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It takes me back, 25 January 2004

I watched the first show on Fox premier week and laughed at the first graphic. It was "Jan 13th 1977, Eric Forman's Garage" It was the night before I went to the Air Force. It was a great show from the start with the fads, the fashions and the cars from my youth. Red sounds like the father of a friend of mine. I really like the stoner scenes in the basement

"Futurama" (1999)
Your wishes......, 12 February 2003

For all of the fans of Futurama, Cartoon Network has started airing the first season. Weeknights at 9pm Eastern, 10pm Central. FOX killed this show by putting it right after football on sundays. So if the game ran into overtime, the show was bumped. Thanks to cartoon network for putting it back on the air maybe we can see the episodes that were not shown

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"The Best Ever", 7 September 2002

This show is for the intelligent viewer. It not only went after Marlon Brando, but almost everybody in the business. It lampooned Bones from Star Trek, poked at Arnold, and really made fun at Ted Turner (Duke Phillips) It's a shame that Fox, then ABC didn't give it a chance.

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Complete surprise, 3 September 2002

I caught this movie on AMC late one Saturday night. The difference from this movie classic and the Disney effort was like night and day. This movie had more feeling and better acting. Don't Get me wrong, Danny Glover and Joseph Gordan-Levett, and Tony Danza did well, but not as good as the original cast.

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A great ride, 22 August 2002

I took my daughter to this movie expecting to be asleep 10 minutes into it. Boy was I surprised. This movie was funny and touching. I laughed so much my face was hurting later.This is one movie that will entertain everybody. A MUST SEE.......

Hold up, wait a minute, 21 August 2002

After reading some of the reviews I have to ask "Did we see the same movie?". It ranks #3 of my all time favorites. Some people don't have a sense of humor. It's full of a lot of Bruce Willis's trademark one liners not to mention, along with David Caruso it also features Andrew Bryniaski(Pearl Harbor) and Lorraie Toussant(Any Day Now) They could not have casted any one better to play the bad guys than Richard E. Grant and Sandra Bernhart. The slide show scene with them showing up in bondage garb had me falling out of my seat. If you like Monty Python you should love this. Watch it again with and open mind and you might enjoy it