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Worth Seeing!
26 July 2003
I saw this movie and I loved it! Granted, it's not the best in the series (hands down to 1 and 2, I'm not sure which is better)and the story focuses mainly around Juni (my least favorite character). The plot for this movie is the toymaker has a new game called Game Over (hence the title), and the main puropes is for him to take over children's minds. He kidnaps Carmen, and it's basically up to Juni to save her. Arnold and his friends so could have been left out, or, portrayed by people that can act. The story starts out strong, the action is always there, and other than the fact that the movie is focused on Juni and him alone, that's probably the only glich that this movie has. Don't let the 3-d thing get to you, it's not that hard. However, if one is going to see it, they had better come with an open mind about movie making and special effects.
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S.U.C.K.E.D. really, really S.U.C.K.E.D
10 July 2003
This movie is one that would have mortified Tobias Wolff, the real Tobias. The movie is supposed to be based on his life and what he went through with his stepfather. The direcetor, if he tried, had either not read the book or had not paid attention to the details. First off, when your doing a biography, make sure the character's names are correct. Caroline Wolff is incorrect, her name is Virgina, it states it in the book. Second, make sure the character's personality's check out correctly. He did ok on some of it, but when it came to Norma, they messed up big time. Her charcater, according to the book was up-beat, a kind of person that would be fun to be around. According to the movie, she is quiet and reserved,and physical descreption was incorrect. I could go on and on, but, I'll stop here. This movie is a lousy piece of crap that should have never been invented. It was a waste of talent of Robert De Niro, Ellen Barkin, Carla Gugino, and Eliza Dushku. Avoid this movie at all costs. As for Leo, he's always been a piece of crap actor, and this one (tobias) describes hime perfetcly.
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An Original Classic (spoliers ahead.... beware)
10 July 2003
The movie is focused on the whole town of Clyde, Ohio, yet it's basically centered around Dinky. Dinky is a misfit, both at home (she's adopted) and school. Although most kids would not enjoy this and would want to keep their heads down, Dinky has her head up and is not afraid to admit that she's different. The town is going bonkers over the arrival of Roxy Charmichael, a person who went from a somebody in Clyde, to a somebody all across the world. You also get to see the life of Roxy's former love interest before she left Ohio, a man named Denton. Denton and Dinky form an interesting bond, she's obsessed with Roxy, he know literally everything about her. She becomes convinced that Roxy is her mom, due to what Denton tells her one day. All in all this movie is an original classic that let's the viewrs look into the life of nearly the whole town. Watch for Carla Gugino's cameo appearence at the very begining of the movie as young Roxy. The movie is basically saying, everybody wants to be somebody else, whether it's a famous person, or the kid next door, everybody wants to be somebody. This is a fine movie, so if you have nothing else to watch on t.v. and this is on, give it a shot.
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Predictable, yet fun (some spoliers ahead)
10 July 2003
Ok, so the plot's quite predictable, so what? I was still able to watch it and fully enjoy it. The story is about a lady from Beverly Hills whom decides to take over her daughter's girl scout troop. Some of the lines were absoultley priceless, the acting wasn't top notch, however, Carla Gugino pulls off her scenes really well, especially when her parents forgot her birthday. Sure, the plot was not new, yet, there was something refreshing that I got out of it. This movie made me laugh until I cried, I really enjoyed it. Another cool scene was when the troop was singing cookietime, I was rolling on the floor with laughter. This is, all in all, a family film, and it's in my opinion a classic, a gem of a movie. ********** stars and two thumbs way up, don't pass up an opportunity to see this movie!
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Journey (1995 TV Movie)
Terrific movie
16 June 2003
A friend of mine loaned me this movie, telling me how good it was. I sat down one night and watched it. Turned out, I loved it, it was great! I called my friend that had loaned it to me and told him I thought it was great. The story is about a woman named Min, (meg tilly), whom abandons her two children, Cat (Eliza Dushku)and Journey. The grandparents, mainly the grandfather, tries to mend his relationship with Journey. All in all, a heart-warming tale that's sure to bring a tear or two. Watch it for the acting, all actors rule supreme in this flick, especially Eliza and Max (Journey). Watch it, buy it, see this fantastic movie! I give it a 10/10. Bravo and well done.
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Full House (1987–1995)
ok, I hate it
25 October 2002
True, there was plenty of reasons to keep the show, and many reasons to kick it off the air. I despised this show, if not more than Clueless, which is saying a lot. I mean, how often does half of this stuff in the show actually happen??? And the kids, Ms. Perfct-I-Can-Do-No-Wrong, DJ Tanner, the highly annoying Stephanie Tanner, and the lets-move-heaven-and-earth-for-the-baby, Michelle Tanner. And how about those twins? God, they needed a freaking leash to keep them cool. I just have one question: Who was Mickey??? Who played her, she met Stephaine on the first day of jr. high, please, if anyone knows this answer, e-mail me at thanks
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The Lost Boys (1987)
move over Tom Cruise, Jason Patric's in the house!!!
22 August 2002
My one reason for seeing this film, the sexy Jason Patric. In this film,he is Michael Emerson, whom moves to Santa Carla, along with his brother, Sam, and mother, Lucy. Michael, soon falls for the beautiful, and mysterious, Star, despite her so-called boyfriend, David. He ends up following David and his gang, to their hang-out. While there, he drinks from a bottle, that is wine. Or is it? Soon, Michael ends up a vampire, and he drags his brother, two kids, whom have dedicated their lives to hacking off vampires, and Star, (whom he get's a little bed crazy with), into a hellish nightmare, beyond imagination. Very well acted, much due to Corey Haim, (Sam), Diane Wiest (Lucy), and Corey Feldman (Edgar Frog), and of course, Jason Patric. Also, Jamie Gertz, whom played Star, did a great job, she made her character her own person,:sexy, seductive, mysterious. As for David, well, I never did like Kiefer Sutherland that much. As far as my one line summary, that just means, I hated, and I mean hated, Interview with a vampire. Not only was it dull beyond belief, at least get people that can act. Thus, I'm refering to Antonio Banderas, what a lousy actor. Above all, this film, is by far one of the best vampire movies I've ever seen. No, wait, this was the best vampire movie I've ever seen. Long live lost boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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a beautiful story
13 August 2002
After I saw, Requiem for a Dream, I was sure that Jennifer Connelly could not get any better. I saw a beautiful mind, and my mind was changed. This film was by far one of Connelly's best performences, and she deserved that oscar. Bravo! Although I should aplaud Russell Crowe, it's a waste of time, for all he does is, no offense, hog the film. I thought that both Connelly and Ed Harris's rolls were played 100x that of Crowe. The story tells of the mathematical genuis, John Nash, (Crowe), whom has the disesase schizophrenia Connelly plays his wife, Alicia Nash, and Ed Harris, whom was also in the film Pollock, and waking the dead, which also had Connelly in it, plays a man named William Parcher. Nash becomes involved in a private team sort of, and he makes words out of newspapers, magazines, anything that attracts his eye. This story is not all based on the truth, if it were, it would be a lot longer than 2 and a half hours, way longer. Also, if you wanted the truth about their relationship, here it is: Nash was threating to take all their money and run away, I think to Europe. They had four kids, all boys, and all were named, you guessed it, John. Should Ron Howard have made their relationship anything like the story, you might as well have Crowe trying to strangle Connelly every 10 minutes throughout the film. The disease is overcome, with the love and support of a caring woman, despite the fact that they are divorced, come his award. All in all, this film deserved to be best picture, Ron Howard deserved his award, and Jennifer Connelly, deserved the award for best actress in a supporting role, over anyone else, and I mean anyone. Above all, this film, 10 ********** stars, well done, well done!!!!
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what is some people's problem???!!!
13 August 2002
I loved this movie. You watch this film, and think, oh, college was never like this when I was in it. True, however, John Singlton likes to make films that many other directors can not make, thus because their imagination of things needs to focus on the basics in life. What excaly does that mean? Well, the story is based on one very hard and evil thing:racism. It's in the world, and some people go around there lives, the word racist doesn't even cross their mind. Singlton just makes films that are gut wrenching, and he so does not fail with Higher Learning. There are three main characters: Malik, Remy, and Kristen. Malik, is played by Omar Epps, (love and basketball), he's on the school's running team, and if he doesn't start paying, he can say bye, bye, bye, to the team. Remy, is a shy person, he tries to make good grades, like a normal person. About halfway through the film, he falls in with a bunch of skin-heads, and they decide to get even with the school. Kristen, is played by Kristy Swanson (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), and she ends up raped about 20-30 minutes into the film. Her roomate, whom is black, finds out, and they turn to her friends, including Ice Cube, and they of course, find the guy, and try to beat the living crap out of him, only to be stopped by police on the campus. The whole film is not based on black verses white, it takes a look into people, their fears, hopes, and dreams. Kristen goes to a support group, run by a girl named Taryn (Jennifer Connelly), whom finds herself, uh, attracted to Kristen. The story finally ends in a bang litterally above all great film great story great ending nine out of ten stars one of Singltons best do not miss the terrific film
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same old story, same old Connelly
3 August 2002
When I saw this film, I thought from reading the book, which was as just confusing, that it would not follow everything in the movie, that was put in the book. It didn't, yet it was the same old story: Jennifer Connelly doing what she does best, sex scenes. Granted, I hold nothing against her, she is an excellent actress and deserved the oscar that she won. Yet, when I think about all the movies that she has done, quite a few of her films, have her in sex scenes. She handles them quite well, although I wish that she would do more films like A Beautful Mind, and less of ones like Heart of Justice (Eric Stoltz, uh, such a a**hole.) I loved this film, minus the headache from my best friend cusing out Crudup every 10 seconds or so. It was filled with passion, and the ending, well, that's just one that anyone that sees it needs to decide. The story goes like this: Fielding Pierce, is a pollitican that is still haunted by his dead lover, Sarah. But is she really dead? This is the question that is not answered, not even by the end of the film. Fielding sees Sarah, walking out of resturants, in a church, he hears her voice on the phone. Beautifly acted and directed, I found it quite good, which was quite a surprise. I only had two problems with the film: first off, why the heck was there so much sex? I mean, sure it's a love story, so some sex should be allowed, yet, the sex in this film, was very disturbing. Second, if Billy Crudup, had not been in this film, and replaced by some other actor, it would have been perfect. Above all, I give it a solid 10 ********** stars. Bravo!!!
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Jenny, where's your taste?
3 August 2002
Seems like any time Jennifer Connelly is offered a film, they always flop, and has no good-looking men (Carrer Opportunities, Heart of Justice, Some Girls, Seven Minuutes in Heaven, The Rocketeer.) So, it was no surprise when she was cast as Irene Beltran, in this semi-depressing film. The real shocker was the poster:could she be showing any more of her self? how disgusting!!! Other shocker: Antonio Banderas, come on, if you're going to have a good movie, you so need to have good actors that can act. Antonio Banderas, can not act, if his life depended on it. That said, let me explain the film. Irene Beltran, (Connelly), is a rich young women that is engaged to her cousin. Meanwhile, her photographer, Francisco Leal, (Banderas), is slowly falling in love with her. And who could blame him. The two uncover a secret, in a mine, soilders have stuffed hundreds of thousands of bodies. This could have been Inventing the Abbotts, (rich girl, poor boy, falling in love with rich girl.) Then, as any perosn who has seen a Jennifer Connelly film would know, the two engage in intercourse. It was the where that was disturbing:in the mine. So, like any love story, people, want the two killed before the story is expsoed to the world. I was quite unsure of what to think about this film, so you be the judge.
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pathetic (warning- spoilers for this and Labyrinth)
22 July 2002
Warning: Spoilers
When I first heard all the rave about this film, I was very hesitant to see it, for I had already discovered the best fantasy film I had ever seen: Labyrinth. When I finally did see it, I was shocked at how unecessary people had reacted to the film. First of all, how many times does the hero escape death? Let's count: the scene in which he was shot with some poisonous arrow, (forgive me, I tried to erase this pathetic film from my mind), then Liv Tyler had to save him. Let's back it up, Liv Tyler, had to save the hero of the story. Shows at how weak the film was. Let's compare Labyrinth and LOTR. In Labyrinth, the main character, Sarah Williams (played by the extremley talented, yet overlooked, Jennifer Connelly), starts out her journey within the first 15-20 minutes. LOTR, took a good 2 and a half hours before the action got going, and by then, what was the point of the film. In LOTR, I'm not that sure if there was a time limit, in Labyrinth, Sarah, had only 13 hours, before her brother was turned into a goblin. The bad guys, firt of all, in LOTR, there was far too many to sit down and count. In Labyrinth, Sarah's main enemy was Jareth, the goblin king, and, of course, the goblins. In LOTR, there was never any action, it would come, then disapear, true, not much action in Labyrinth. In Labyrinth, this was a film that you could happily enjoy, and even laugh at several parts, in LOTR, it's all let's play a fun game, called who get's killed next? In Labyrinth, the ballroom scene, very deatiled, many people were in the scene, and that dress that Jennifer wore, made her look absolutley gorgeous. Come the oscars for this year, I had my fingers crossed for four things to happen: LOTR would loose to A Beautiful Mind, Ron Howard would win best director, that Denzel Washington would get the oscar, and that Jennifer Connelly would win best supporting actress. Guess what, all my predictions happened. I was jumping up and down with excitement once Jennifer Connelly won, my body was trembling with excitement after A Beautiful Mind won. Needless to say, Labyrinth is the best god- damn fantasy film ever. Long live Labyrinth, Jennifer Connelly,David Bowie, and the cast and crew.
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Phenomena (1985)
22 July 2002
I was reading some of the things you people wrote for this movie, and was horrified. Oh yeah, Bryce David, the man that lost his head at the killer's house, that was not her father, it was her father's agent. Duh! If you were paying attention to both the phone call she made, and when she was talking to Sophie, you would have heard this, damn Morris, who's he, your boyfriend, no, he's my father's agent and attorney. So there. Want more examples, anybody, cuse, I got my brain, and my best friend's brain, which has never missed anything involving Jennifer Connelly. While some people, like Bryce, consider it a chessy horror film, maybe you should, and I quote from the movie, screw the past, and look at movies that are made in this decade. Uh, anyone heard of Nightmare on Elm Street? Well, the first one, a hit, the next one a flop. Also, Wes Craven, whom did Nightmare on Elm Street Series, made a contribution to the terrible horror films that should have never been made. These include, Scream series, I know what you did last summer, some not all of the Halloween films. Wait, did I call these horror films? No, the difference between these movies, and other movies like Phenomena, is Phenomena, kept you gussing, right until the end. These other films that like to be considered, horror films, are just plain horrible chessy films, that no one's eyes should have seen. Horrible, is Phenomna? Oh no, the best god-damn horror film, that's Phenomena.
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Phenomena (1985)
one of Connelly's best preformances
19 July 2002
When I first saw Suspiera, I was so bored. Plus, I mentally guessed what would happen at the end of the film, and I was right. So, when Phenomena came out, I was very skeptical about seeing another Dario Argento film. Then, I heard that Jennifer Connelly, whom I had seen in Once Upon a Time in America, was in it, so I decided to check it out. The film starts out rather sudden, very quick, and then it kind of explains the main/ supporting characters (Jennifer Corvino, Headmistress, Sophie,etc) then, the action sort of dies off. I gussed whom the killer was a number of times, and I was always wrong. The story goes like this, Jennifer Corvino, played by the extremley talented, Jennifer Connelly, is sent to a boarding school, where she only befriends two people, and a chimp (no joke). So, while the rest of her classmates, insult and ridicule her, thus due to the fact that she sleepwalks, and her split persionality emerges, only one person, her roomate, Sophie, is kind to her. Of course, her character, gets hacked off in the first half hour of the film, and now all fingers are pointed at Jennifer. The Professor, whom lives with the chimp, is an entomoligst, he studies insects, which is what Jennifer has a certin bond with, she can communictae with them, if you will work with me. The action slows down, and speeds up throughout the whole film, until finally it's good verses evil. With plenty of twists, surprises, and oh-my-gosh-I- didn't-see-that-coming, Phenomena is a movie that should not be missed. Without a doubt, better than Suspiera, and one of Connelly's best performances, you can not afford to miss this movie.
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The Hunger (1983)
afford to miss it
18 July 2002
Not only was the acting, pathetic, I was excpecting more from Susan Sarandon. Also, what fangs?!?! I never once, saw fangs, except for once, in a close up of David Bowie, but maybe, those were just his teeth, there were similar ones in Labyrnith. What kind of vampires, seduce their prey, then, make them bleed to death, then decide to feast?!?! I'm not saying that it was terrible, ok, so it basically was, yet, come on, I was excpecting more out of the whole cast. Oh yeah, and shame on the director and writer of this pathetic movie, they decide to not follow traditional vampire ways, in more than one sense. Maybe, this movie some people could stand, I obviously was not one of them, and maybe you want to go out and see it, that's up to you. If you want to take a chance on it, fine, I'm just warning people, I've seen better acting from 13 year old Jennifer Connelly in Phenomena, preety pathetic.
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That Night (1992)
terrific movie
16 July 2002
not only was the acting supurb, the way that Eliza Dusku played her character was very well done. The story goes like this, Eliza plays a young girl that idolizes the popular teen, played ny the talented Juliete Lewis. She soon starts dating bad boy C. Thomas Howell, major hottie in this film, then she becomes pregnant. Once her character is taking away, Eliza's character decides to put her and her lover back together. Awsome story, well written, acted, and directed,4 stars, a msut see film. Don't wait, rent it, buy it, just watch it. You will not be disapointed
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you can't afford to miss this
3 July 2002
I've been a Jennifer Connelly fan since Phenomena, and after I heard about seven minutes in heaven, I saw it as soon as I could. The movie is not only a comedy if you think a lot of these things most of us went through as kids and are currently going through not only was the movie terrific led by the phenomenal jennifer connelly it captivated my attention that this movie was terrifically written directed and acted out it was one good deal I loved it and have watched it again and again and for those of you who enjoy a good laugh or love jennifer connelly you to can not put off seeing this movie!!!!
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