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Dead Pet (1999) (V)
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damn funny, 26 August 2004

Dead Pet is a hilarious independent comedy that ranks up there with Clerks on my top ten independant films.

Here's the deal: Jake (writer-director of the film Kevin Cotteleer) is a college kid who comes home to find his parents have spent his college on their poodle Miko. He moves out, and one of his friends accidentally kills Miko while trying to sorta make-out with his girlfriend. Much chaos ensues, featuring weird situations such as a fight in the lawn between two girls, a cutlery sales industry that is like a cult where Jake gets his job (providing for the funniest scenes in the film), his friends begin to doubt him, activists sit outside his yard thinking he killed the dog screaming "bring Jake to justice! justice for Miko!" and all sorts of other weird, very indie-film-esque situations with sharply written dialogue an well-done cinema antics.

Dead Pet is definetly worth checking out if you dig on funny, witty, quirky, weird, and sorta plotless films where characters deteriorate in a comedic way.

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brilliant, 20 March 2004

This movie had everything that a good movie should have. drama, comedy, romance, imagination, good performances from all of the actors, and a very creative storyline. In fact, the only thing that I could find wrong with it was that they didn't play ELO's "mr blue sky" like they did in the trailer. oh well, Kaufman has done it again-he's delivered a wild, crazy romp through an interesting world, with a sci-fi situation, but characters that are more believable than five Bad Boys 2's. I liked this one better than any of Kaufman's other efforts, although I did like all of Kaufman's other films. It reminded me quite a bit of Being John Malkovich, with all of this stuff going on in Carrey's mind. the operation lasted a lot longer than I thought it would, as it covered more than half of the film. But that was one of the best parts, in fact, it was probably the best part, especially when you see Carrey and Winslet going through his memories trying to dodge the erasers who are doing the operation on him. He realizes that he loves Winslet, and that he doesn't want her deleted from his memory. One of the most hilarious moments of the film is when Carrey is trapped in his child's body with his own adult head. Charlie Kaufman's scripts, as wild as they get, always seem to have a little insight or emotional core around them. With Being John Malkovich, is was trying to be somebody you're not to get what you want, it was the element of disguise in humans. with Adaptation, it was the brotherly love and of trying to get that creative membrane fired. With Confessions of a Dangerous Mind it just seemed to be the fact that when you do something bad, you may hate yourself later for doing it. this film has the biggest emotional core of all of his films, as Joel, Jim Carrey's character, tries to stop Clemintine (kate winslet) from being erased from his memory. a brilliant masterpiece and wonderful achievement in filmmaking. ****

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impressive, 28 December 2003

I have yet to see the tv series, but the film is an excellent anime achievement, and really is more Tarantinoesque than it is sci-fiesque. It is a fun watch, with some cool characters, it doesn't take itself too seriously (which is good) and it makes sure that it has a lot of good action along the way. If quentin tarantino had made a sci-fi flick, this would have been it!

Sleuth (1972)
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one of the best movies ever, 20 August 2003

the best film of it's year (how did The Godfather win best picture and this not even get nominated?) Caine and Olivier are great in their parts, and despite it being a long 2 hour/15 minute ride through these characters, it's still great, it doesn't bore you for a second. Let's just say that Sleuth is a brilliant movie.

Grand Theft Auto (1997) (VG)
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one of the best games of it's time!, 7 August 2003

this game is excellent and I just want to say that despite the graphics, it is still an excellent game. It's funny, fun, and well, entertaining. it's not as good as GTA 3 and GTA: Vice City, but who cares?? for it's time, it's marvelous! 8/10

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great movie!, 25 July 2003

this movie is a very good film. it has good performances particularly by Samuel L. Jackson, John Travolta, Bruce Willis, Eric Stoltz, Amanda Plummer, Uma Thurman. It was a great ride, and my favorite part is the last story, The Bonnie Situation. Any of these stories could have been made in to longer, full length films. But I'm glad they were all crammed in to the same, excellent movie. Best film of 1994, but only just a notch above Forrest Gump and The Shawshank Redemption.

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so f***ing funny!, 25 July 2003

this is so funny. Snoop Dogg should have just been an entertainer all of his life, instead of being a dumbass rapper. anyhow, this is great. check it out sometime on MTV. and I don't usually like MTV very much.

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one of the best adventure films ever made., 25 July 2003

Wil Wheaton, River Phoenix, Corey Feldman, and that one other kid all deliver surprisingly good performances in this excellent Rob Reiner film. this gets my highest recommendations, it's a masterpiece, and when it ended, I wanted more. I wanted a longer adventure. I love this film, and this shows that horror is definetely not the only thing that Stephen King can write.

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best film (tied) of 1999, 16 July 2003

this and american beauty are easily the best films of '99. this film is so goddam original, I think that it's easily on my list of the weirdest films of all time. Jonze's direction is top notch, and Kaufman's writing is excellent. Both deserved oscars, and both were robbed by American Beauty, which was an excellent film, but was not too well directed, so I would have at least given Jonze the directorial oscar, and probably Kaufman the screenplay too, but AB the best film award. This is an excellent black comedy-fantasy.

one of the best games ever made!, 10 July 2003

this game has it all, but the city isn't as cool as liberty city and the gangs aren't nearly as cool. the main character, tommy vercetti isn't as cool looking as in GTA3. GTA3 is better, but this one is still awesome!

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