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I just can't stop laughing !, 30 September 2002

My brother bought the Monster Inc DVD and was looking thru the additional features before playing the cartoon and we were looking at "For the Birds" clip.

It was definetly a pleasant suprise to me. I mean, this clip was even better than the cartoon itself ! I was laughing with tears rolling in my eyes. The birds expressions were hilarious and it reminded me of real human beings (the mockings, looking down on people, the evil look etc), they were so real ! I just couldn't describe it, it was so much fun and happy watching it !

Flatliners (1990)
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A movie with a great story, 25 September 2002

I was glued to my sit while watching this movie on cable last night.

Besides actors who can act, good atmosphere of the scenes, this movie is more than just entertainment.

I think it makes people reflect on themselves also by going thru with those characters. It reminds people that they are responsible for their actions, esp if one have hurt the others. Even if the other party might have already forgotten or brush it off, eventually it is the person who have inflicted the pain that suffers as guilt will stay with the person.

This is a movie that has a deeper meaning than just actors and story.

China Moon (1994)
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Suspenseful Thriller, 17 August 2002

Happened to catch this thriller on cable yesterday night. I am not a fan of Ed Harris but I can say that he is a good actor putting up a decent performance in this show.

It also goes to show that you do not necessary need to have awesome special effects, elaborate sets or costumes to make a movie captivating. Just a good story plot (keeping in mind that the audience are not morons or idiots) and a few good actors/actress is just enough to keep people glued to their seats.

It is really rare to find such movies lately. Really hope to see such movies that will keep people thinking what will come next, as the saying goes, its the story that counts and not blow-your-mind-but-forgot-about-it special effects or actors/actress or is that cardboards walking down the aisle with pretty clothes trying to act etc, etc.

Just intelligent story telling which people will still talked about it when they leave the threaters.

Ransom (1996)
Wow whew, a movie with a plot and twist !, 17 August 2002

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Seeing so many raves/reviews about Mel Gibson's latest show "Signs" (I have not watch it as reading all the reviews gives me a pretty good idea "what" the show is about and going to be and I don't think I will be watching it either) reminds me of another show of his that I have watched in TV lately.

(Might contain spoilers)

To sum it up, this is a well-made movie which builds the story and tension up slowly. Twists and turns are also woven into it as who would think that Tom Mullen would turn the situation around and risk his son's life by offering money on the villian's head instead of paying the ransom.

There is a well thought story plot and it actually carries thru the movie unlike some movies where the start is good and trails off..... Plus unexpected twists and change of emotions and really good acting that the audience would want to follow to find out what's gonna to happen.

Mel Gibson is good in this movie and esp. Gary Sinise, whom I think is a underrated actor. His performance shows as he proceeds from a calm and know-how-to-pull-it-off to how he decided to change plans and betrayed his partners.

A gripping show with a story plot (which sadly, they don't seem to make it anymore nowadays).

Entrapment (1999)
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Trying hard to trap audiences !, 10 August 2002

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Have caught this movie last night on TV and boy! was I glad that I saw it on TV and not in the theathers.

(might contain spoilers)

1) The plot was thin and boring.

Just take one scene, I mean, if it takes several minutes for Gin to move thru the laser beams to get to the mask than she only what, take few seconds to get back in order to escape ?

2) The movie smells like rip off from several other movies from my point of view.

3) Minimum acting from the cast, Sean and Catherine looks as though they are sleep walking thru their roles and in some scenes, they are just trying hard to act !

Sean Connery is a good actor in other memorable films but he is medicore in this and well, as usual, Catherine just look pretty (but she does better in Traffic).

4) This show can't decide if its a action, thriller or romance flick. And did I say romance ? Yeah almost forgot, urrrrrgh, the casting is horrible! It's really a put off and unbelieveable to have a 30 something with a 70 year old !

5) Maybe I am slow but I did not catch the ending, its confusing. And is it a spoof from highlander that Mar can sprint from one side of the train tracks to another in a blink of an eye, really has to be the joke of the movie.

Awful show. Period.

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Goody goody will be pretentious !, 3 August 2002

My brother rented this movie and told me to also check it out and after watching it, I had a bad aftertaste in my mouth.

I felt that the plot is unbelievable, pretentious and the characters are, pheyew ! too goody, goody two shoes ! (apart from the constant bad language)

This is just another "feel-good-movie" trying to take people on a emotional ride which, after watching it, makes one doesn't feel anything but that the plot is trying hard to shove the emotional thing down one's throat.

The screenwriters have forgot to add some sincerity into the show and puhleez! People can smell if the movie is sincere or just patronizing. Just take Dead Poets Society, I have seen the show years, years back and can still remember the story and some scenes from the show as it is memorable and I do care about the characters and how they feel.

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Captivating movie !, 7 July 2002

I have actually seen the cut version of Leon couple of yrs back and though it did impressed me then, it was not until I have seen it again on video that it captivated me ! Since then I think I must have seen it more than 30 times ? And every time I have re-watch it, it will seem like I am watching it for the first time and the anticipation is still there, that's how good the movie is for me.

I am excited as after so many yrs, this movie is still talked about.

The story plot is interesting to watch as it unfolds showing how Leon does his work professionally without having to worry about other things and later how his life is changed by Mathilda.

The directing is superb by Luc Besson and the music by Eric Serra sets the mood for each scene, intensifying the story.

Jean Reno's role as Leon is also superb as it brings out the character of Leon. Jean Reno is a great actor and he is believable in the roles he plays, he can be funny as in comedies (Just visiting) but serious/cool in others (Leon/Ronin/La grand Bleu).

Natalie Portman is a natural actor who holds well in the role of Mathilda.