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Gettysburg (2011) (TV)
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Not History- Hogwash, 11 August 2012

It seems very clear that others who have left glowing reviews of this "film" (I have to resist the gag reflex to call this such a thing) Like other reviewers who have stated quite accurately how horrible and inaccurate this presentation is, I add my thumbs down to the growing disdain. As a former re-enactor of the Blue and gray and a proud American, I was incredibly disappointed by this Farb- filled festival of feces. For those who don't know Farb is short for Farby which is a term we re-enactors use to describe inaccuracies in a re-enactors impression of a soldier or collectively in a camp or in a film. The most famous in "Glory"- a film I love when a young actor wears a "Swatch" his wrist as he waves to Morgan Freeman. Another example would be modern glasses or the scarf you can get at 7-11 with a paisley print. "Gettysburg" in this instance is an offense and "much offense too" as Hamlet said. The characters NEVER marched in the correct formation in the battle style of that day. And was all style but no substance. I am not only a former reenactor, but I am also a filmmaker myself and I was disgusted by the total lack of focus, and it was evident that the director and the brothers' Scott had no idea how Civil Wr Soldiers fought or spoke. The late Anthony Minghella , director of Cold Mountain, filmed in Romania and he had advisors like Michael Kraus, Don Toriani and the late Brian Pohanka to ensure historical accuracy. Pohanka and Kraus also worked on Ron Maxwell's Gettysburg and Ed Zwick's Glory. This "film"(again I gag), should be destroyed and forgotten and the same for all the DVD copies. This is not censorship- it is a mercy killing for the sake of honoring the men who gave the last full measure and ought not to be offended in such a way. This director is about to finish work on "Killing Lincoln" A friend of mine is in it, I hope that the director has done his homework.

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Too many mistakes -missed the mark, 17 June 2011

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I am sorry but I don't share the enthusiasm that other reviewers do about this film. It's a monumental failure as a historical film. Where to begin- the first scene. Worst acting by "Mr Blair" He looked like he was going through the motions and making sure he gave all the exposition that was required. I am a former Reenactor and a filmmaker. I know what I'm talking about.

The script overall was crappy and disjointed. and deviated from the book too much. The scene With Jackson and the professor- perfect example. FAIL 1st Manassas- Henry House Hill Where was Henry House? FAIL No depiction of RIckett's battery or fire Zouaves -FAIL And when Jackson yells "Charge Bayonet" The men should have raised their bayonets and yelled. then waited for the order to advance. Instead they all just started running.FAIL Where were the civilian spectators? FAIL Peninsula-FAIL 2nd Manassas-FAIL Antietam- FAIL Bruce Boxlietner as Longstreet? FAIL Patrick Gorman as HOOD -FAIL Battle through the "streets of Fredericksburg" in the streets of HArper's Ferry - FAIL could have left out the Beal family scenes - ALL of them Hail Caesar speech fail No little white house near stone wall at Fredericksburg- FAIL

This film fails on so many levels - it is almost unwatchable only good parts are of Jackson

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Glad I didn't pay to see it., 25 August 2008

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This movie started off so well and could have done with out the 3 million F-word utterances. The premise of a war movie in a movie and the black Downey Jr, the director getting killed early on and the guerrilla style he intended to use had the beginning of a great movie. Then it literally gets flushed down the toilet. I was embarrassed, frankly,and the radio station who was running the screening should be embarrassed for promoting and backing such a disgusting film. The only good part was Downey Jr and his best scenes were in the trailer. I remember someone in another movie saying that just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should. The writers and producers could have gone the route they did and ignore a more acceptable thread with the movie, but they chose the easy way instead of the respectable meaningful route.

The route that could have seen this movie realize it's fullest potential of a classic fake war movie being made inside a great drama. Where the actors could have taken their roles more seriously and dove deeper into who they were trying to be. Downey's character hints at such a thing but he is overshadowed by Stiller's immaturity and stupidity and Black's inability to remain mature. I'll bet good money that someone will make such the movie these guys couldn't make , maybe even me, I'm a filmmaker. And perhaps, while Stiller and Black pout in their seats, I'll be collecting my first Oscar for the movie they could not make.