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Mel Gibson, 1 October 2008

What man doesn't want the power to read the thoughts of women? Its probably right up their with the power to fly and make money. But that power doesn't want me to shave my legs and wear pantyhose.

In any case, Mel Gibson puts up a good performance. No longer "Riggs" from the all-too-famous "Lethal Weapon" series, Mel wants instead works in a firm that sells women's products. Through some accident (see: "Spider-Man") he has gained a power. Its too bad he loses it.

Of all the women, Mel goes for Helen Hunt. While she isn't the best fish in the sea, she fits the role well. And despite finding out, after Mel loses his powers, that he 'stole' her ideas, she still wants him. A fairytale romance, but not always based in reality.

But it is a enjoyable film. Very much recommended. "B+"

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Very Flawed, 1 October 2008

What do you get when humanity can't produce any offspring? Well, somehow chaos has broken out. That is, except in the U.K. where their government has kept themselves together and regularly bus immigrants to prison-like ghettos. Does that get you going? The film has all the makings of a high octane action drama. Problem is, drama from what? People wanting to kill the children and snuff out humanity? This made no sense.

And it remains so until you see the commentary by people who made the film. Then it becomes all to obvious: a film against globalization. Then it becomes quite obvious that the producers have a major political bias (read: "Farenheit 9/11") that is bad on facts and lousy on production.

Overall, the film did not much to further their cause for anti-globalization. And the film suffers enough without that bias.

Overall: "D".

10,000 BC (2008)
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Hit and Miss, 1 October 2008

When I got the chance to see 10,000 B.C., I was hoping for a great adventure with plenty of action like in "Troy" or "Gladiator". Instead, I got something that didn't quite measure up. You know, something along the lines of 'Mummy 3'.

The layout and beginning of the movie is good. Man loses woman to different tribe, man seeks to regain. But along the way, he meets many more tribes and references to the beginning of ethnic conflict. Was it the way previous peoples interacted that early on is a question, but it did not bring anything really to the film.

The ending sequence after the ho-hum climatic fight didn't seem all that worthwhile. I didn't feel for the characters nor was the ending entertaining as much as I would hope out of a movie.

So overall, it was slightly good. "C+"

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Eliza Dushku will marry the Green Goblin, 3 September 2008

Robert DeNiro, one of the ageless wonders of Hollywood. He sticks around, does a action-drama movie and keeps himself know. He isn't like Kirk Cameron who disappeared for years only to reappear more religious and less of an actor.

James Franco, aka Green Goblin, is a junkie who gets involved in a tragic deal gone wrong. Trying to hide from the cops, his father Robert DeNiro reintroduces himself to Franco. After several scenes that might seem typical in a cop drama, Franco and DeNiro play a dangerous game that risks their lives.

There was more drama than action. Eliza Dushku, whom Franco has a kid with, tries to help a little. She disappears, which seems somewhat typical of a action drama.

Of everything, the ending atypical of Hollywood. Yes, it was still happy but it wasn't the happiest of endings. Plus DeNiro and Franco do a good job in the movie. I am just not sure everybody else did.

Overall, its a moderately good film. "B-"

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Thaddaus Hill: Hey, I'm running too!, 3 September 2008

Ah, how is it like to "keep up with the Steins"? The answer is that it is much like keeping up with the Joneses, except this competition is more Jewish. Well, if you call attempts at reading Hebrew "Jewish".

The Fiedlers are trying to one-up the Steins post-Bar Mitzvah party. Their son doesn't much want it, but instead wants to see the grandfather he didn't know. Combine that with the fact that his dad doesn't like grandpa for an obvious reason leads to an interesting confrontation.

There are a few funny things. Yes there is nudity, but not many people go for old man nudity in a pool. Also his cane is a nice addition because of its usefulness with annoying drivers.

The downside is that is comes off like a quasi-false documentary. While that is nice, knowing the soon-to-be man's thoughts, it doesn't play out too much further.

Overall, it had some entertainment value. "C+"

Laserhawk (1997)
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Huh?, 2 September 2008

Well it looks like the Anti-Christ (Gordon Currie) did have movies beyond Left Behind and Puppet Master. Well, I guess its a role. But as a movie, this movie was not only strange, it pretty much sucked.

Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) went insane in this film. Talking about the knowledge of an alien invasion, he is sent to the 'loonie bin'. I would have sent him there years ago, but I don't have that kind of power.

Anyway, the day is saved and the ship was there too. Gordon Currie played one strange cat in this movie. But at least he got paid. Maybe next time he can take the Laserhawk for a test spin. With all the misguided special effects and bad casting, it couldn't get much worse. "D-"

Jason X (2001)
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If you kill in space..., 2 September 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Ah Jason, the best serial killer of all time. The man takes a beating, and stabbing, and bullets, and baseball bats, and weed-whackers, and flipped over car accidents and keeps on ticking...somehow. Yet he always finds his trusty machete to talk when his mouth cannot.

Set up in space after being cryonically frozen with a certain victim, he is awaken to find himself on a space station and fresh new meat! Some of the scenes, like when he knifes the guy when he opens the door, are priceless. The scene with the two "premarital sex" girls was funny when he beat one with the other.

It does get strange with the new armor and face and he seems different. Instead of taking bullets like normal, they deflect off him like in Terminator 2. Plus the set seemed too much like Star Trek.

Instead of infusing him with new tech, I would have had him kill a bunch of Trekkies in space. Would have made this into a good film instead of the mediocre one that it was. The ending was odd, but no stranger than some others. "C+"

Bruce Willis owns a Tommy Gun, 2 September 2008

It was like watching "The Godfather" meets "Tombstone", with fairly good results, albeit some mixed feelings. Bruce Willis plays a gun for hire between two rival Chicago families in their bootlegging operations on the Texas-Mexico border. You can say there was no peace.

Willis changes sides whenever possible, but hanging on to two things: security of the women he loved and money for himself. Despite looking like he will fall victim to his own problems, he brings out the death in everybody.

Christopher Walken was good in this one. The one problem was that he was probably too soft spoken. But that did not keep him from being formidable opponent to Willis.

Overall, it had some good moments, but it needed some work. "B-"

Thesaurus of Destiny, 2 September 2008

In a crazy skit movie, you can't really try to find a common thread. Finding the same actor in two skits, yes. But the same story? Nope. Not unless your television explodes and your garbage disposal eats your tie.

The segments were pretty good. I enjoyed the "Amazon Women on the Moon" which was constantly interrupted by "commercials" (skits) and pointed to an great amount of amusement. The Video Pirates, while outdated, were funny. And so was the film critics judging that man's life.

Some of the comedians in the film weren't as funny as I would hope. But the overall experience was good. So have at it. If you like 70s and 80s nonsensical humor, you will enjoy it. "B+"

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Was interesting, 28 August 2008

There is a lack of movies, at least in the "West" about the Bosnian War. Other than "Black Hawk Down", I haven't really noticed anything. Although fiction about it is beginning to make headlines. You only have to know some of the basics of GTA IV to know it loosely plays off this period.

Indeed the film was fictional and highlighted the story of this place. That is where Gere comes in and plays a nice role. It has a story of fictional people capturing man who was just recently captured in Serbia.

However, the story seemed anti-climatic. Plus, it really made me want to see the story during the war. Maybe I am disappointed by it.

Overall, its not a bad movie. Some good action, a couple of funny moments, and some human revenge. Plots holes, of course, but a nice story. "B-"

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