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I Am Ali (2014)
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A True Legend, Who Is All Heart!, 5 November 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

First of all if you decide to watch this documentary, don't expect to see lots of action and/or lots of footage from the dozens of fights from the legend known as ''Muhammed Ali''

That being said, what can you expect? Well......lots of dialog about the former heavyweight champion, coming from a lot of people who were either very close to him or had a lot of influence on him, his life or his career for example from his ex wife, his children and even his former boxing rival ''George Forman''. There were samples from audio tapes which he himself recorded from telephone conversations he had with his at the time young daughters scattered all over this documentary.

There were moments when the documentary was on the edge of losing its momentum, but fortunately every time that started to happen it immediately picked up its speed again by showing us an old clip from an interview with the fighter which were easily the best parts in the documentary. Simply because of the overly charismatic manner and cockiness in which he presents himself as he is OBVIOUSLY known for. They do address a couple of fights from his career that had a huge influence on the boxing history.

With those things in mind its easy to say that you can prepare yourself for a very personal and intimate experience about the boxer's life. Everything this documentary is trying to accomplish it succeeds in every way if you ask me. Its quite admirable to see and learn about all the people this man has inspired and still continues to inspire to this day in his life and how much love this man has for life itself.

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Are You People Insane!?!?, 4 June 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Am i the only one who thought this movie was bad and i mean REALLY BAD? Im not the best writer but i just cant resist writing something about this movie.

X-Men Origins Wolverine was one of the most disappointing movies I've ever seen, and i honestly thought that this one was worse! and in my book thats saying a lot!

I mean THIS WAS IT!!! This was the big prequel story that started the rivalry between Professor X and Magneto and THIS was the only history they had of being friends!?!? Thats it????? Was THIS the origin story that jump started the war between humans and mutants? Are you serious??

Mystique and Professor X are step brother and sister now!?................REALLY????? He tells her she will never have to feel hunger again and gives her a roof over her head and all that when they are still kids, plus they seem to get a long pretty damn good growing up, not arguing or fighting or anything like that (well maybe a little but definitely nothing serious) and then she betrays him that easily!!!! right after he JUST got shot in the spine!!!!!!!!!..............REALLY!!! You don't need to be a bad guy just to be yourself!! Was that the only motivation for Mystique to betray her brother and join Magneto to later become the evil blue bitch that we all know? And if i remember this correctly, wasn't Professor X walking in the beginning of (X men 3 The last Stand) when he and Magneto were visiting Jean Grey when she was still a kid? I believe he was, and he was a lot older then and already completely bald. Come to think of it! Professor X and Magneto were still friends at that age! which makes not knowing their history about their friendship even more enteresting because you can assume that they were friends for a loooong time! And you can only guess whatever could have happened to make them arch enemies of each other.....

Do you mean to tell me that Professor X can use Cerebro to track down any mutant on the planet and those were the ones they picked to recruit!!! A stupid butterfly girl, an annoying useless screaming kid, a worthless black guy who adapts to the situation for survival and then dies that easily! Havok or whatever with his stupid laser chest, ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? Then to top it off we have Butterfly girl chasing Screaming kid spitting on him and that was supposed to be exciting!? that is what they call action!?!? Is that one of the dumb action scenes that I read about that other people are so damn excited over!? That actually entertained you people..............?

The special effects in this movie looked like they came straight out of a movie that was made in the 90's. I witnessed some of the worst cgi ever viewing this movie! Every scene that contained cgi actually looked like cgi! Very ugly cgi! For example when Magneto stops the missiles shot at the beach and their just hovering in the air or the entire scene of butterfly girl chasing screaming guy, mystique her transformations looked better in the original X men trilogy, even the big radar a couple of miles away that Magneto uses his powers on to make it move looks fake. THIS IS 2011!!! I believe it has to be possible to make cgi effect that the audience obviously KNOWS about it BEING CGI but actually CANT TELL its cgi, am i right?

The more i think about this movie the more flaws come to mind and if i have to write all of them down its gonna take all night!

There has to be someone out there who agrees with me and who will put the flaws he noticed in a review or something.

Sorry for any misspells, I'm Dutch and my English is far from a hundred percent.

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Horrible Special Effects!!!, 29 April 2009

The thing that bothered me the most about this movie was how horrible the special effects were, every time when we got to see Wolverine's claws, it was so damn obvious how CGI they were, I STILL CANT BELIEVE IT. They definitely didn't look this bad in any of the x-men movies!

Many of the characters felt misplaced in my opinion, for example WTF was Cyclops doing in this movie, it just didn't feel right. They f*cked up Deadpool so bad!! I just wanted to cry. The first time we got to see Gambit I was like, He's freakin cool!!!! And it looked like a good casting job to me, but when the movie continued he was actually pretty.........DUMB, after the scene with the cards he didn't feel like Gambit anymore!!!

Even though i expected a lot from this movie, i always had this feeling somewhere deep inside that it was going to disappoint a lot of people, and i think it did!

It surely disappointed me.

Hulk Vs. (2009) (V)
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The Real Wolverine!, 3 February 2009

Just read that someone thought that Hulk vs Thor was the better one from the two. I respectfully disagree, and why?

Hulk vs Wolverine shows us what and who Wolverine ACTUALLY and REALLY is, a killer!!! And I think that's what everyone has forgotten after seeing Hugh Jackman playing Wolverine so many times. (for the record, I like Hugh Jackman very much)

When I heard off the Hulk fighting Wolverine, I thought to myself how in the hell is Wolverine going to fight the Hulk. Again we forgot that Wolverine is actually a small little guy but that he is incredibly fast!! And that His Adamantium claws can cut true EVERYTHING, plus that he is not afraid to use them!!!!

And again I say that's what Hulk vs Wolverine showed us, because he uses his claws against ANYONE who stands in his way.

I actually didn't review the movies by saying this...But you must have noticed by now that I liked Hulk vs Wolverine very much.

As for Hulk vs Thor, I also liked that one very much! Its more about honor and stuff like that. Less bloody but indeed some more action all involving the Hulk! Thor as well as The Hulk get their asses kicked.

I give them both a 9 out of 10 Enjoyed them both very much! (like I always write) sorry for any misspells, Im dutch :)

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Even when you turn off your brain its bad!!!, 17 January 2009

My expectations for this movie couldn't have been any lower. I've seen Epic Movie, Date Movie etc, so i knew without having even seen this movie that it was going to suck!!

But this was absolutely ridiculous! I was hoping to maybe giggle once or twice (like i did in for example Date Movie) but that didn't even happen!!!!!!! All I can say is that this is one of the worst movies I have ever seen! It had nothing funny in it and I cant believe that for example Carmen Electra actually agreed to be in this movie, it just proofs how money hungry she is.

I also cant believe that they actually released this movie!! I mean come on there has to be some sort of pre-showing right!?!? Makes me wonder if those people watching it were dead or something.

I hope and pray that they stop making movies like this!!

(excuse me if my review isn't correct here and there, Im from Holland so my English isn't 100%)

Thanks for reading and believe me stay away from this movie!

Day of the Dead (2008) (V)
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What The Hell Is This!?!?, 17 February 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

First off all I wanna begin by saying that I am a Dutch so sorry for all the misspells.

Second I wanna say that this is my first review EVER. But I just had to say something about this!!

I just paused the movie about 2 minutes ago after watching for 28 minutes and 41 seconds precisely.

Being a HUGE zombie fan I was looking forward to this movie just as bad as I am looking forward to lets say.....The Dark Knight!!! But what I just witnessed in the first half an hour is absolutely terrible. It makes it even more terrible if you compare this crap to the original Day of the dead movie, or any other George A Romero movie or remake we all know about.

I cant believe that i saw a zombie walking on the ceiling like he's freakin Spider-man. I cant believe i saw so much CGI blood that actually looked like CGI blood when a girl was attacked and electrocuted by 2 zombies. I can go on and on and on about the first half an hour but i wont because then i wouldn't be done in an hour or more.

In the original Day of the dead almost the entire movie took place in the underground bunker. I fast-forward this movie a little bit to notice that maybe the last 25 minutes of this movie take place in the underground bunker!!! What the! is that!!! I mean Day of the dead is ABOUT THE UNDERGROUND BUNKER just like Dawn of the dead is ABOUT THE MALL!! Am i right...or am i crazy??

I'm gonna try and finish the movie now but i don't think that there is anything that can save the last hour of this movie that is to come. But wish me luck.

And as for you stay away from this!!

(part 2)

Well i finished the movie and i was right about one thing there wasn't anything that could save the last hour of the actually just kept getting worse.

I was wrong about one thing do and that is that they weren't in the bunker for 25 was even shorter!!!!

But that wasn't the only thing that annoyed me off in the rest of the movie. Here are some examples.

1 even more spider-man zombies 2 vegetarian zombie (supposed to Bub from the original movie) 3 lots of cgi blood 4 nick cannon acting like he's Rambo 5 very very bad acting by annalyne mcCord 6 no (good) underground bunker

Again i can go on and on and on I have to say that it was a long time ago since i was THIS disappointed about a movie!

Thank you for reading...have a nice one