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The first and the best (at times) secret agent show., 14 November 2006

This show which debuted on NBC in September 1964 was the first movie or show to cash in on what was becoming the "James Bond Phenomenon". With only two Bond films released and the blockbuster "Goldfinger" to be released in the US at Christmas time "The Man from UNCLE" was the first introduction to secret agents for many people. Each week Napoleon Solo and Illya Kuryakin saved the world or part of it from the evils of Thrush, an organization bent on world domination.It started as a cult show but quickly became a hit and at times the #1 show in the ratings to losing it's focus by the third season when it decided to copy the campy tone of the "Batman" TV show which turned off viewers who had liked the more serious tone of the first two seasons. As someone growing up in the sixties the Christmas of 1965 was flooded with secret agent toys with "The Man From UNCLE" even rivaling James Bond as far as toys and other product tie-ins. For a lot of people including myself this is their all time favorite TV show.

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Introduction to Bond, 14 March 2006

If you want to know about James Bond this is the show to watch. Shown on American TV November 1965 to promote "Thunderball" and to explain the world wide"James Bond Phenomenon" that was happening at the time. The first three movies were re-released and playing while "Thunderball" was on the cover of every major magazine. The show has rare footage of Ian Fleming at his home "Goldeneye" in Jamaica where the novels were written. It also has clips from the first three movies and behind the scene coverage of the making of "Thunderball". For younger people who grew up with the newer movies this will give you a different perspective and perhaps a better understanding of Bond.

Not quite Pulp Fiction but really good., 8 October 2003

I saw a sneak preview of this on Monday night and really liked it. Very violent and action packed. Some of the most intense fight scenes I 've ever seen. The blood flows in this movie like Niagara Falls. It doesn't have the quotable witty dialog that that the other Tarantino films have but it is replaced by action. The song "Bang Bang" done by Nancy Sinatra over the opening credits is perfect and relays the sadness in this movie. Everybody talks about how Tarantino copies other films but this is like no movie I've ever seen. Of course this film is not for everybody and you will either love it or hate it.