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This is a list of the women I consider the hottest ever, a mix of famous movie stars, lesser known actresses, and softcore and adult film actresses. Some of the women on this list I've only just gotten familiar with recently, so they may well move up the more movies/shows I see them in.

You can tell from my top 10 that my favorite types are either blonde haired beauties or Latina hotties.
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I love watching a good, sweeping historical epic. This is my ranking of such films released since 1980.
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The 70s and 80s are considered the best decades of horror, but I do think the 1990s, 2000s, and 2010s have had their fair share of great films and underrated gems that are worth a look for genre fans. Here's a list of my favorite horror films since 1990. Not all of them are straight-up horror. There are plenty of films here that are probably more sci-fi or action or thriller, but they're at least tinged with some horror elements. This is also a constantly expanding list as I watch new films, rewatch older ones I've seen before, or seek out older films I never got the chance to watch.
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A list ranking my all-time favorite sci-fi franchise. Even at its very worst, I find the Star Trek films ambitious and enjoyable. At their very best, they easily rank among the finest of all science fiction.
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These are some of the best sci-fi/action/horror films ever made. Ranks 1 through 3 are all-time favs of mine. 4 and 5 are excellent. 6 is decent, 7 is so-so, 8 and 9 are just terrible.
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