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Its getting better. But it needs more Alf., 31 December 2008

None of the Futurama movies are perfect, although they are marking a steady increase of quality. And with this installment, Futurama fans are seeing the series they fell in love with. Or maybe the just liked making fun of Zoidberg. I don't care, as long as they give it a chance.

Fuel prices 3008 are skyrocketing and thus need new sources of dark matter. But the secrets about dark matter become more complicated, especially when they go to the crazy fantasy land in the middle of the film. Ah, if only I were Bender and destroyed his game.

At any rate, Professor Farnsworth, Fry, Leela, and the whole crew go through this mysterious "Dungeons and Dragons" game it gets a little crazy. It is hard to describe, but any Futurama fan should enjoy it.

Overall, very good. Can't wait for the 4th one. "A"

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Owen Wilson is not Clyde Drexler, 31 December 2008

I have to say that Owen Wilson actually was quite funny in this film. Not only was there plenty nude showering on the beach, but petty theft and just insane suggestions for his pathetic squad of teen avengers.

Its Owen Wilson giving advice to teens that are at the low end of the totem poll in school. But its not even good advice And hilarity ensues in several instances, including his living conditions throughout much of the film.

I can honestly say I liked the film. It gave me joy to watch it. Although I hope Wilson doesn't have any more real life melodrama so he can continue his career. "A-"

Iron Man (2008)
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Can Alf be in Iron Man 2?, 31 December 2008

What can't be said about Iron Man? It has an excellent cast with Downey Jr., Paltrow, and Terrence Paltrow. The action is great, even for superhero films, and the script is very good. And you get a brief glimpse into the history of the Iron Man character before he becomes Iron man, which isn't done very often.

I certainly like the original crude armor be made for himself. Seemed much darker in a way and how it was just very tough old armor that was put together. The newer armor, while it could fly, could not look as crude and menacing.

And its a shame Howard will not be back for the 2nd Iron Man movie. But that is OK, so long as it is well made I will watch it. And if its a train wreck, which I doubt, then I will still watch.

One of the best superhero fictions I have seen. "A"

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Jason Statham likes Alf with many lamps, 31 December 2008

Jason Statham is, of course, the new Stephen Segal of our era. However, this film shows he does more than just simple action flicks. In this one, its all about the money and how to keep it secret until the right moment. Well, that doesn't always go well.

This one has a few subplots involving a woman in Jamaica that is hanging around some radical men. But her plot never meets that of Statham. Instead what he does indirectly effects everybody else. And because of that, everybody is trying to stop him.

So Statham and Burrows work together to try to get out the mess she created. Of course, this film is loosely based on some historical events, but much of it is fictional because not everything is known. Plus sometimes fiction is more fun than fact.

Overall, its not a bad Brit thriller. "B"

Bad Santa meets Alf, 31 December 2008

Do you like Billy Bob Thornton? How about the many wives he has had? His movies? All the above? Well, this movie is probably for you. Instead of being a mall Santa or flying into space, he runs a "class" for loveless losers and takes their money. Problem is, some people like John Heder get too good.

So Billy Bob proceeds to try to win over his woman (Jacinda Barrett) and starts an all out war with Heder. Things get a little crazy and some of the things that happen are quite hilarious, although its not always a 'laffer' at some points.

And how Michael Clarke Duncan got involved beats me. But at least he is shown some love in this movie.

Overall, not bad. I like the acting in this one. "B"

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Its not bad, 31 December 2008

I have seen better films in this area and come to think these films of argument usually don't have much counter argument. Of course, there is more of it in this film, but that isn't always shown.

Anyway the basic premise of the film is to show that I.D. is not Creationism, which it does show. I.D. is merely the conclusion that life has a Creator at the beginning, some drawing other conclusions as needed. And while it doesn't always put their best argument forward, the counter arguments in the film, including some famous atheist professors, bring out even wilder claims. Which, in a strange way, makes Atheism itself into a quasi-religion with no official creed except God does not exist and will pull every trick to try to prove it.

Anyway, the effort by Ben Stein is nice. But I prefer his game shows and "Clear Eye" commercials better. "B-"

21 (2008)
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Liza LaPira is dating Alf, 31 December 2008

"21" should give away a portion of the movie when you see the title and the posters. Its a group of people who are in Vegas and playing to win - via card counting. Illegal by Casino rules, but it is practiced at times nonetheless.

Spacey trains a group of students to bring down the 'house' in Vegas with this scheme. So he takes them there - all the while getting the students off at the university and giving them automatic grades. But if you cross Keving SPacey, things can get ugly.

This film has three different mini-plots in the film. And they are weaved together in a very good way. It has that sort of everybody wins ending, but its Hollywood. That is supposed to happen so the audience can feel better.

But I liked it. But it needed more Liza LaPira. "B+"

88 Minutes (2007)
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Al Pacino certainly is still good., 31 December 2008

I am surprised many people are panning this film. I actually think its a good thriller. While not the bloodiest film you will ever see in your life, it can keep you glued to the screen at times to see what happens.

Pacino plays a Criminology Professor at a local university. But he begins to start getting strange phone calls about how long he has to live. And that is when parts of his past, especially about his sister, come to light. Many mysteries are solved near the end. And I did like the ending.

Its not the flashiest movie in terms of star power, but Pacino still seems to pack a punch. He just can't have a mobster kill you anymore. "A-"

RV (2006)
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Alf should be in the next Jet Li film, 31 December 2008

Robin Williams has delighted for many years. And while I appreciate that commitment, I will have to say that this effort in RV was OK at best. He has done better, but I can also point to roles where he has done much worse.

Williams is the father trying to take his family on vacation all the while not telling them that he has to do a secret presentation at the last minute. Thus be has to go out of his way for both job and family and stretches him to the breaking point.

Its funny how the RV in the movie keeps getting banged up, flooded, hit, and all sorts of other things. Must be some kind of rental insurance.

Its an OK family film. Give it a try if you like Robin Williams. "C+"

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Well, its better than a sauce pan full of stale pretzels, 31 December 2008

Sometimes, Jet Li and Jackie Chan are quite funny in this movie. And sometimes they are not funny at all. And that is what this movie is all about: slightly above Luke warm.

We are presented with a odd story about a young kid who travels back in time to a China that was mystical, magical, had Jet Li and Jackie Chan, and spoke a lot of English. Yes, that would also be the time when Smurfs ruled Antarctica back in the 1980s, but I will not get into that. Its about training an untrained kid, sort of like Kung Fu Panda, but you have a smaller budget because Jack Black isn't there eating all the sausages.

Anyway, sometimes the action is quite good for martial art fans. But then it gets 'Hidden Dragon' on the viewer and they start doing abnormal things. I am not a big fan of that.

I am glad I got to see a nice young Chinese actress and plus the kid got to be slapped around by two martial arts film greats. "C+"

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