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2012 (2009/I)
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At half-time I wanted to go shopping, 24 November 2009

You know something? It's like this: Me and my wife wanted to get a present for her parents' anniversary, so we went to the mall. We decided on the movie first, 'cause we had got there too late, it was starting in half an hour. We said, we'll get the present afterwards... Get this: the room was almost booked, but half of them were reservations, so we thought we'll wait to see if they'll come in time, to pick up their tickets. Some of them didn't, so we were as happy as kids because we knew we were going to sit in the back, where the best viewing conditions are. So... The review... Well... The next morning I told my friends 'Don't event dare to ask!'. I think I would've been the only damn person on this planet, that would've swear at the movie, hadn't been for my wife!!! At about half-time I said to her 'You know, we could go right now, and buy that present... I can't take this anymore!' And she really took her time, and evaluated what I said. There were some idiots on our left who were continuously laughing at the movie, who suddenly didn't seem the eternal idiotic spectators anymore, that always laugh when there's no reason to! Even I was almost laughing at almost each damn scene! I'm so sorry I payed for it! But I tell you, it's a scam! The picture will take the trip around the world, and will make so much money on behalf of us, the idiots! ... And we thought that action movies will be the only movies we were going to watch in a theater, from now on... Well... I guess, not even that genre is worth it anymore. I mean, come on!!! The only good actor was that damn dog of Natasha, or whatever her name was! And, yes! The final part, where the arks come in. The entire view of the huge caves in the mountain, where they were being built, that was fabulous! And people's will to do anything, in order to save themselves. It was epic! But that's it! Just for the info, I happen to like aircraft, and know just about anything concerning them. And I know that the Antonov 225 is the largest aircraft flying at this moment on Earth, but I can tell you that AN 225 seemed to be able to do aerobatics that only small Cessnas are!!! If one loses control of the AN 225, it would take some 6-7 kms height, before he could rise its nose again, not some 400 metres, as it looked quite clearly in the images where the earth was tearing apart, and the plane had somehow entered beneath its surface level. Let's be serious, man! There's no way, such a huge wave could ever cross India, and reach the Himalayas! There's no way, such a huge wave could ever form itself!!! Yes, it takes an earthquake, thus a continuous movement, for a tsunami to form. But for a 5 mile high tsunami... It would need some 10s of thousands of kms before it could reach that height. And the distance between the center of the Indian Ocean and Mt. Everest is about, I think, 4-5000 kms. It's outrageous! I'm only hoping some actors within this movie won't commit suicide... Come to think of it, as somebody wrote here, Hollywood has downgraded, and I don't know what to expect of the new Dune adaptation that's about to come... It's my favourite book!