edge!. If someone have read this and suddenly turn the TV on and see this, i recommend that quickly change to Disney channel!. Some people said that they wanted to see this movie because Billy Connolly made the dog's voice. Really?, who want to see a movie for a voice?, i won't and actually i have never listen "hey let's see Finding Nemo, there's Albert Brooks voice in it!", i saw it a shiny Sunday morning just before breakfast on TNT, and that's it!, no excuses.

ABOUT THE MOVIE: PC is Alex's (Norman Kaye) dog, Alex is an old man that loves computers (you can said so because of the dog's name), and who has hidden 1 million dollars from Anja (Sandy Gore) an evil old witch (aka Cruella De Ville); Alex left the clues to find the money on a disk that send to his friend Susie (Caroline Guillmer) with his dog just before dying. PC finds some troubles giving the disk to Susie and ends on her neighbor's house, where a boy, Zac (Nathan Cavaleri) take the disk, but also finds that PC is a dog expert with the computers, they create a software that made the dog talk by some type of mechanism (this is where the long expected voice of Billy Connolly appears!), they join forces also with Susie's friend Samantha (Emilie Francois) in order to find this million dollar before Anja does. In this they face some funny and entertaining situations trough the movie.

4/10! and sorry i have to go, breakfast is ready.
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Ghost Rider (2007)
A Ride Trough Great Action and Fun!
3 May 2007
I really had a great time watching this film; although i have never been a Ghost Rider Fan, i loved comic books. I had been a Superman fan all my live, but in the comic stores the character of Ghost Rider had some attraction to me, as the non-typical superhero. Now that i saw the movie, i was amazed of the great story behind this guy. A superhero that fight evil of the worst kind!, just great, a combination of a superhero and some horror - type characters; great complement!. It isn't an Oscar worth movie, but is a film to have a good time, is fun, entertaining, with action, and the type of movie that you can see in company with kids. Great special effects and night scenes that put a special charm in the film. Eva Mendes is absolutely beautiful as always!

ABOUT THE MOVIE: Nicolas Cage plays here Johny Blaze, a motorcyclist that used to make dangerous shows with his father Barton Blaze (Brett Cullen), when doctors detected to his father a cancer in his terminal stage, a demon called Mephistopheles (Peter Fonda) offers to save him in change for his soul; Johny do this, but this demon or devil, deceived Johny, when at the next day his father dies on an accident in the show. Johny has his soul sold, and loses his all-life love, Roxanne (Eva Mendes), years later Blaze became a famous motorcyclist, who performed very dangerous shows; with a great team leaded by Mack (Donal Logue) he even jumped over helicopters. Suddenly he meet again with Roxane, but in that moment, Mephistopheles claimed the right for Johny's services, and turn him in a Ghost Rider, one of the servants of the devil that looked at night like a skeleton on fire. Mephistopheles order him to defeat his "cold" son Blackheart (Wes Bentley) who wanted to claim the old contract of San Venganza, with the help of other demons that represented the natural elements earth, water and air; this contract was hidden by a previous Rider to the devil, in order to prevent the possession of 1000 souls!. Blackheart threaten to bring hell to earth with these 1000 demons! Here Blaze mission start as an incredible action quest as this new Rider!

7/10, good work of Mark Steven Johnson in another of his hero movies, and a good performance of Cage and great special effects!. Worth to watch!
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The Client (1994)
Grisham Thriller, Good as Always!
3 May 2007
I had a really good time watching this good Grisham's thriller; there are a few thing that putted together make of this movie a good one!: (1) A good script; with Grisham sign on it, is captivating, tense and thrilling. (2) A good cast, with an outstanding acting of Susan Sarandon and a good acting performance of Tommy Lee Jones. (3) Great cinematography (4) Good directing of Joel Schumacher that combine all of the previous. The only thing that i didn't liked much was the acting of the boy Brad Renfo, it was obvious that he is a rookie actor; he doesn't show any emotion during the film, even in the most tense situations, but i respect this, Grisham wanted to look this way; i simply didn't liked it.

ABOUT THE MOVIE: Brad Renfo plays the role of Mark Sway, a boy who don't live in the best economical conditions, who liked to sneak outside his house, one day, with his brother Ricky (David Speck) they saw a man that wanted to commit suicide, an attorney, who before killing himself told Mark that he knew where Barry "The Blade" Muldano (Anthony LaPaglia) hide the corpse of a killed senator; later, he and his brother witnessed the suicide. The story of Mark here became tense as the Police and the news describe him as witness, and the mafia of "The Blade" try to find him, thinking that he knows something; Mark don't wan't to declare what he knows to the police, leaded by Reverend Roy Foltrigg (Tommy Lee Jones) and he finds an attorney, Reggie Love (Susan Sarandon) who protect him. The cat - mouse play begin in a tense and good story; Mark mom Diane (Mary-Louis Parker) plays a good role.

7/10! another good film of Grisham! and Schumacher!
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Tasting a Little of Every Delight!
2 May 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This movie was somewhat like a tasting menu, in which you feel a good story and directing, but suddenly it stops, left you breathless and they send you another story different in which you have to feel comfortable quickly because it is going to end really soon. It's like a director's fair. I rated this movie with 6 stars because of the format, is original OK, but a piece of art needs some time to taste, to delight, to feel and finally you swallow it with a great pleasure, in this they give you a little bit of every one but you have to swallow the story almost without tasting and follow to the next.

18 stories, one city, one feeling represented in 18 different ways: I would resume the stories in the way that i felt each one (the conclusion is already written).

1. MONTMARTRE: A man in a car with some years on him wanting for company and love, a miracle happens!, Podalydes as the director and driver show us that love come just in the right moment!.

2. QUAIS DE SEINE: A boy that fall in love with a Muslim girl; cultural differences, still one feeling, Love, you can see beauty behind a lot of clothes too!.

3. LE MARAIS: Gus van Sant shows a love between 2 boys, chemistry happen above languages, Kurt Kobain style in this one!.

4. TUILERIES: Excellent acting of Bushemi without words!, the reading capture events around one person that pass from spectator to participant in a relationship.

5. LOIN DU 16EME: As a Colombian i wanted to see Catalina Sandino, her acting was good, much like Maria Full of Grace, this story was too simple for me, but compares how you left true love in order to give mother's love to others.

6. PORTE DE CHOISY: Confusing Karate Love, how you can be hated and not wanted at a moment, but with time you can become a god in relationship!

7. BASTILLE: Terminal Love, how you can find love in where you think is lost, and love things that you used to hate (the red coat).

8. PLACE DES VICTOIRES: Touching story of maybe the highest and purest love!, from mother to son, and the pain of a lost son, how you can feel peace when you finally understand how life it's! Love for how the things are!

9. TOUR EIFFEL: Incredible story!, i liked this one a lot, the loves of mimes!, how you can be rejected all the time and the others don't understand you, but if you are patient you will find your true love, your perfect match! the one that will understood you, you can find it in your worst moment!.

10. PARC MONSEAU: Nick Nolte show love from father to daughter, how a father manages to show his daughter that he will change when he won't, to love the people as they are, the father love her daughter knowing that she doesn't like most of the things her father is.

11. QUERTIER DES ENFANTS ROUGES: Buying and wanting love, how a woman want to satisfy some of her personal needs, but finds one persona that satisfies them only partially. It shows the drugs and the love as personal needs!.

12. PLACE DES FETES: The most touching story, the men, Hassan, sing a song to a beautiful woman, and suddenly in the search of her love he finds a tragedy (Romeo and Juliet type of love), he finally meet her and accomplished his goal! a cup of coffee.

13. PIGALLE: Bob Hoskins here! when a type of love, mature and painful, between artists, gets to a crucial point, getting old!, you always have to keep the spark on love to keep going!.

14. QUARTIER DE LA MADELEINE: Dark Love, Elijah Wood here finds love in a creature totally different, and both give in one moment everything for the other, it's like the love of the ones that know each other and get married quick! Deep and excellent, scenes of the type of Sin City.

15. PERE-LACHAISE: Lessons from Oscar Wilde, in hard moments, specially for the male part of a relationship, is important to be open mind and to give the reason to your lady, you accomplish to make her happy or you can die!.

16. FAUBOURG SAINT-DENIS: Twiker excellent performance!, with Natalie Portman, show in a short time the ups and downs of couple love, like the seasons, spring, summer, winter and the missed autumn, remember the seasons repeat!

17: QUARTIER Latin: The beauty and nostalgic of a lost love, how in the end of our lives we begin to understand love, but sometimes the decisions made block the way of love! if you liked this i recommend to see a complete story in Elsa y Fred (2005)

18: 14TH ARRONDISSEMENT: The story more sad of all, but the one that we all can live, showed in a beautiful way, to love ourselves!

6/10 for this tasting menu.
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Boring Thriller, Long Commercial.
2 May 2007
This boring and unoriginal thriller was one of the worst movies that i have seen this year! is terrible how i felt after spending some of my money on this movie, i was bored like 60% of the time, and i felt like paying to see a commercial; yes! this movie is a long Reebok, Victoria Secret, Sony and Heineken commercial. As a thriller it disappointed me, the story keeps going and going to somewhere that you almost know which one is!, i left the theater totally disappointed with the film. It's like the director prolonged a movie minute by minute only to reach the average 100 minutes and show the long expected end. If you read this, i recommend that go and rent Basic Instinct (the first one of course) that is 1000 times better. The only good thing of the movie was to see in a movie the "ground zero", the place where the attack of the world trade center happened. On the trivia they say that for this movie, three different endings were filmed; this was for fun?, or just because they didn't have decided the script?. Well, if someone wants to make a film of this type, it has to be very good and original, because this Hitchcock type of script has been already too used!.

About the Movie: Halle Berry plays here Rowena, a successful journalist that like to report news where hidden facts of famous people are shown. Rowena work closely with Miles (Giovanni Ribisi), her mate and right hand in the job. Halle suddenly finds that a friend of her, Grace (Nicki Aycox) was killed, and she suspect of the one man that was dating her, the famous and rich Harrison Hill (Bruce Willis), owner of a publicity company, H2A. Rowane then tries to get close to him and find out the answers to this; and manage to work at Hill's company and meet him closely.

4/10 and another boring film of James Foley (i saw The Corruptor(1999), also boring).
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North Country (2005)
Yellow Player or Red Player?
30 April 2007
Warning: Spoilers
What an incredible film, with such great dialogs and lessons that i hope to keep with me all the time!. This dialog in the courtroom near the end where you can see what type of player you are is really touching; red player? (the one that puts his blood on the ice?) or the yellow player (the one that pee on his pants when facing a problem), we all have to act like red players!, and be proud of ourselves (great first lesson). Being a man doesn't mean that you have to be sexually active all the time, being a real man is about being an example, of honor and respect, all that a Red Player has; the second lesson for life is the beautiful way in which a person has always the opportunity of change, doesn't matter if you have acted wrong all your life, you have always the opportunity to mend and to change, like Hank (Josey's father), what an example!, is always your decision! keep going wrong or stop and change!, I loved when Hank support her daughter in the speech; this is one of the greatest and more convincing moments of the film, also when he stands in the court to hit the professor that raped her was encouraging and great! and the third great lesson was the dialog between Kyle and Sammy, how difficult is to hate someone?, but in fact how many things you don't see?, simply deep and excellent. This movie is a masterpiece, the acting roles of Charlize Theron, Frances McDormand and Sean Ben are terrific. It can be true that some things where far from the true events that are held in a courtroom, but the objective of the movie was to touch some hearts, and for me it did it!.

About the Movie: Charlize Theron plays here Josey Aimes a woman, mother of two child from different fathers, and whose personal life had been painful, she was injured by her husband, and wasn't supported by his father Hank (Richard Jenkins), away from home she decides to work on Eveleth iron Mines in Minessota, where her father had worked all his life; she start her work with the opposition of her father and the help of an old friend and member of the syndicate of the mines, Glory (Frances McDormand), and during work she faces a inhuman treat for the womens that worked there, sexual harassment and offenses that made all those working hours a total suffering. Josey decide to put an end for this and she speak with the management and board of directors of the company, but little attention is put to her request, so she goes to the court with the help of the lawyer Bill White (Woody Harrelson), friend of Glory and her husband Kyle (Sean Ben), starting a hard legal fight against a huge and powerful company.

Excellent work of Niki Caro, 9/10!, i'll try to watch the famous Whale Rider after this!
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Who killed him?
28 April 2007
A remarkable and thrilling experience i had trough this good movie; i felt like on a Hitchkook film, but in a more actual scenario. The story kept me tied all the time, the acting performances where captivating and the sensuality and erotic scenes of the film complement it well. But definitely, what i did like most, was an incredible intelligent script that kept me frozen trough all the film. Is amazing how anyone can make an excellent film around the common and very used subject: Who killed him?. Well this is an example of how a movie can be unoriginal on its basis but still become a good and "original" film; is a pleasure for the ones that like thrillers, and this one puts an erotic additional touch that make the movie even better. I liked the acting performances too much. Douglas plays an insecure, somehow innocent, decided but not very intelligent cop with some shadows in his past. Great!, Stone plays one of the greatest cold, manipulative, intelligent characters that i have seen so far!.

About the Movie: Michael Douglas plays here the role of detective Nick Curran, a police officer that has been assigned to a case where a former rock star, Johnny Boz is found murdered on his bed, naked and tied. Nick, with his mate Gus (Goerge Dzundza) traces the main suspect of the murder, the beautiful writer Catherine Tramell (Sharon Stone), girlfriend of the star, who almost a year before described on a book an exact type of murder. Nick get involved too much in this case, and particularly in Catherine's way of living! that has a particular like for sex with men and women. Nick also faces shadows of his past, some of them are the reasons why some people call him "shooter", and he is rehabilitating also from alcohol and drug problems of his past, his former girlfriend and actual therapist Dr. Beth Gardner (Jeanne Tripplehorn), help him trough this rehabilitating process. In the story, Catherine writes also her new thrilling book. All this story where a lot of people is related and to find finally the one who really did it!

8/10! and one thumb up for Verhoven!
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What a Script! Great Police Movie held in 1950!
27 April 2007
In this movie I felt the total pleasure and delight of a magnificent script!, it is great how you can combine action, thrilling and unsolved police cases into this great movie!. Also with great actors that perform their roles extraordinary! The Oscar nominations and winnings of this movie are absolutely well earned! The story at some parts is somewhat complex, but the result is well obtained finally! Kim Bassinger acting is superb!, but the ones that i liked most where Rusell Crowe and Guy Pierce, they are Aussies (Guy was born in Englad but lived in Australia since he was 5) and still their accent is totally American. This detective movie resemble in a good way the time where corruption, mafia and illegal traffic was a total challenge for any good police officer. The great cinematography brought back those years in a very realistic way.

About the Film: The story is placed on the 1950's, where mafia boss Mickey Cohen was imprisoned (the news appeared in Hush Hush, a newspaper managed by Sid Hudgens (Danny De Vito)); in the LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department) leaded by Captain Dudley (James Cromwell) the police force then occupies of fewer things, but the city was still on a critical moment,some prostitution cases where on course of action, in one of them, Pierce Patchett (David Stratchairn) a rich person from LA owned one where womens where dressed and made look like famous actresses of the time, one of them was Lynn Bracken (Kim Bassinger). Meanwile three police officers of LAPD have to work together when a case of homicide in which a lot of people died at a restaurant, (included a police officer); these three cops are: (1) The tough police officer Bud White (Rusell Crowe), (2) the rookie and spiteful Edmund Jennings (Guy Pearce) who was hated by all in the department and (3) the Sgt Jack Vincennes (Kevin Spacey) who loved cameras and was very conceited working as assessor for a TV Series; they truly have to stick to each other in order to solve an intriguing puzzle!

8/10 and one thumb up for Curtis Hanson.
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Training Day (2001)
Great acting by Washington and Hawke Excellent Thriller - Action Film!
27 April 2007
This movie impressed me by its great quality in all ways, the story, thrilling with great police detective action and the most remarkable aspect of the movie was the acting performances of Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke; they put his soul on the characters making this movie a total delight for those who like action films with intelligent scripts and also like for high quality films.

About the Movie: Ethan Hawke plays Jake Hoyt, a rookie police officer with a good curriculum that is assigned to a one day trial day in order to qualify for a narcotics division in Los Angeles. Hawke meets then detective Alonzo Haris (Denzel Washington) who was assigned as trainer and evaluator for this rookie. Hoyt wants fiercely to get this assignment, but finds very orthodoxes and quaint ways to "protet and to serve" of Alonzo. In this day Hoyt will meet a true challenge and will face the total opposite way to proceed from the one he learned in the academy; he will also face some of the more dangerous neighborhoods and streets of Los Angeles.
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