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Craig a good Bond, but...., 19 November 2006

Full marks to Daniel Craig giving a great performance in Casino Royale but the producers have let the franchise down by worrying too much about whether Craig can do it and not enough about the script and production. It seems silly so far into the franchise to start At the beginning. There was no need for that, it could have quite easily carried on where the last left off. where was the rifle barrel at the beginning of the movie? My favorite thing to get me in the mood for the movie. The title song was a load of garbage, nothing to do with the bond style of music. The music score was equally bad. Please bring back John Barry. The opening title sequence was rubbish, could have been done on a home computer... probably was. Oh Maurice binder where are you (dead)?

The action scenes where good ,a nd there is some good dialogue but it seems to me that since the death of Cubby Broccoli things have not always gone in the right direction. Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson seem not have learned from their time around Cubby.

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Sheer Brilliance, 13 August 2006

I remember watching this movie many years ago as a child and it left a great impression. I managed to catch it recently on MGM after maybe 35 years and it hasn't lost any of its zip! James Cagney had along and varied career, from Yankee Doodle Dandy to Mr Roberts and more but this performance of his is just the best.

Today directors use lots of cuts and different angles to tell the story, i am not a particular fan of this style most of the time. If you have an actor on screen of Cagney's stature you want him to take control of the screen and captivate the audience and this Cagney does in this movie. The long dialog and great delivery is reminiscent of a stage production. Just amazing.

Hellboy (2004)
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Brilliant movie, 6 July 2006

I am not one for the comic book hero movies and I caught Hellboy by accident on HBO. But this movie is superbly stylized, rich in character and Ron Perlman is totally flawless as Hellboy.

it's an offbeat movie from a comic book I had never heard of but it worked well. The sets work well as does the CGI but it is Ron Perlmans delivery of the dialog that makes his character convincing. Alas it did not do that well at the box office, but I think it might do well on DVD for the collector's or connoisseurs. The only thing I can say what would most of the movie and literary industry do if there hadn't been any Nazis!

"Callan" (1967)
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Superior TV Series, 5 June 2006

I remember watching this as a teenager and thought it was really very good. In retrospect, it still is! Edward Woodward in the series long before The Equaliser (a watered down type of US show) gives a credible performance of Callan. It is reminiscent of The Ipcress File style and all the characters are well crafted. Russel Hunter as Linely the slightly freaky, weird unwilling accomplice with his Taxi as a cover is just superb. went on for four years and spawn a good movie. Spying in those days was a dirty game but one seemed to know who the enemy was most of the time. Today, one has no idea. Would like to see some reruns.

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No Umph, 19 May 2006

It is unfair to expect the movie to come close to the book. In fact if you haven't read the book, you will enjoy the movie more. The flashbacks are done well and the casting is good, however I felt Tom Hanks should have been a bit more excitable rather than so straight. There is simply no sense of urgency in the movie which the book had. The music did little to help the movie along. Sir Ian McKellen steals the show and gives the whole movie a more intellectual flavour. I was hoping for Sophie Marceau to play Sophie, there would have been a bit more life there. I avoided reading the Harry Potter books and so enjoyed the movies without asking the question "Why did they leave this or that out?"

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Best in a long while, 4 May 2006

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. It is subtle in its humour and the characters are well defined. John Cuscak cracks me up just by do nothing, just by given a look. He is the Cary Grant of his generation. Billy Crystal is superb and Catherine Zeta-Jones gives a very good performance as the Bitchy Star! Julia Roberts playing the second fiddle Jones shows just how good she really is. Hank Azaria and the others all give a spot on performance. Alan Arkin has only a small moment on screen but he gives a marvelous performance. Chris Walken as the weird director cracks me up. It is a throw back to the 60's when movies spent more time on character development then they do today.

Limelight (1952)
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Listen to the dialog, 26 April 2006

This is about Chaplin's personal thoughts on his life, his career and his loves. The dialog is what Chaplin really thought (for me anyway). For a silent movie star he has grasped the power of the spoken word very well. It is as if I were having a personal chat with him. Buster Keaton and Chaplin together for the only time is worth seeing, what a treat! Nice to see an actor hold the screen for long monologues rather than relying on quick cuts to make up for bad acting most common with later movies.

He is the greatest film maker of all time. Producer, writer, director, actor and composer par-excellent!

"Empire" (2005)
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What a load..., 23 April 2006

Well how about fabricating a lot of Roman History! Augustus just didn't do a lot of the stuff in this movie and it isn't as if Roman history wasn't written down. Augustus joined Caesar in two campaigns before he was 18.

After Caesar's murder there was a lot of political wrangling with Marc Anthony and eventual battles, etc. There is no need to fabricate stories when Roman history is full of good stuff.

There are many occasions in history when we just don't know much and one can speculate then... but... well what's the use... Hallmark seldom delivers on these sort of projects...

Their modern drama are much better...

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Pale copy of the original, 20 April 2006

I saw the stage musical in London and just seen the screen musical and it is a pale copy of the original Zero Mostel and Gene Wilder movie. Both Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick are good but no where near as good as the originals.

The songs are totally forgettable (except Springtime for Hitler)and the direction looked small when a musical should be BIG!

One can get away with a lot on stage because of the set constraints but in a movie one has no such restriction.

Uma Thurman was however a bright star in this movie. I am now going to watch the original to reinforce my belief that Mel is a genius.

Superb Kline, 11 January 2005

Just finished watching this movie. Kevin Kline is superb. Good movies are about people and situations not CGI.

I have seen this movie 5 times in the last few months and each time find something in it I had missed the time before.

That's what good movies do.

It is simple but the characters are compelling. Kristin Scott Thomas as the ex-wife in the midst of her own crisis gives good support to Kline's leading role.

Hayden Christensen is very believable as the angry young son, mixed up and confused. Haven't we all been there?

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