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My Martyr, Best, Heartbreaking, Favorite, Shrill, Dispiritedly, Heartache Movie list.

Only 1 movie, each Directors.
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I'm just movie lover. Cinema is my sense and conditions. This list is strongly subjective and I don't care any "STARmeter" or something like that.

In this list I'm showing my favourite directing products each directors (In "My Top") and this mini-list's are including short, TV movie, TV-mini series, TV series, documentary or animation (Not anthology film's).

For example, ki-duk kim's documentary - "Arirang", is more important to me, than his other movies.

My Top in red colour means, that I have seen directors all film.

P.S. Sorry, I haven't Facebook and I can't reply, because of IMDb's stupid comment system.
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