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Actually a good CGI film, 31 December 2008

What can I say about this film? There are certainly many stars in this one. Jack Black, Jackie Chan, Lucy Liu, and Angelina Jolie just to name a few. But that doesn't always been a good movie. It has to have a good plot and this one actually does.

Looking for the "Dragon Warrior" (yes, very cliché), a furry animal warrior is sought. And Jack Black's overweight panda is found. With no kung fu experience, he is looked down upon by others. But yet a miracle takes place.

This actually is somewhat of a fun movie. I know many CGI films that just bust, but this not only had star power but a good plot as well.

So overall, its good. "B"

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Will Ferrell's worst role ever., 31 December 2008

Even for w kids movies, this was extremely awful. Full of bad lines and slow animation, this comes off as a cheap buck and not much else. And the only talent that was willing to lend to lend their talents was Will Ferrell as the Man in the Yellow Hat.

Anyway, Ferrel travels to Africa to find an ancient monument to bring back. The museum's directer is OK with him going there, but the son of the museum director wants Ferrell to fail and thus tried to change the information Ferrell has to destroy him. But with any kiddie film he was foiled ultimately and everything goes back to normal, except there being a monkey around.

I was really hoping this might be OK with Ferrell in the mixture, but the bad lines and slow animation were just too much. I wish our children got better quality movies instead of this junk. "F"

Kelly Sheridan, 31 December 2008

Another Barbie movie. And guess what? Kelly Sheridan is also in this film. Before I ever ran across the Barbie movies, I would have never heard this name, but that is the miracle for being willing to watch any movie out there.

Anyway, its just a Barbie version of the "Prince and the Pauper" that has been done so many times before. Except this is a GGI Barbie version with a twist: somebody is trying to take over the 'Barbie kingdom'. Yes, very exciting.

Overall, except for the two couples at the end, the story followed the traditional format. Not much to see here. "D-"

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Lindsay Lohan's new career in stripping isn't going well..., 31 December 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Hmmm I do not know really what I can say about seeing a movie where Lindsay Lohan starts out as a stripper. I mean, I don't think she is a hot girl, despite the fact that many guys see her bisexuality as a plus. She does nothing for me and that includes her acting skills.

Anyway, the entire movie Lindsay is continued to be thought of as this one girl when she claims to be another. Yet, she has the same scars as the missing girl that is thought to be dead by some. Not only that, but those miraculous wounds end up making her a double amputee. But that doesn't stop her from having a bizarre sex scene with the missing girl's boyfriend.

What is really stupid is that it ends up being a strange case of twin stigmata, which I found dumb. But not only that, she finds ere long lost twin is found alive in the grave. And yes, its also Lindsay Lohan, but as the other girl.

It was a dumb movie. The fake arms and legs fetish in the movie made it even more bizarre. "D-"

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Not many old films do it for me, 31 December 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This really wasn't my taste. Yes, I know I saw it 70 years after it was made, but that doesn't mean I will like it because of that or dislike it for the same reason. And I will be honest, not many older movies really do anything for me, with exceptions to "Reefer Madness" and "The Terror of Tiny Town".

We have a film where a man (Grant), who works at a museum with dinosaur bones, is about to get married. But upon a chance meeting with a woman, is kidnapped by her(Hepburn) and taken on a journey with a leopard. Yes, a leopard.

Anyway, its an old comedy with a style that is prevalent in many old comedies. Nothing absurdest in its twists, but just a screwball film. And the only thing I thought was funny was the leopard.

The whole "who is on first routine" grew real old real fast. Overall, did not like it. "D-"

The Ruins (2008)
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Just plain awful, 31 December 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Plants in an ancient Mayan pyramid structure killing all who come close. Yes it is weird, as the travelers do not figure it out until everything starts doing crazy. And in a movie like this, I just wished it went absurd and had marching bands being attacked by plants wielding machetes.

Anyway, a group of people from America vacation and go into the mountains with a couple of other newly made German friends who know about the place. When they get there, Mayans began shouting at them and hide on the structure. And when there, thats when the plants decide to take them out, mimicking cell phone noises, humans, and ancient Mayan dead people.

Nothing was really scary about the movie and was not even entertaining. Not even the weird ending could save this piece of crap. I kept looking for something really good to happen, but nothing. Oh well. "F"

Gracie (2007)
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Not very inspiring, 31 December 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A family tragedy involving sports. That has been done before, however I think better than this work. Very much different from "Death Sentence", although it does have in common the gifted child dying and the less gifted one living. It is also not anything like "Mean Green", except it revolves around soccer.

Gracie wants to play soccer, but her father prefers not to after the death of the other child. However, he warms up to the idea and fights with her to make her dream come true. They both suffer discrimination for this event and the movie revolves around that.

A family that can't fully cope and a father who invested it all in one child to have to support the other. Been there, done that. But the soccer angle was original. But yet it really fails to get the audience into the film. I was bored throughout most of this film.

Overall, not very good. "D"

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Jeff Goldblum, 31 December 2008

Leonard Nimoy? Donald Sutherland? Jeff Goldblum? I did not know all three of these people had somehow in the late 70s were cast for the 1st remake of "Invasion of the Body Snatchers". Well, when you watch it you realize that maybe you are glad it was them and not you. Unless you want to cast for a sub-par project.

Plants, their spores, and other things are invading the U.S. Jeff Goldblum is here to help fend off the invasion. And Leonard Nimoy seems to be a nonbeliever throughout much of the movie. But despite the irregular chase scenes and odd instances were plants and destroying cars, nothing really exciting happens. Or, dumb enough to be funny. Its just dumb.

Yes I know I could be missing the point. But I am glad to do it. "F"

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What is this crap?, 31 December 2008

The Toxic Avenger doesn't exist. I don't care what your parents or Kevin Spacey have been telling you. This is a putrid movie and the strange thing about it is that it is supposed to be stupid and putrid. At least they got that right.

Anyway, the Toxic Avenger starts out as a nerdy guy who works for a gym. Thrown out the window and into a conveniently placed toxic waste truck, he is turned into the Toxic Avenger. Together with cleaning out retro 80s criminals in a strange town, he comes home to nail his blind girlfriend.

Very very strange. And very very bad. But at least it was supposed to be that way. "F"

Top Dog (1995)
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Chuck Norris's worst film, 31 December 2008

Chuck Norris is known for his moves, winning martial arts skills, and Texas Ranger. However, this is not something he will be remembered by and for good reason. This movie has to be the worst I have ever seen him in.

Norris is a lone detective. However, he is chagrined to find out he has been assigned a dog for a partner. And somehow, that dog helps him fight off the Neo Nazis from blowing up three local religious leaders on Hitler's birthday.

The Neo Nazis come off as just being idiots with guns and somehow Chuck Norris defeats them with his fist and not a gun. The story never explains itself as to why this group exists, why its operating along the US/Mexico border, and how does it not fight Norris with guns when they need to.

This wasn't done very well. "D-"

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