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Boring Thriller, Long Commercial., 2 May 2007

This boring and unoriginal thriller was one of the worst movies that i have seen this year! is terrible how i felt after spending some of my money on this movie, i was bored like 60% of the time, and i felt like paying to see a commercial; yes! this movie is a long Reebok, Victoria Secret, Sony and Heineken commercial. As a thriller it disappointed me, the story keeps going and going to somewhere that you almost know which one is!, i left the theater totally disappointed with the film. It's like the director prolonged a movie minute by minute only to reach the average 100 minutes and show the long expected end. If you read this, i recommend that go and rent Basic Instinct (the first one of course) that is 1000 times better. The only good thing of the movie was to see in a movie the "ground zero", the place where the attack of the world trade center happened. On the trivia they say that for this movie, three different endings were filmed; this was for fun?, or just because they didn't have decided the script?. Well, if someone wants to make a film of this type, it has to be very good and original, because this Hitchcock type of script has been already too used!.

About the Movie: Halle Berry plays here Rowena, a successful journalist that like to report news where hidden facts of famous people are shown. Rowena work closely with Miles (Giovanni Ribisi), her mate and right hand in the job. Halle suddenly finds that a friend of her, Grace (Nicki Aycox) was killed, and she suspect of the one man that was dating her, the famous and rich Harrison Hill (Bruce Willis), owner of a publicity company, H2A. Rowane then tries to get close to him and find out the answers to this; and manage to work at Hill's company and meet him closely.

4/10 and another boring film of James Foley (i saw The Corruptor(1999), also boring).

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Yellow Player or Red Player?, 30 April 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

What an incredible film, with such great dialogs and lessons that i hope to keep with me all the time!. This dialog in the courtroom near the end where you can see what type of player you are is really touching; red player? (the one that puts his blood on the ice?) or the yellow player (the one that pee on his pants when facing a problem), we all have to act like red players!, and be proud of ourselves (great first lesson). Being a man doesn't mean that you have to be sexually active all the time, being a real man is about being an example, of honor and respect, all that a Red Player has; the second lesson for life is the beautiful way in which a person has always the opportunity of change, doesn't matter if you have acted wrong all your life, you have always the opportunity to mend and to change, like Hank (Josey's father), what an example!, is always your decision! keep going wrong or stop and change!, I loved when Hank support her daughter in the speech; this is one of the greatest and more convincing moments of the film, also when he stands in the court to hit the professor that raped her was encouraging and great! and the third great lesson was the dialog between Kyle and Sammy, how difficult is to hate someone?, but in fact how many things you don't see?, simply deep and excellent. This movie is a masterpiece, the acting roles of Charlize Theron, Frances McDormand and Sean Ben are terrific. It can be true that some things where far from the true events that are held in a courtroom, but the objective of the movie was to touch some hearts, and for me it did it!.

About the Movie: Charlize Theron plays here Josey Aimes a woman, mother of two child from different fathers, and whose personal life had been painful, she was injured by her husband, and wasn't supported by his father Hank (Richard Jenkins), away from home she decides to work on Eveleth iron Mines in Minessota, where her father had worked all his life; she start her work with the opposition of her father and the help of an old friend and member of the syndicate of the mines, Glory (Frances McDormand), and during work she faces a inhuman treat for the womens that worked there, sexual harassment and offenses that made all those working hours a total suffering. Josey decide to put an end for this and she speak with the management and board of directors of the company, but little attention is put to her request, so she goes to the court with the help of the lawyer Bill White (Woody Harrelson), friend of Glory and her husband Kyle (Sean Ben), starting a hard legal fight against a huge and powerful company.

Excellent work of Niki Caro, 9/10!, i'll try to watch the famous Whale Rider after this!

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Who killed him?, 28 April 2007

A remarkable and thrilling experience i had trough this good movie; i felt like on a Hitchkook film, but in a more actual scenario. The story kept me tied all the time, the acting performances where captivating and the sensuality and erotic scenes of the film complement it well. But definitely, what i did like most, was an incredible intelligent script that kept me frozen trough all the film. Is amazing how anyone can make an excellent film around the common and very used subject: Who killed him?. Well this is an example of how a movie can be unoriginal on its basis but still become a good and "original" film; is a pleasure for the ones that like thrillers, and this one puts an erotic additional touch that make the movie even better. I liked the acting performances too much. Douglas plays an insecure, somehow innocent, decided but not very intelligent cop with some shadows in his past. Great!, Stone plays one of the greatest cold, manipulative, intelligent characters that i have seen so far!.

About the Movie: Michael Douglas plays here the role of detective Nick Curran, a police officer that has been assigned to a case where a former rock star, Johnny Boz is found murdered on his bed, naked and tied. Nick, with his mate Gus (Goerge Dzundza) traces the main suspect of the murder, the beautiful writer Catherine Tramell (Sharon Stone), girlfriend of the star, who almost a year before described on a book an exact type of murder. Nick get involved too much in this case, and particularly in Catherine's way of living! that has a particular like for sex with men and women. Nick also faces shadows of his past, some of them are the reasons why some people call him "shooter", and he is rehabilitating also from alcohol and drug problems of his past, his former girlfriend and actual therapist Dr. Beth Gardner (Jeanne Tripplehorn), help him trough this rehabilitating process. In the story, Catherine writes also her new thrilling book. All this story where a lot of people is related and to find finally the one who really did it!

8/10! and one thumb up for Verhoven!

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What a Script! Great Police Movie held in 1950!, 27 April 2007

In this movie I felt the total pleasure and delight of a magnificent script!, it is great how you can combine action, thrilling and unsolved police cases into this great movie!. Also with great actors that perform their roles extraordinary! The Oscar nominations and winnings of this movie are absolutely well earned! The story at some parts is somewhat complex, but the result is well obtained finally! Kim Bassinger acting is superb!, but the ones that i liked most where Rusell Crowe and Guy Pierce, they are Aussies (Guy was born in Englad but lived in Australia since he was 5) and still their accent is totally American. This detective movie resemble in a good way the time where corruption, mafia and illegal traffic was a total challenge for any good police officer. The great cinematography brought back those years in a very realistic way.

About the Film: The story is placed on the 1950's, where mafia boss Mickey Cohen was imprisoned (the news appeared in Hush Hush, a newspaper managed by Sid Hudgens (Danny De Vito)); in the LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department) leaded by Captain Dudley (James Cromwell) the police force then occupies of fewer things, but the city was still on a critical moment,some prostitution cases where on course of action, in one of them, Pierce Patchett (David Stratchairn) a rich person from LA owned one where womens where dressed and made look like famous actresses of the time, one of them was Lynn Bracken (Kim Bassinger). Meanwile three police officers of LAPD have to work together when a case of homicide in which a lot of people died at a restaurant, (included a police officer); these three cops are: (1) The tough police officer Bud White (Rusell Crowe), (2) the rookie and spiteful Edmund Jennings (Guy Pearce) who was hated by all in the department and (3) the Sgt Jack Vincennes (Kevin Spacey) who loved cameras and was very conceited working as assessor for a TV Series; they truly have to stick to each other in order to solve an intriguing puzzle!

8/10 and one thumb up for Curtis Hanson.

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Great acting by Washington and Hawke Excellent Thriller - Action Film!, 27 April 2007

This movie impressed me by its great quality in all ways, the story, thrilling with great police detective action and the most remarkable aspect of the movie was the acting performances of Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke; they put his soul on the characters making this movie a total delight for those who like action films with intelligent scripts and also like for high quality films.

About the Movie: Ethan Hawke plays Jake Hoyt, a rookie police officer with a good curriculum that is assigned to a one day trial day in order to qualify for a narcotics division in Los Angeles. Hawke meets then detective Alonzo Haris (Denzel Washington) who was assigned as trainer and evaluator for this rookie. Hoyt wants fiercely to get this assignment, but finds very orthodoxes and quaint ways to "protet and to serve" of Alonzo. In this day Hoyt will meet a true challenge and will face the total opposite way to proceed from the one he learned in the academy; he will also face some of the more dangerous neighborhoods and streets of Los Angeles.

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My Dog's Life is More Interesting, 23 April 2007

This movie is a total shame for independent films; i have seen a few of them lately and i was proud of them, but this is a total waste of time, it's more interesting to watch my dog licking his tail all day than the life of these three women. I know that everybody's life is a movie (like TNT slogan), but hey this is exaggerated!, Rebeca Miller only manages to make common lives see as the most boring lives ever!

1.Delia: I can't understand how you changed that much from high school to adult!, Rebecca choose two actress so different that you can get laugh loud, There are so few actors in the world? God, she choose the more different from Kyra Sedwick to play the role?; she also is proud of her big buttocks, but suddenly she grew up and they disappear! Here Sedwick plays the worst role of his life.

2. Greta: This one was the character that i felt would save the movie until she deploys a forced infidelity problem that doesn't fit with the character, anyone could have walked in front of her and she would have kissed him, this depressing story almost made me stop the movie.

3. Paula: God this was the worst, i felt in a horror movie, she looked like the witch Nancy in "The Craft", dressed in black and with that scary look in her eyes, she picked up a boy full of wounds like " I know what you Did Last Summer" and is pregnant (Rosemary's baby?). What was the deal here Miller? Dear Rebecca if you tried to left a message in this film please explain it to me, i didn't understood what you wanted! How the parents behavior cause troubled lives to their sons?, besides that and that the main characters are women i didn't saw any connection in the stories.

About the Movie: This film consists of three different short stories of common women in USA. (1) Delia (Kyra Sedwick) a woman of the working class that lives with a husband that abuse physically of her and her child, and gives her a miserable life; her childhood story is explained with a hippie father good for nothing and how she liked to please her classmates with her own abilities; after her husband Kurt (David Warshowsky) hit her, she decides to leave and make a deep turn in her life. (2) Greta (Parker Posey) has a job as editor of books of cuisine and also, a nice husband. Her father leave her and her mom to live with other woman, she suddenly got an offer to work for editing a book of someone famous who knew her abilities, in that she shows a dark side of her, permanent and uncontrolled infidelity well hidden in his successful career. (3) Paula (Fairuza Balk) a woman that lives with a man from Haiti that picked her up from the streets, and whose fathers lives are a shame, her old mom left his dad and lives with a heartless man, she find a boy on the road and picked him trying to help him (she believes that), and she is also pregnant.

1/10 for one of the most boring stories that i have ever seen.

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Almost a Perfect Movie! Excellent! Pacino is at his best, 23 April 2007

Excellent!, intelligent, absolutely well obtained; these feelings came out after i saw the movie; absolutely impressive as the story keeps going and you're forced to think and find out the meaning of the movie in an intelligent way, simply incredible. Pacino's acting is powerful, strong. I felt some of the great and young Pacino of the Godfather I and II coming back (this Pacino was hidden somewhere). The way that temptations are shown, heaven and hell mixed at the same place and the chance of choice between good and bad actions (like the Matrix problem..."choice"), and an intelligent story that has to be seen, without distracting, to reach the top of an extremely good script, is a total pleasure to the viewer.

About the Movie: Keanu Reeves plays Kevin Lomax (a name that suits well for the actor) an attorney from Florida that is well respected and who hasn't lost a case. He is the well respected and successful men that anyone want to be, with a lovely and beautiful wife Mary Ann (Charlize Theron), Lomax will to win all cases get him even to defend a guilty professor from child abuse charges. An important firm held at the big apple saw his success and decide to hire him as one of the main lawyers of the company. The firm ruled by John Milton (Al Pacino), put great and difficult cases to Kevin with important and wealthy clients; while, his wife start to feel depressed and empty with this luxurious life, but they are drawn into Milton's world deeply. The story evolves in an interesting an intelligent plot that will give answers to the name of the movie.

9/10!, the only thing that didn't liked me is that the plot is hard to understand sometimes and you can get lost easily in the script.

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This Movie is the Best Medicine for Insomnia!, 23 April 2007

Flashback after a flashback, then present then future and another flashback!!, i'm confused! where am i?, where is the war of Iwo Jima? oh it's gone i'm in another flashback; or it it a flash forward?.

That is what i felt trough a movie that isn't a war film, it is about some war glimpses; it's like the budget could afford only 10 minutes of war and the movie had to be played out from Iwo Jima; showing a drunk soldier every 10 minutes and a total empty way of promoting a war. The movie is so slow and boring that i had to watch it with 4 cups of coffee and the lights up, everybody in my room fell asleep trough the movie; i didn't wanted to lost my money spend on Blockbuster so i made a huge effort to see the end of the film; but i was the only one. An uncle of mine suffer insomnia so i will give him the movie and i'm sure that he will sleep tight all night after watching only 10 minutes of it! And hey Clint what's the deal with Indians?, i felt an unnecessary racist approach to Indians that didn't liked me at all. The best way to protest against racism is to not showing it!, if Ira had been treated as any of the others the fight against racism would be won.

About the Movie: The battle of Iwo Jima was one of the fiercest fights of World War II, held between February and march of 1945 in a tiny little Japanese Island (Iwo Jima). The Japanese fought hard to defend their island, and of the 22,000 Japanese soldiers there, 20,000 where killed; this was the first attack of USA to the Japan home islands. In this war an early photograph of American Soldiers raising a U.S. flag on Mount Suribachi in the island became famous, and it was a powerful inspiration to all Americans for the heroism of their soldiers and a symbol of the cause. The three surviving out of the six that raised the flag John "Doc" Bradley (Ryan Phillipe) Rene Gagnon (Jesse Bradford) and Ira Hayes (Adam Beach) went back to the United States to promote bonds needed to find economical support for the war.

This movie shows the emptiness of the war, in fact this is an empty movie. The acting is good and the fleet shot during the invasion are the only remarkable things of this film.

2/10 with huge effort.

The Marine (2006)
Cena Would fit well for The Incredible Hulk Movie!, 23 April 2007

This movie is really an entertaining ton of mediocre action!, it resembles the action films in the 80's in a comic and full of cliché way!, some of the funny relations with other films; John Triton makes a quest just like the one that Rambo did running away from cops (Rambo I), he also behaves a little like him, Rambo was discharged from the army doesn't he?; he also have the worst enemy of all times in action movies T-1000! from Terminator 2, and he's called "terminator" once in the film. This movie was entertaining; i loved movies from the 80's so it brought to me some good memories of the Rambo, Commando, Cobra films. But i have to be honest, the movie isn't good. The dialogs are so forced!, and full of clichés that you can turn off the TV at any moment. In one scene we see Triton talking with a guard in a building like this:

(Guard): This job is good, you can get to management in three years!. (Triton): How long have you been in this job?, (Guard): 9 years. (Triton): So why aren't you in management?. (Guard): Oh.

Can you believe that someone spend some time thinking This?!, well they did!. The action scenes are exaggerated a lot!; and how is possible that Triton is with a car, chasing a 4x4 full of bad guys armed to the teeth, without any gun, receives like 1000 shots and keep following them without a scratch, what was he thinking? The music simply spoils the movie, you can get nostalgic of Rambo with this movie, but sometimes this movie is offensive. Cena looks more like Incredible Hulk than a Marine, he look dumb, heavy and slow. This is the type of plot that you see to the end, entertaining but believe me, it's bad, an entertaining bad movie.

About the Film: John Cena (WWF star) plays John Triton a marine that is discharged for disobeying direct orders on a mission in Irak (he does in order to save his friends). Triton then tries to find a job and restore his life, in that moment, his path crosses with some diamond thieves leaded by Rome (Robert Patrick) who take his wife hostage and are running from cops. Triton chase them trough the wild forests of South Carolina trying to save his wife Kate (Kelly Carlson).

5/10!, for an entertaining but bad movie.

John Q (2002)
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Deep Acting of Washington! Great!, 20 April 2007

In this movie, with a great acting of Denzel Washington as John Q. I felt the deep problems of health in the USA. My cousin lives in the United States (i don't), and she told me a few complaints about this problem; in the movie i finally understood about that. I don't understand how, the most powerful country in the world does have such bad health services to it's people?. For the benefit of the Americans, i hope that they change this system soon. Denzel puts his hearth on this movie, playing a normal guy with financial problems and a hard work; the way that Denzel shows his love to his son is remarkable and demonstrates why he is one of the actual best actors in Hollywood. If you have seen Searching for David's Hearth (2004), this is as the other side of the story.

About the Movie: Denzel Washington plays John Quincy Archibald (John Q.) a husband and father with some financial problems that works almost 20 hours a day on a factory but who can't afford his expenses. John is trying to get a second job in order to earn an extra money. In the middle of this John's son Mike (Daniel E. Smith) is found to have a disease caused by a bigger than normal heart, and the doctors told him that he will die soon if they don't make a heart transplant. Here everything is hard but it gets really harder when John goes to the insurance company and get the notice that his insurance suddenly don't cover this type of procedures. John and his wife Denise (Kimberly Elise) start to make everything possible to collect the money (a lot of money) needed just to get his son on the donor's list, with their son dying an not much money, John desperate and takes the hospital's emergency room staff and patients hostage, demanding for to his son to be put on that list and that doctors do the transplant. The story evolves emotionally deep trough all this; in a remarkable script.

About the Cast: Denzel Washington put his soul onto this role, being by far the best of all!!, Kimberly Elise does good too, but a little exaggerated sometimes, Daniel Smith as Mike is pretty poor in his acting, he didn't had to do that much but this kid (sorry) still isn't a good actor; he has years to perfect his performance. James Woods acting as Dr. Raymond Turner, as always is very good and professional, also Anne Hache as Rebbeca Payne is great and show a coldness that ripped me out. Robert Duvall acting is good but his character could have been deployed even more, for the good of the film. Ray Liotta does good; Eddie Griffin is good too as one of the characters of the emergency room (Wow, this was a great cast!)

8/10! Excellent for Denzel Washington performance!

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