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Great acting by Washington and Hawke Excellent Thriller - Action Film!, 27 April 2007

This movie impressed me by its great quality in all ways, the story, thrilling with great police detective action and the most remarkable aspect of the movie was the acting performances of Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke; they put his soul on the characters making this movie a total delight for those who like action films with intelligent scripts and also like for high quality films.

About the Movie: Ethan Hawke plays Jake Hoyt, a rookie police officer with a good curriculum that is assigned to a one day trial day in order to qualify for a narcotics division in Los Angeles. Hawke meets then detective Alonzo Haris (Denzel Washington) who was assigned as trainer and evaluator for this rookie. Hoyt wants fiercely to get this assignment, but finds very orthodoxes and quaint ways to "protet and to serve" of Alonzo. In this day Hoyt will meet a true challenge and will face the total opposite way to proceed from the one he learned in the academy; he will also face some of the more dangerous neighborhoods and streets of Los Angeles.

John Q (2002)
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Deep Acting of Washington! Great!, 20 April 2007

In this movie, with a great acting of Denzel Washington as John Q. I felt the deep problems of health in the USA. My cousin lives in the United States (i don't), and she told me a few complaints about this problem; in the movie i finally understood about that. I don't understand how, the most powerful country in the world does have such bad health services to it's people?. For the benefit of the Americans, i hope that they change this system soon. Denzel puts his hearth on this movie, playing a normal guy with financial problems and a hard work; the way that Denzel shows his love to his son is remarkable and demonstrates why he is one of the actual best actors in Hollywood. If you have seen Searching for David's Hearth (2004), this is as the other side of the story.

About the Movie: Denzel Washington plays John Quincy Archibald (John Q.) a husband and father with some financial problems that works almost 20 hours a day on a factory but who can't afford his expenses. John is trying to get a second job in order to earn an extra money. In the middle of this John's son Mike (Daniel E. Smith) is found to have a disease caused by a bigger than normal heart, and the doctors told him that he will die soon if they don't make a heart transplant. Here everything is hard but it gets really harder when John goes to the insurance company and get the notice that his insurance suddenly don't cover this type of procedures. John and his wife Denise (Kimberly Elise) start to make everything possible to collect the money (a lot of money) needed just to get his son on the donor's list, with their son dying an not much money, John desperate and takes the hospital's emergency room staff and patients hostage, demanding for to his son to be put on that list and that doctors do the transplant. The story evolves emotionally deep trough all this; in a remarkable script.

About the Cast: Denzel Washington put his soul onto this role, being by far the best of all!!, Kimberly Elise does good too, but a little exaggerated sometimes, Daniel Smith as Mike is pretty poor in his acting, he didn't had to do that much but this kid (sorry) still isn't a good actor; he has years to perfect his performance. James Woods acting as Dr. Raymond Turner, as always is very good and professional, also Anne Hache as Rebbeca Payne is great and show a coldness that ripped me out. Robert Duvall acting is good but his character could have been deployed even more, for the good of the film. Ray Liotta does good; Eddie Griffin is good too as one of the characters of the emergency room (Wow, this was a great cast!)

8/10! Excellent for Denzel Washington performance!

Bluff (2007/I)
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Outstanding opening of Felipe Martinez as movie director!, 30 March 2007

An Intelligent and well obtained film worth to export!

In this exiting and really intelligent movie filmed entirely in Bogotá, you can feel the total meaning of the word "Bluff"(although is a Colombian film, the title is in presented in English); !

The story is about Nicolas Andrade (Federico Lorusso), a photographer who find his girlfriend Margarita (Catalina Aristizabal) having an affair with his boss Pablo Mallarino (Victor Mallarino), owner of a magazine; after this Nicolas is left without girlfriend and without any job. Nicolas revenge to Mallarino consists in following him and obtaining photographs of him with his new affair Alexandra (Carolina Gomez) to blackmail Mallarino in order to obtain money in change for not showing the photographs to Margarita.

The story is really intelligent and well related, to the point that you'll understand fully the meaning of the title, the movie shows a thriller with a lot of a comic scenes and characters, resulting in a real pleasure to someone that enjoy the movies focused on a good script.

I stand out here that this film is different from the typical Colombian movies that show's some dark and violent image of our beautiful country, which is something really refreshing. Some critics say that this story don't show Colombian typical way of living, so it could be held in any part of the world, i disagree with this: (1) the movie is totally filmed in Bogotá, so you can see streets, and images of the real Colombian capital (i hope that some American people and movie producers watch this so they stop showing Amazonic jungle, or Mexican little towns in Bogota as on some Hollywood movies), (2) the characters, dialogs, accent (with exception from Nicolas that is from Argentina) are totally from here, Rosemary (Veronica Orozco) has an accent typical from Cali, (3) you can also see social and cultural differences from the common people in Bogotá. I hope that all this, plus an English title move people from other countries to watch this masterpiece of Martinez

Excellent acting of Veronica Orozco, Luis Eduardo Arango (detective Wilson Montes), Felipe Botero, outstanding as detective Ricardo Perez, and good acting of Mallarino, Catalina Aristizabal and Federico Lorusso.

A movie worth to export, that people from around the globe will surely understand and enjoy!, Don't miss this movie 9/10!

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Life is a Beautiful Ride!, 4 May 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I simply loved this film!, it's great how Jack Nicholson performed this role, he isn't just brilliant, he is absolutely outstanding!, watching Nicholson i couldn't resist the comparison with his other performances, and i'm sure that he is maybe the most versatile actor in Hollywood, he live the character life and actually became that person, he is maybe the best Hollywood actor of all times!; i compare this Nicholson acting, with Tom Hanks - Cast Away; is a challenge for an actor to be totally the soul of a film, almost a monologue where 90% if not 100% of the film focuses on the main actor; only the true masters in the profession can do this with glory; and that's what Nicholson did here!. The story is touching and gave me the feeling of how wonderful live is, live is a ride that is so beautiful, that is a shame to start to live it just after retirement; Schimdt loves his life, his way of living; but he is sad, he knows that is a little bit late for living!, and his forces are drawn totally through the movie, until the film ends, brilliant and touching way to shake us all, and to push us to live our real lives, not the working lives!. The companies go and go with or without ourselves, but our live depends of what we do with it!. The Ndugu friend plays as a spectator the main supporting role in the film, Ndugu gives life to Schmidt and his true character and feelings; Ndugu discovers Schimdt, and uncover his sad ending of his life. Is remarkable how Nicholson and Payne manages to show a common normal retirement life as something captivating and beautiful as a film!. This film is totally a masterpiece, and something i need to have in my collection. Simply Great!

ABOUT THE MOVIE: Nicholson plays here the role of Warren Schmidt, a man that trough his sixties faces the retirement, and enters to a new life, in this personal change he start to feel the emptiness of his life, he has missed the true way of living and now he has to handle this fact; his relationship with his wife Helen (June Squibb) turns boring and their plans in this time resume to traveling in a modern van that they bought! His wife suddenly die and he faces loneliness and a daughter Jeannie (Hope Davis) that has always disagreed with him, he love her but she's already far from him, living a totally different live, and about to marry with a man that Warren don't approve: Randall (Dermot Mulroney), who lives as a salesman of water-beds, he writes letters to Ndugu, a child in Tanzania who he support economically with a foundation, in those letters he describes all his feelings day by day. He then decides to travel in his van and go to visit his daughter some days before wedding, his daughter don't want him to visit her so he makes a long journey where he visit a lot of places, people, he bring some memories and finally he arrive to the place where the family of his daughter lives and meet the particular Randall's mother Roberta (Kathy Bates great acting!). He then faces the wedding of his Jeannie and Randall and in the way he see his own life going away in emptiness.

10/10! for this beautiful combined work of Payne and Nicholson!

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A Ride Trough Great Action and Fun!, 3 May 2007

I really had a great time watching this film; although i have never been a Ghost Rider Fan, i loved comic books. I had been a Superman fan all my live, but in the comic stores the character of Ghost Rider had some attraction to me, as the non-typical superhero. Now that i saw the movie, i was amazed of the great story behind this guy. A superhero that fight evil of the worst kind!, just great, a combination of a superhero and some horror - type characters; great complement!. It isn't an Oscar worth movie, but is a film to have a good time, is fun, entertaining, with action, and the type of movie that you can see in company with kids. Great special effects and night scenes that put a special charm in the film. Eva Mendes is absolutely beautiful as always!

ABOUT THE MOVIE: Nicolas Cage plays here Johny Blaze, a motorcyclist that used to make dangerous shows with his father Barton Blaze (Brett Cullen), when doctors detected to his father a cancer in his terminal stage, a demon called Mephistopheles (Peter Fonda) offers to save him in change for his soul; Johny do this, but this demon or devil, deceived Johny, when at the next day his father dies on an accident in the show. Johny has his soul sold, and loses his all-life love, Roxanne (Eva Mendes), years later Blaze became a famous motorcyclist, who performed very dangerous shows; with a great team leaded by Mack (Donal Logue) he even jumped over helicopters. Suddenly he meet again with Roxane, but in that moment, Mephistopheles claimed the right for Johny's services, and turn him in a Ghost Rider, one of the servants of the devil that looked at night like a skeleton on fire. Mephistopheles order him to defeat his "cold" son Blackheart (Wes Bentley) who wanted to claim the old contract of San Venganza, with the help of other demons that represented the natural elements earth, water and air; this contract was hidden by a previous Rider to the devil, in order to prevent the possession of 1000 souls!. Blackheart threaten to bring hell to earth with these 1000 demons! Here Blaze mission start as an incredible action quest as this new Rider!

7/10, good work of Mark Steven Johnson in another of his hero movies, and a good performance of Cage and great special effects!. Worth to watch!

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Incredible script!, Great Cinematography and Beautiful music! Excellent!, 11 April 2007

This story is beautiful!, incredible, and pulled some tears out of me, touched my soul!, Excellent!

Like Buena Vista Social Club says, "Life without music is like a journey trough a dessert". This is what this movie tells you all the time, with one of the most beautiful stories that i have ever seen!, the music takes you trough all the movie, touch your soul and send you trough a travel trough heaven!!, and specially, without being a Musical (genre that i personally don't like too much).

The story, or legend of 1900, is a story of passion, feeling the soul of music, of friendship, of skills and of the hearth. Tim Roth here plays 1900, a piano player that has lived always on a cruise ship (The Virginia); he was found in the year 1900 by a charismatic worker of the ship, Danny (Bill Nunn); 1900 since his early years showed great natural skills on the piano; this movie is a musical story of his life, narrated by his best friend Max Tooney (Pruitt Taylor Vince), a trumpet player that spend with him various year in the orchestra of the ship. This movie shows beautiful scenes like the duel between 1900 and Jelly Roll Morton with Max eating paper and the playing of music with the piano rolling trough the main room in the middle of a storm.

Giuseppe Tornatore masterpiece!, with great cinematography, incredible production design, great costume design, and the best of all... Beautiful Music!. Excellent! 10/10

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Tasting a Little of Every Delight!, 2 May 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie was somewhat like a tasting menu, in which you feel a good story and directing, but suddenly it stops, left you breathless and they send you another story different in which you have to feel comfortable quickly because it is going to end really soon. It's like a director's fair. I rated this movie with 6 stars because of the format, is original OK, but a piece of art needs some time to taste, to delight, to feel and finally you swallow it with a great pleasure, in this they give you a little bit of every one but you have to swallow the story almost without tasting and follow to the next.

18 stories, one city, one feeling represented in 18 different ways: I would resume the stories in the way that i felt each one (the conclusion is already written).

1. MONTMARTRE: A man in a car with some years on him wanting for company and love, a miracle happens!, Podalydes as the director and driver show us that love come just in the right moment!.

2. QUAIS DE SEINE: A boy that fall in love with a Muslim girl; cultural differences, still one feeling, Love, you can see beauty behind a lot of clothes too!.

3. LE MARAIS: Gus van Sant shows a love between 2 boys, chemistry happen above languages, Kurt Kobain style in this one!.

4. TUILERIES: Excellent acting of Bushemi without words!, the reading capture events around one person that pass from spectator to participant in a relationship.

5. LOIN DU 16EME: As a Colombian i wanted to see Catalina Sandino, her acting was good, much like Maria Full of Grace, this story was too simple for me, but compares how you left true love in order to give mother's love to others.

6. PORTE DE CHOISY: Confusing Karate Love, how you can be hated and not wanted at a moment, but with time you can become a god in relationship!

7. BASTILLE: Terminal Love, how you can find love in where you think is lost, and love things that you used to hate (the red coat).

8. PLACE DES VICTOIRES: Touching story of maybe the highest and purest love!, from mother to son, and the pain of a lost son, how you can feel peace when you finally understand how life it's! Love for how the things are!

9. TOUR EIFFEL: Incredible story!, i liked this one a lot, the loves of mimes!, how you can be rejected all the time and the others don't understand you, but if you are patient you will find your true love, your perfect match! the one that will understood you, you can find it in your worst moment!.

10. PARC MONSEAU: Nick Nolte show love from father to daughter, how a father manages to show his daughter that he will change when he won't, to love the people as they are, the father love her daughter knowing that she doesn't like most of the things her father is.

11. QUERTIER DES ENFANTS ROUGES: Buying and wanting love, how a woman want to satisfy some of her personal needs, but finds one persona that satisfies them only partially. It shows the drugs and the love as personal needs!.

12. PLACE DES FETES: The most touching story, the men, Hassan, sing a song to a beautiful woman, and suddenly in the search of her love he finds a tragedy (Romeo and Juliet type of love), he finally meet her and accomplished his goal! a cup of coffee.

13. PIGALLE: Bob Hoskins here! when a type of love, mature and painful, between artists, gets to a crucial point, getting old!, you always have to keep the spark on love to keep going!.

14. QUARTIER DE LA MADELEINE: Dark Love, Elijah Wood here finds love in a creature totally different, and both give in one moment everything for the other, it's like the love of the ones that know each other and get married quick! Deep and excellent, scenes of the type of Sin City.

15. PERE-LACHAISE: Lessons from Oscar Wilde, in hard moments, specially for the male part of a relationship, is important to be open mind and to give the reason to your lady, you accomplish to make her happy or you can die!.

16. FAUBOURG SAINT-DENIS: Twiker excellent performance!, with Natalie Portman, show in a short time the ups and downs of couple love, like the seasons, spring, summer, winter and the missed autumn, remember the seasons repeat!

17: QUARTIER Latin: The beauty and nostalgic of a lost love, how in the end of our lives we begin to understand love, but sometimes the decisions made block the way of love! if you liked this i recommend to see a complete story in Elsa y Fred (2005)

18: 14TH ARRONDISSEMENT: The story more sad of all, but the one that we all can live, showed in a beautiful way, to love ourselves!

6/10 for this tasting menu.

Jack (1996)
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Excellent acting of Robin Williams in a Touching movie!, 7 April 2007

When you see a shooting star... Robin Williams makes a really great acting as a 10 year old boy!, it's amazing how he can represent the feelings of a boy of this age!; the only role almost similar that i saw was Tom Hanks in Big (1988); but Tom act as a totally shy boy; Williams combines here innocence with happiness and a funny life!. The message of the movie is touching and with a beautiful message! In this touching and really good story you will surely have an important message for life: live everyday as it was your last, and always maintain that child that you'll always have inside you (as Mr. Woodruff). The role of Fran Drescher as Miss Dolores is also great too!

ABOUT THE MOVIE: Robin Williams plays here Jack Powell, a child who has a medical disorder that makes him grow four times faster than any other boy, because of this, he, at the age of 10 looks like a man of 40 years, only that his brain and behavior maintains like the child he really is. Only this makes this role a total challenge for any actor. Jack's fathers (Diane Lane as Karen and Brian Kerwin as Brian) don't put him on a regular school afraid of what his classmates or other people will say; but at the age of 10, and after an excellent and touchable education of Mr. Woodruff (Bill Cosby), they decide to put him on a normal school where he finds difficulties but also great friends, specially Louis and Eddie (Adam Zolotin and Todd Bosley), he finds also an amazing teacher, Miss Marquez (Jennifer Lopez).

Good movie,..Worth to watch 8/10

I Am Sam (2001)
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Superb Combination of Acting, Music and Script.!, 20 April 2007

This amazing movie shows a very well obtained combination of excellent acting (specially Sean Penn and Dakota Fanning), a powerful and deep script and the excellent choice of a music to make you feel totally the beauty of this film, a piece of art. It's also well fitted how the camera shots move constantly, making you feel more like being next to the characters and almost feel inside the story. Besides the characters of Sam and Lucy, my heart got touched by Brad, what a performance!, he deserves a prize for this!. Thumbs up for Jessie Nelson!.

About the Movie: This touching story is about Sam (Sean Penn) a man mentally retarded who works at Starbucks, has some particular friends (also with mental problems), but very close and is a fan of the Beatles, and who has a daughter with a homeless woman who abandoned him and his daughter too. He named her daughter Lucy Diamonds (Dakota Fanning) (after Lucy and the Sky with Diamonds Beatles song). He makes his best effort to raise her and they develop a relation based on pure love. When Lucy gets to 7 years old, she start to became smarter than his father (who according to studies has a 7 year old boy I.Q.), Because of that, the authorities take her away from him in order to search for adoption by a standard family. Sam starts a quest to recover back his daughter; and he finds help on Rita Harrison (Michele Pfeiffer), a high price lawyer who takes his case as Pro Bono. The story evolves emotionally, visually an musically almost perfect, reaching the point of a piece of art.

9/10! Two Thumbs Up, Excellent!

Apocalypto (2006)
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Brutally beautiful; a travel in time that will leave you breathless!, 21 March 2007

What a Masterpiece!, incredibly and savagely beautiful!

Mel Gibson gives here not a movie, but a travel through time, in which you feel as a witness of some events that take place inside the Maya civilization near its doom (or its apocalypses) around the 1500 year, in some places close to the Yucatan peninsula.

As a primary witness of the facts shown here you can stay breathless trough all the movie; feeling closely some days of the live of Jaguar Paw, a Maya hunter with a great heart and abilities who suddenly feels how his world is ripped apart.

You can get inside the Maya culture of the time, the war between them, the sacred rituals, the offerings, their gods, their leaders, language, weapons, jungle, cities, works, life and all; in an explicit, amazing way that will leave you breathless; and a the same time you get deeply involved in a story of courage, heroism, blood, war techniques, suffering, love and family that will pull you closest inside the facts (you really experiment a travel trough time!).

Mel Gibson show himself definitely as an auteur, with an unique style and way to make you travel and placing yourself inside the story.

I recommend you to take this travel now!

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