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Manborg (2011)
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lousy special effects and lots of charm., 16 April 2013

This is a "B" movie all the way. It is crazy and looks like it was done as a university project. I really enjoyed it. There is little gore, little money spent on effects ( there had better not have been as the effects were laughable) There was a lot of very imaginative stop motion and fun work with blue screen, every thing about this movie was cheese! not blue cheese as it did not stink, it is just... home made like. Lots of fun for non movie snobs who like movies that have no right being appealing but are. This is one of those. you can not help but to like it. Effects are about a 2 acting about a 2 but because it is done on purpose and is like a living cartoon I would bump that to 7. This movie is over the top and silly, everyone seems to be having a good time.

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If all indi's could make gore fests this good Hollywood would stop making them., 24 August 2012

WHat a strange moody fun movie. Italy is again King of the low budget horror gore, this is on par or better then the best of the Japaneses extreme, if you like things such as Machine Girl or Tokyo Gore Police, I can highly recommend this movie.

Effects where way over the top in blood and gore, a 12 out of 10. The acting was good or better, the make up effects great, the style, something often lacking in the low budget moves was really we done. The was a continuity of bizarre, slightly off normal throughout the movie that really worked.

All in all I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and I hope Emanuele De Santi does many more.

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An under-rated gem of a "B' movie., 21 November 2010

If this was a "A" movie it would deserve its IMDb rating. It is not. Someone put some love into this! It shows. Top notch "B" horror and on 300,000? That is my 5 year beer bill! Acting ranges from Good to very good. Special effects are above average through out and never take you out of the movie with cheese, actually some of the effects are really bloody well done ( pun intended).Gore level is med/high b I liked the story à la the original Hell raiser ( this is better then 3 on by the way)The characters had some depth to them and to some degree you could empathies with them drawing you again a bit farther into the movie.

All in all , a hour and one half lost but not regretted.

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Could have used more "gore" but I was entertained., 13 February 2009

I bought this in the discount bin for 5.00 bucks. It was worth that just for the extras and gag reel. This is not a great movie but western zombie movie hybrids rarely are meant to be. They are meant to entertain. This one does that on all levels.

The two lead actors are very good, funny at times, playing it straight at others. The written material is pretty good, a few good chuckles and a couple of laughs throughout the movie.

The special effects are generally low budget but still very watchable, and they never pull you out of the movie.

The story is simple and moves along very briskly as a "B" movie like this should.

For a "B" Zombie movie this was a good one. Fun and entertaining, if you like well done lower end movies, you can do a lot worse then this.

Ogre (2008) (TV)
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Worth while for B movie fans and those who like your Shrek "R" rated., 4 September 2008

I was surprised they showed us the Ogre in the first 15 minutes, pleasantly. That was ballsy considering shrek looks about as real as this CGI discount special. That all said, I decided to suspend belief and judgment and just enjoy the movie. There is a bit of titillating gore to keep us gore people happy and some of the acting is decent. The ogre is in thew movie often and its not dark out...a refreshing change. None of this movie is bad but then again none of it is all that good. Besides the below par CGI (which was forgivable) I have to say the editing was the worst I have seen in some time. The characters were likable and the story fun.

Worth while for B movie fans and those who like your Shrek "R" rated.

305 (2008)
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Actually quite funny and very "B", 5 July 2008

This was a very funny movie and I think it was done with tongue in cheek. It is of course a semi mocumentary of the movie 300 but with a few twists. These five guys were suppose to be watching the goat path. They left their post and craziness ensues.

The actors are not taking themselves seriously and are just having fun. It shows and makes the movie sort of charming along with funny and amusing.

No budget, no special effects but well acted and well written. for what is is way above the norm.

Compared to equivalent budgeted movies this thing is a blockbuster!

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Ignore how bad the first 20 minutes are and you will be entertained., 9 June 2008

This is very much a "B" movie lets make that clear. Never mind the beginning and end, they were obviously tacked on to make the meat of this movie work...the middle story. From the fist time Robert Englund opens his mouth until his last scene this movie is fun.

Story, ya right..the tittle says it all.

Special effects? way better then one would expect, sure we could tell when it was CGI but it was done with pizazz not money so cudo's to the crew. Some of the gore was really well done and all of it was fun.

Acting? Two or three of them besides Englund could but who cares, this was about ping pong balls, poles, gore, humorous tongue in cheek and dancing right? If you like your zombies naked your movies "B" and those who can act acting way over the top you will enjoy this movie.

Within its class and genre it is about a 9.2 on the open movie market a 3.

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Strange mix of poor acting and frighting images., 20 May 2008

This was a weird movie. It started out pretty good. A solid sound track behind flash images of gore and mayhem as our psychopath did his thing.

Next comes his "down fall" Here i could tell I was in for a real cheesy "B" movie. Poor acting , I mean how hard is it to hold a gun and act like a cop? These guys could not. After the death scene of our psychopath we get the opening credit and the movie starts...

From this point on it is bad acting big boobs, the occasional bucket of blood and poorly done death scenes.

That said I gave the movie a four because in spite of its flaws it did maintain a sort of creepiness that I just could not quite shake off.

I do not recommend this movie but I have to admit I have seem worse.

10,000 BC (2008)
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This movie is not universally hated., 13 May 2008

I did not hate it.

I found it stupid ,the story so stretched beyond the historical facts or even fancies of some of the new-age authors that even my easy going attitude to-wards inaccuracy in movies for the sake of art was stretched past its limit. But I did not hate it.

he dialog was wretched, the acting was poor with few exceptions,and the story blew. But I did not hate it and I was entertained. At times I was even drawn in, but then the direction or story would take another silly or bad turn and pop me back out of movie land...

The CGI was good.

Rambo (2008)
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Some of the most graphic death scenes in recent history., 13 May 2008

Some of the most graphic death scenes in recent history...and some of them I am guessing are pretty realistic (never actually blew a guy apart with a 50 Cal. and never want to). This is action at its best and most grittiest.

Stallone was in true form for this movie: stoic, defeatist and honorable in personality, unbeatable and spontaneous in action.

The story is straight forward and perfect for a action movie...put em in...get em out.

We have black and white teams and the rarely added dimension of gray in a action movie: the mercenary's.

I loved this movie from start to finish.

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