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Good sequel...., 24 October 2007

What a great sequel! The only problem with it was...why Seattle? The locale. I do not understand that one. Atlanta...I would understand. A physician/alchemist surviving the U.S. Civil War....ends up in Seattle?? Atlanta was the southern hub of the war. Apparently both cities were burned down and another(current)city built on top of the old. There are underground tours for both cities. That's interesting. But, when was Seattle burnt? Kolchak ends up in Atlanta, Vincenzo just happens to be there too......LOL! Anyway, that's my only complaint. I wonder if a remake will be done. The "Night Stalker" rehash was bloody awful!

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Not my favorite, but.., 6 December 2006

"The Squire of Gothos" is not my favorite, but this episode is actually explained in the Next Generation episode of "Encounter at Farpoint". Rent the episode, Q has a conversation with Picard when they 1st met. Fascinating. Trelayne believe it or not, is a member of the Q continuum. Isn't that a scream!! Apparently, Trelayne was an early attempt of the Q continuum. The Next Generation explains a couple of episodes from the 60's series, and Deep Space 9 dedicates an episode from "The Trouble with Tribbles". The facts about the Klingons from the old series has an explanation as well. There is also a link between Guinan, Q and The Borg from the novel Vendetta. There are a few theories and links between the Borg and Q in both TV series.

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Available?, 9 November 2006

I'd like to know why The Disney Channel discontinued "Vault Disney"? The section "The Wonderful World of Disney" with the castle in the background, "When you wish upon a star" was playing in the foreground and finally Tinkerbell flying around and using her wand was a great highlight. Anybody know where this reel or site is? I'm looking around all the Disney and classic TV sites. If there is a DVD available or if the Disney powers that be say no, why not? I guess we miss that type of programming. The show use to be on NBC for years. The Disney Channel use to run that segment. If there is a way to get a hold of this program or footage, let me know.

Steven Spielberg's version...., 29 August 2006

The FX of this version is far more superior than the original, but the original's storyline is still better than this one. In this version, it was very clever how the creatures arrived, but "they have been planning this for a long time" by Tim Robbin's character Oglivy? What took them so long and why did the creatures wait for so long? Second, I wished that there were clips of fighting throughout the world the way it was done in the original and in "Independance Day". The cloud and wind effects were cool, but I wished that there was a way for the creatures to arrive in a meteor crash like the original. Aside from that, keep everything else.

"Roots" (1977)
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The facts of Roots..., 2 June 2005

This program was a ground breaker and a classic. Reading the book, watching The History Channel and Discovery Channel, research the internet and read updated history books and you'll find fascinating facts about Roots and the "Slave Trade." Slavery was introduced to the New England states around 1600's. Some Blacks were used as Indentured Servants. Mostly young black boys were sold to the Slave Traders(Haitains, Jamaicans and Whites) by their own people(African Tribal leaders).The Black boys outnumbered the Black girls at the auction block. Slavery in this country was abolished in 1864, but slavery still exist in the world.

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You mean Eyes Wide Sh-t!, 31 August 2004

I'm a Kubrick fan, but that was one of the most disappointing films I've ever seen. Someone else should have directed it, and Stanley should have produced it. The photography was nice, the issue of the story had potential, but the energy and pace died! Everyone was waiting for their cues instead of listening to each other. This was the 3rd collaboration between Cruise and Kidman, and all 3 films did not do well at the box-office. There was no EROTICISM in this film. Emotions seemed to be forced in this story instead of it happening naturally. The soundtrack was quite interesting and original. Now I'm told that Stanley did not use himself as an extra in the Jazz club, it sure looked like him.

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What a scary and thought provoking ending!!, 15 September 2003

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Predictable it is not!! It's a scary and thought provoking idea about man's future. The idea of an astronaut caught in a time warp and landing on futuristic and barren Earth and not know it....and then see the Statue of Liberty half-buried in the's ghastly!! Yes, the ending is different from the novel, for economic reason's, is still very memorable. When you see all 5 films and pay attention to it, the story goes into a cycle and inevitably, will repeat itself.

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One of the few good animal documentaries, 29 September 2002

William Conrad who has done many voice-overs for cartoons and was a Private Investigator in "Cannon" did an excellant job with this show. TV Land should buy the rights to this show and air it like all the others the station has done. The theme song was memorable too. An excellant idea for students who care for wildlife. Would like to see the show back om the air.

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A wonderful idea for a quick history lesson., 27 August 2002

Whoever came up with the idea for this hat's off. I wonder if this program has been saved for DVD for re-airing in the year 2076?? I probably won't be around by then, but it's a neat way to learn without getting bored with our nations history.