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Cleveland show skip day, 22 January 2012

this is one of the funniest episodes of the Cleveland show i have ever watched in this episode Cleveland gets embarrassed because Cleveland Jr is the only student to attend school on a skip day and then later he tries to get Cleveland Jr to fight him and he does and it was just so funny and the show has gotten better from season 1 it really has improved and i ended up laughing out loud literally this is one of the funniest episodes of the series and in the subplot Rallo injures lester's wife and he feels really guilty it was really funny when he throws his tricycle off the cliff yet landing near lester's house that was funny as well. i recommend this episode

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awful episode but 2 of the stories were good, 8 March 2008

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this was not a very good episode the 2 stories were good but the last story was just bad and cheesy with that new girl even Lisa Simpson is better than her anyway the 1st story was entertaining 10 out of 10 the 2nd story was funny 9 out of 10 but the last story awful absolutely awful and cheesy the i want candy song was absolutely irritating and annoying especially when that new family member sang the last story was more than a kids thing than an teen thing the shows mean't to be comedy not musicals and i hate musicals so much and i know this is a spoiler but i hated the last one sorry but not the best of episodes and btw i kinda liked the ending

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American dad, 2 March 2008

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this show is actually as good as family guy it has unique comedy and everything it is one of the best shows ever made and it is good the first episode was quite funny then the second then the third i loved it i know its not a popular show but i like it is better than family guy and its one of the greatest show in the world and another thing i like the alien he is genius Seth mcflarine is genius i love his shows especially American dad of course better funnier and bigger than family guy it is one of the funniest show and it will always crack me up and all my friends like it too they think its funny when i show them it and klaws the fish he fancies Francine i mean a fish fancing a human that is unique!

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bart on the road, 1 February 2008

this was an interesting episode i mean bart is driving a car and then they get their car crushed and the end was funny with homer laughing at marge my rating 10 out of 10 and i loved it soo much Lisa eends up working with Homer and having a slumber party and one tiny rock hit made the earth fall down and it seeems like Bart will never drive again maybe in a future episode but i was laughing my head off anyway the crew were millhouse Bart Martin and Nelson and will they ever get back home? well i'm not telling cause i don't want to ruin it for the people who haven't seen it and you must see it it was such a great episode 22MINS TVPG LV