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The Purge (I) (2013)
Hater's gonna hate... the rest of us will love it!
7 July 2013
Yes, it had some flaws, and yes, it was not all that brilliant, but honestly I enjoyed it very much! See the thing is, (way too?) many people watch this film expecting it to be a thriller and that's it. But they have "mainstream taste" and don't really appreciate a good psycho-thriller.

I very much enjoyed the whole being-torn-apart of the characters, dealing with inner demons while trying to do the "right" thing. And last but not least I endlessly enjoyed seeing how they overdrew so many clichés in this film - starting with one of the most hated phrases in the world (except for 'Murica) "God bless America", over spoiled and dumb teenage kids and finally Whoever missed that in conclusion the ONLY "good" human being (normal person, who is somewhat decent) was the one being chased/ killed? (not saying he WAS killed, not saying he WASN'T. No spoiler here! =) ) and all of the upper-class people where portrayed as lunatics (even psychopaths) missed the point of this film.

It's exaggerating and a bit quirky at times, but if you can enjoy this, you will love this film! Imagine a mix between "The Hunger games" and "Funny Games US" (nice coincidence with the "games") =) It's great! I really loved it. Go enjoy it! (And don't watch too much of the trailer... the first minute is perfectly enough, the rest might spoil it a bit for you!)
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Pointless gay softcore-film
23 August 2009
Wow, I haven't seen a film that sucks THAT bad in a long time. I only watched it because I read a user comment with 10 stars, and thought to myself "well it can't be THAT bad, if someone is willing to give it 10 stars, right?" I was SO wrong.

This film wasted 80 Minutes of my lifetime, and I will never get them back again. It's absolutely pointless... nothing happens in this film! It's a gay-themed film, which I really don't mind, but that's like the only interesting part there.

It's all about a House that is "alive" and "bloodthirsty". From the first minute of the film, till almost the end you will hear this sentence again and again... without any real consequences.

The dialogues are horribly pseudo-deep, the acting is awful, the story is pointless, and the music gives you a headache. The only thing I would MAYBE call "acceptable" is the end of the film. It has something like a surprise... but this surprise sucks big times too.

All in all: save your money and time and rather go see a REAL horror/thriller-film. This one just sucks.
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Soulmates through Heaven & Hell...
12 April 2009
So one of the main characters dies pretty much at the beginning. And this is a story of how the two main characters cope with everything even though death parts them.

It's a beautiful, touching and inspiring story of love beyond reason and ration. I was moved by the story, and enchanted by the great visual art (effects) used in this film.

Now talking as a strong Atheist I can still say this film was more then you would expect it to be. Unlike other films where God is constantly involved and everyone bows to this "higher power" nonsense, this film gives you alternate explanations (for life, and death, and everything in between), yet shows a pretty much Hollywood-like love-story.

This film is a must-see for everyone. Even though I favour horror films and documentaries (and not drama), this film just blew me away.

It's beautiful. Watch it, if you get the chance to do so!
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Feast (2005)
Trapped in a bar, surrounded by monsters...
12 April 2009
So I just watched this film, and it really didn't do it for me.

The plot is pretty simple: There's a bunch of people trapped in a bar at night, when a couple of monsters appear and won't let them get away.

There's a lot of gore, and shouting, and screaming, and sometimes even ridiculous (i.e. unintentionally funny) moments in this film, but if you're not into watching one and a half hours of killing but want a story to it then just move on to the next film.

After reading positive reviews and hearing good things about this film, I had somewhat high expectations. My fault! Killing and screaming - that's all there is to it. No explanation whatsoever for ANYthing. e.g.: Where did they come from?...

In fact, the characters are shallow and not convincing at all, there's no plot there apart from a big killing. The monsters rather look like the aliens in "Alien" the film. There were completely pointless sex scenes, and above all: pretty much every second of the film was predictable.

On the upside: it was entertaining... even though only for about 20 minutes. And it was gory, involving a lot of blood and ripped bodies (like in most horror films?).

My opinion: save your money and time. There's plenty of really good horror films out there... but this one is not one of them.
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