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Goon (2011)
Although I'm not an IMD-Bag pro I did like this movie., 19 July 2012

7.5 at least. Baruchel stepped up and knocked one out the f&#^ing park. Where the did this come from? For all it's continuity discrepancies (WHICH ACTUALLY MAINTAIN THE FUN) the overall film has heart, balls and , well, fun. Even more so then, dare I say it, Slap Shot, the holy grail of hockey movies. Nicely done- cuz I loves the Hansen twins and Mr. Newman is, was and always will be the sh-tuff. This little flick steps up and delivers. For $5 at the rouge-vag i rented it, then bought it. I don't buy DVD's. I don't even like Stiffler. LOL. Sorry, Seann. You are the Norman Bates of late 90's early 2000's casting. You're breaking it though- that mold and it's fun watching you do so. Liev owned, cuz that what Liev Schrieber f'ing does. Ms. Pill was very solid. Can't wait to see more of her work. The coach didn't get enough screen time. The gay jokes were gay- and not in that badass N.P.H. kinda way, but they, they hung in there. Overall? 7.5 pushing 8. This was/is fun without being full of itself.