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300 (2006)
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A Good epic film about the Battle of Thermopylae 480 BC, 4 April 2007

This is a good new type of epic film!, Zack Snyder directing is well adjusted for a type of film that needed a new fresh type of movies, this movie is almost a piece of art, stylish battles and good camera shots, along with characters well obtained and developed by actors that will surely make you feel the anger of the epic Hellenic-Persian battles. The movie is based on a graphic novel by Frank Miller, it don't try to resembles accurately the historical facts, but that's on purpose, because it can admirably put a bit of "mythologycal characters" in the story, that makes it more entertaining, incredible and really "epic". Although, if we see how the ancient stories were told to our ancestors, the mythological and fantastic facts appear in order to create a sense of admiration and fantasy that moved the patriotism of people.

The film, based on Miller's novel, shows the events in Greece, at the pass of the Thermopylae, when the king Leonidas of Sparta fought the Persian Empire against an army that vastly outnumbered them. Leonidas fought with 300 Spartans and 700 Thespian against an Persian army of almost 250,000 leaded by king Xerxes I, blocked them their way to reach Sparta and conquer it; the events that are presented in the movie were true (year 480 BC) and they were written by Herodotus. And show a great deploy of military strategies and combat techniques in this battlefield.

About the acting: Gerard Butler, great!; The Leonidas character is strong, furious, brave and shows his leadership as something admirable. Rodrigo Santoro, great also!; as king Xerxes I, he shows weakness, fear and leadership. The other Spartans character roles are great too (specially Deelios, Astinos, Steelios and Captain) 8/10!

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Life is a Beautiful Ride!, 4 May 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I simply loved this film!, it's great how Jack Nicholson performed this role, he isn't just brilliant, he is absolutely outstanding!, watching Nicholson i couldn't resist the comparison with his other performances, and i'm sure that he is maybe the most versatile actor in Hollywood, he live the character life and actually became that person, he is maybe the best Hollywood actor of all times!; i compare this Nicholson acting, with Tom Hanks - Cast Away; is a challenge for an actor to be totally the soul of a film, almost a monologue where 90% if not 100% of the film focuses on the main actor; only the true masters in the profession can do this with glory; and that's what Nicholson did here!. The story is touching and gave me the feeling of how wonderful live is, live is a ride that is so beautiful, that is a shame to start to live it just after retirement; Schimdt loves his life, his way of living; but he is sad, he knows that is a little bit late for living!, and his forces are drawn totally through the movie, until the film ends, brilliant and touching way to shake us all, and to push us to live our real lives, not the working lives!. The companies go and go with or without ourselves, but our live depends of what we do with it!. The Ndugu friend plays as a spectator the main supporting role in the film, Ndugu gives life to Schmidt and his true character and feelings; Ndugu discovers Schimdt, and uncover his sad ending of his life. Is remarkable how Nicholson and Payne manages to show a common normal retirement life as something captivating and beautiful as a film!. This film is totally a masterpiece, and something i need to have in my collection. Simply Great!

ABOUT THE MOVIE: Nicholson plays here the role of Warren Schmidt, a man that trough his sixties faces the retirement, and enters to a new life, in this personal change he start to feel the emptiness of his life, he has missed the true way of living and now he has to handle this fact; his relationship with his wife Helen (June Squibb) turns boring and their plans in this time resume to traveling in a modern van that they bought! His wife suddenly die and he faces loneliness and a daughter Jeannie (Hope Davis) that has always disagreed with him, he love her but she's already far from him, living a totally different live, and about to marry with a man that Warren don't approve: Randall (Dermot Mulroney), who lives as a salesman of water-beds, he writes letters to Ndugu, a child in Tanzania who he support economically with a foundation, in those letters he describes all his feelings day by day. He then decides to travel in his van and go to visit his daughter some days before wedding, his daughter don't want him to visit her so he makes a long journey where he visit a lot of places, people, he bring some memories and finally he arrive to the place where the family of his daughter lives and meet the particular Randall's mother Roberta (Kathy Bates great acting!). He then faces the wedding of his Jeannie and Randall and in the way he see his own life going away in emptiness.

10/10! for this beautiful combined work of Payne and Nicholson!

Apocalypto (2006)
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Brutally beautiful; a travel in time that will leave you breathless!, 21 March 2007

What a Masterpiece!, incredibly and savagely beautiful!

Mel Gibson gives here not a movie, but a travel through time, in which you feel as a witness of some events that take place inside the Maya civilization near its doom (or its apocalypses) around the 1500 year, in some places close to the Yucatan peninsula.

As a primary witness of the facts shown here you can stay breathless trough all the movie; feeling closely some days of the live of Jaguar Paw, a Maya hunter with a great heart and abilities who suddenly feels how his world is ripped apart.

You can get inside the Maya culture of the time, the war between them, the sacred rituals, the offerings, their gods, their leaders, language, weapons, jungle, cities, works, life and all; in an explicit, amazing way that will leave you breathless; and a the same time you get deeply involved in a story of courage, heroism, blood, war techniques, suffering, love and family that will pull you closest inside the facts (you really experiment a travel trough time!).

Mel Gibson show himself definitely as an auteur, with an unique style and way to make you travel and placing yourself inside the story.

I recommend you to take this travel now!

Babel (2006/I)
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The Masterpiece of Gonzalez Iñarritu?, 21 February 2007

The previous movie i saw from Alejandro Gonzalez Iñarritu was Amores Perros, one of my favorite films, and i proposed a 8 stars for that movie. Because of that i was expecting that this movie would have been a master piece, specially for the actors included, but o surprise! the great intention of Gonzalez Iñarritu of telling different lives stories slightly related to a global scale was very disappointed an boring,the cuts from one story to another are so short between them that you begin to get tired at some parts of the movie,..,id didn't found what i expected, the remarkable things of this movie are the excellent acting roles of Brad Pitt, Cate Blanchet, Gael Garcia Bernal, Koji Yakusho (incredible), Adriana Barraza (atonishing!), and the moments of tension that kept you in some parts with your eyes wide open, the masterpiece of Gonzalez Iñarritu show that is the right moment for him to try another type of movie and search for originality, no more of the same!

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Who killed him?, 28 April 2007

A remarkable and thrilling experience i had trough this good movie; i felt like on a Hitchkook film, but in a more actual scenario. The story kept me tied all the time, the acting performances where captivating and the sensuality and erotic scenes of the film complement it well. But definitely, what i did like most, was an incredible intelligent script that kept me frozen trough all the film. Is amazing how anyone can make an excellent film around the common and very used subject: Who killed him?. Well this is an example of how a movie can be unoriginal on its basis but still become a good and "original" film; is a pleasure for the ones that like thrillers, and this one puts an erotic additional touch that make the movie even better. I liked the acting performances too much. Douglas plays an insecure, somehow innocent, decided but not very intelligent cop with some shadows in his past. Great!, Stone plays one of the greatest cold, manipulative, intelligent characters that i have seen so far!.

About the Movie: Michael Douglas plays here the role of detective Nick Curran, a police officer that has been assigned to a case where a former rock star, Johnny Boz is found murdered on his bed, naked and tied. Nick, with his mate Gus (Goerge Dzundza) traces the main suspect of the murder, the beautiful writer Catherine Tramell (Sharon Stone), girlfriend of the star, who almost a year before described on a book an exact type of murder. Nick get involved too much in this case, and particularly in Catherine's way of living! that has a particular like for sex with men and women. Nick also faces shadows of his past, some of them are the reasons why some people call him "shooter", and he is rehabilitating also from alcohol and drug problems of his past, his former girlfriend and actual therapist Dr. Beth Gardner (Jeanne Tripplehorn), help him trough this rehabilitating process. In the story, Catherine writes also her new thrilling book. All this story where a lot of people is related and to find finally the one who really did it!

8/10! and one thumb up for Verhoven!

Brainstorm (2000)
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Excellent Acting of Santoro, 26 March 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

As a foreign viewer (from Colombia) i was proud to see such good acting inside a touching and really close story; and after i read about the Austergésilo Carrano's book and events in his life i was even more touched by this movie, based on true events held in Brazil. The Brazilian movie industry is remarkable and is showing great productions, is also becoming an example for other Latin American countries to promote good quality of our movies, i saw recently Carandiru, which is also a great Brazilian film (Santoro is in that film too).

This story about Neto (Rodrigo Santoro) as a teenager that is precluded in a mental institution by his father (Othon Bastos) who found marijuana in his pocket, is touching and shows some cruel facts behind the mental institutions in Brazil, the cruelty and terrible events in the mental institution makes you think about some social problems hidden to the common people.

I saw this movie some years later (2007) and is remarkable how a really good actor (Santoro) plays a difficult role, i felt his acting so real, that the movie seemed somewhat like a documentary; really great! and now his talent has been recognized, playing important roles in Hollywood (Charlie's Angels and the recent 300!). Excellent for Rodrigo!

The only thing that i didn't liked about the film is that i felt that some important parts of the movie where omitted, forcing you to suppose what happened sometimes. Like when Neto was in the institution, and later he was in his house, i wish to have seen what happened between those two moments, i felt like the movie skipped something

7/10 in a really good Brazilian film!

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Great war film about the Battle of Mogadishu 1993, 3 April 2007

This is one of the best war film that i have ever seen!, Ridley Scott made a great work bringing to screen the events of the battle of Mogadishu in 1993, with an incredible cinematography, sound and scenes that surely will make you live the cruel facts behind a guerrilla and street war in the third world with military and innocent casualties. Scott manages to show a very human and real side of the best elite forces teams of the US, the Rangers and the Delta Forces, and keeping the historical facts without modifications. Really great to see if you like war, historical or epic battle films!

The film shows the events in Mogadishu Somalia in 1993, where a group of elite forces of the United States and the United Nations constructed an military operation with the objective of capture the warlord Mohamed Farrah Aidid; in one of the operations (code name Irene) where they have to capture as prisoners some important members of the Militia, they face and fight a huge number of Somali fighters, heavily armed and with guerrilla tactics that puts high resistance to this elite forces.

With a great casting that includes Josh Hartnett (Eversmann), Ewan McGregor (Grimes), Tom Sizemore (Sgt McKnight), Eric Banna (Hoot), William Fichtner (Sanderson), Orlando Bloom (Blackburn), Jason Isaacs (Steele) among others.


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Impressive and great film behind these beautiful stones!, 7 April 2007

It's incredible when you see a film like this, specially after you have bought a diamond with a lot of economic effort and savings! It's touching how African people do to themselves for this stones, it's very sad. The message left by this film is deep, a great cinematography and absolutely great acting roles of Di Caprio and Hounsou makes this film a masterpiece to think about a deep social problem in Africa!. Di Caprio keeps mastering his acting, playing a difficult role of a mercenary that works for this dark business, and he has to show a hard, ambitious and poor of ethic character, and evolve to the opposite, finding ethics, courage and a good and human man. Hounsou acting is really impressive and the way he plays an African fisherman and father is so deep and focused, that i'm sure that he lived the role totally with his hearth!.

Solomon Vandy (Hounsou) a fisherman of Sierra Leona, see how the RUF, an revolutionary army involved in the diamond black business, attacks his village and separate him from his family, and made him work as a slave in a diamond mine, where he find a rare pink diamond. He manages to escape and hide the diamond, and finds Danny Archer (Di Caprio), a mercenary of Zimbabwe that sells guns to the revolutionaries and also traffic with these diamonds to Liberia. They both start a fiery quest to find Solomon's family and the pink diamond, they have to go to hostile villages and places to get both!.

In this story you will feel how a terrible war will take place in which men without heart (RUF), kill and mutilate innocent people, enlist kids, wash their brains, drug them and make them killers! all in the pursuit of diamonds, is sad how a country kill each others in the search of this material things! A message is clear in this film: the critic of this industry and the social problems in Africa, and also, that your people, your family, your life and peace are more valuable than any diamond or material thing in the world! In Colombia, my country a business around emeralds also had spilled a lot of blood too (in Boyaca), and this movie made me think about this too; we Colombians know about this but there isn't much things in the news.

Really touching movie in which Jennifer Conelly makes a great role too as a journalist with a great human heart and courage about the situation in Sierra Leona. A shame that this movie wasn't filmed in Sierra Leona, but they managed to show an accurate visual, realistic description of this country.

Red ground after all the blood that had been spilled by it's people, mostly because of vane ambitions. 9/10

Blow (2001)
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To understand the drug business of the 70's and 80's, 20 March 2007

Great movie, incredible screenplay!

This interesting movie about the true story of George Jung (Johny Deep) and how he became, with Pablo Escobar and the Medellin cartel, some of the great providers of the cocaine in the United States. How he started with marijuana, and in the search of money, profit and material stuffs, turning then to the white powder, and off course, a more complicated and dangerous business.

A story that shows a human part of a man that insists in a business that keeps destroying his life; and shows some details of how the drug business in the 70's and 80's was being held, the tactics, contacts, betray, marketing, sales, distribution and blood behind it. Johny Deep shows that he is a very versatile actor, Penelope Cruz makes a really bad acting (won the Razzie award that year), Franka Potente as always, incredible and charming.

A well told story, that shows the consequences of some really bad decisions and acts in the pursuit of the "easy money", worth to see!.

Bluff (2007/I)
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Outstanding opening of Felipe Martinez as movie director!, 30 March 2007

An Intelligent and well obtained film worth to export!

In this exiting and really intelligent movie filmed entirely in Bogotá, you can feel the total meaning of the word "Bluff"(although is a Colombian film, the title is in presented in English); !

The story is about Nicolas Andrade (Federico Lorusso), a photographer who find his girlfriend Margarita (Catalina Aristizabal) having an affair with his boss Pablo Mallarino (Victor Mallarino), owner of a magazine; after this Nicolas is left without girlfriend and without any job. Nicolas revenge to Mallarino consists in following him and obtaining photographs of him with his new affair Alexandra (Carolina Gomez) to blackmail Mallarino in order to obtain money in change for not showing the photographs to Margarita.

The story is really intelligent and well related, to the point that you'll understand fully the meaning of the title, the movie shows a thriller with a lot of a comic scenes and characters, resulting in a real pleasure to someone that enjoy the movies focused on a good script.

I stand out here that this film is different from the typical Colombian movies that show's some dark and violent image of our beautiful country, which is something really refreshing. Some critics say that this story don't show Colombian typical way of living, so it could be held in any part of the world, i disagree with this: (1) the movie is totally filmed in Bogotá, so you can see streets, and images of the real Colombian capital (i hope that some American people and movie producers watch this so they stop showing Amazonic jungle, or Mexican little towns in Bogota as on some Hollywood movies), (2) the characters, dialogs, accent (with exception from Nicolas that is from Argentina) are totally from here, Rosemary (Veronica Orozco) has an accent typical from Cali, (3) you can also see social and cultural differences from the common people in Bogotá. I hope that all this, plus an English title move people from other countries to watch this masterpiece of Martinez

Excellent acting of Veronica Orozco, Luis Eduardo Arango (detective Wilson Montes), Felipe Botero, outstanding as detective Ricardo Perez, and good acting of Mallarino, Catalina Aristizabal and Federico Lorusso.

A movie worth to export, that people from around the globe will surely understand and enjoy!, Don't miss this movie 9/10!

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