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Absolutely worth to watch!!!, 30 September 2009

Before i watched this movie i expected a thriller because of the basic storyline. actually this is more a drama but that doesn't make it worse.

The story itself is very intense and interesting, u can feel with the characters which probably may be because of the really great acting. Even if there isn't one great Hollywood actor in this movie.

i would really suggest to watch this movie to everybody who likes movies with a deep story that takes you on a ride through a tragedy.

Besides, i suggest to watch it carefully because it is not directed linear, so u have to be careful otherwise u maybe can't follow the story.

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just another boring sequel, 25 April 2009

as the most sequels of good movies, crank: high voltage is much worse than the original... okay, the first movie isn't realistic, but this time it is overdosed with unrealistic stunts...just besides the fact that falling out of a plane like he does definitely would kill you. the basic storyline is totally unrealistic too and doesn't bring any speed and action into the movie. the worst thing about crank 2 is that all gags look like a cheap copy from crank 1. not even Jason Statham can make something good out of this movie...the only thing that makes this movie worth to watch it is Amy smart. so safe your time and watch the original crank again...that would be much more fun.

Taken (2008/I)
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An Excellent Liam Neeson!!!!, 30 March 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Wow! First of all i have to say i like Liam Neeson very much as an actor. But most movies i have seen he has played drama and sensible roles. But this time he did the same as Denzel Washington did in "Man on Fire", he showed the hard side of himself. The story itself is nothing really new: a man (this time actually a retired spy or secret agent) divorced and alone wants to get his family together or at least wants to get up to his daughter. And on a trip to Paris with a good friend both, his daughter and her friend, get kidnapped.

I think what makes this movie special is the behavior of the father in this whole thing (which comes from one of the best writers for good movies...luc besson), on the one side he stays really calm for he already knows his daughter will be kidnapped in the next few minutes and on the other side this fury, anger and also desperation with only one thing on his mind...finding his daughter somewhere in Paris.

this movie is really worth to watch!

Eagle Eye (2008)
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A very good action movie!, 19 March 2009

As i heard about this movie for the first time i didn't really know what to think about and in the first 30 minutes of the movie you really have the feeling that the two main actors don't compare to each other. but after i watched the movie to end i thought, maybe it was supposed to feel like that...

the two main characters in this story full of action are really who tries to get something out of his life but somehow he got never lucky...and on the other side a woman who's a mother and divorced so her life is broken too, but she got a task to protect and to care about her son, that's all she wants.

and the action gets really on when this two meet each for the special effects and the stunt scenes it is really worth to watch this movie...and it is very exciting to follow the movie especially when you don't really know what it is about, so you feel just like the two in the movie...that was how i felt when i watched i think if you know the whole story or watch the movie a second time you will see it with other eyes and feel different about it.

The Wave (2008)
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A real must for everyone!, 19 March 2009

Great movie! I don't know if everything really happened the way it is shown in the movie...and actually i think it didn't. But the movie shows the same thing like the real experiment did...the potential danger of autocracy is always there...and it shows how powerful a single man can become if he is able to fascinate the others...really scary... the actors do a good job i think and the movie has a "good" some scenes i was sitting in front of my TV and i thought "holy is that possible?" it's really disturbing sometimes, especially when u always keep in mind that it is based upon a real story. so in my opinion everyone has to watch this movie just to know about the danger of autocracy.