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"Survivor" (2000)
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ready for the next thing, 23 September 2011

Survivor is both a game and a reality show where the winner is chosen by a jury of peers comprised of contestants voted out of the game. The premise of the game is supposed to be outwit, outplay, outlast; however, those who actually do so are often not chosen the winner (a hotly debated topic and matter of opinion). Survivor can be interesting to watch from a sociological standpoint, but even that fascination can wear off after so many seasons. If you have never seen this show, do not be confused in thinking that it has much of anything to do with survival or outdoor skills, it is very much a social game with mostly physical challenges between teams (tribes) and/or individuals.

They've tweaked with the show several times to keep people interested, and as the ratings have continued to decline since the first 10 seasons, it is no wonder that this season was their lowest rated premier. I think this show is getting a little old, and find it surprising that they are visiting a location for a third time already. They are quite fond of tropical locations. I would love to see them throw some people on the Falkland Islands and see how they adapt there. How about somewhere near Nunavut, the Faroe Islands, or the Aleutian Islands? I'd even take Majuli for a change of scenery.

I would be curious what would happen if they could make the vote less emotionally-based. How about a 1/3 jury vote, 1/3 audience vote, and 1/3 producer vote (or half jury, half audience)? It would certainly make me more interested in watching if I knew I could affect the outcome. Even if they waited to do the voting after the show aired - literally casting live ballots during the finale - that would be interesting. I'm sure people's opinions would change if they got to see just how well others played the game behind their backs.

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good, 22 September 2011

This show has been on for a long time. I was not looking forward to this season and began wondering if this show is past its prime. Allow me to confess that I have never been a fan of Ted Danson. Despite all these things, I watched this episode anyway. I will tell you now, I didn't hate it. As far as Ted Danson goes, my opinion of him changed with this episode. I found his character to be both interesting and likable. For a show that I had all but written off, this episode has won me over for one more season. "73 Seconds" was a good episode, it had some good acting and some good writing, and it was a good way to introduce their new character.

"Revenge" (2011)
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on my watch list, 22 September 2011

This show was the one that made me want to sign up on IMDb to rave about. I had some preconceived notions of what this show would be like and which demographic it would appeal to (not mine) and was not expecting to like it at all. Was I pleasantly surprised! I like the way the story is unfolding. I like that the characters are believable, aside from the fact that they are all incredibly attractive.

I'm a little surprised by the ratings so far, and haven't seen any reviews to explain them. They don't spell everything out for you, so that could put some people off. I imagine not everyone has met people who are like the characters in the show, so the characters may seem somewhat unrealistic in that sense. It is not happy, fun-loving, or trivial at all. It is serious and a bit dark - like Dexter, but without the humorous elements. It could be that it could use more narration, in order to make the lead character more relatable.

Personally, I'm a little excited to see how this story plays out and the impediments that the main character will have to face in carrying out her revenge. I am sure that as she becomes better acquainted with others, her task will become more difficult to carry out. Or will she turn out to be more of a sociopath?

My biggest concern with this series is how long the process of revenge will be drawn out. Are they intending for it to take several seasons? Will it be more swift, with the ultimate focus being the consequences of her actions or perhaps discovering an insatiable desire to create her own justice where she sees fit? I like the potential here, I suppose it will not take long to determine where they are going with the series.

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so far so good, 22 September 2011

For some reason, this show reminds me of Eli Stone - a good-hearted person is thrust into a situation they would not necessarily choose to be in begins using their talent as an attorney to help those who really need it most rather than to help themselves. I actually enjoyed Eli Stone and hated to see it get cancelled so soon. In comparison, Harry's Law does not have those wonderful hallucination fantasies, but the characters certainly are quirky.

I enjoyed the first season. I think it was aired either in a convenient time slot or when everything else was in re-runs. Either way, the schedule worked out for me so that I was able to watch the show.

Unfortunately, in its current time slot, Harry's Law will probably not be people's first choice to watch. It could be the demise of the show. My own personal concern with it is that the story can only go so far before it either becomes too predictable or too boring. Let's hope that's not the case.

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watch it if you like to laugh, 22 September 2011

I think that Raising Hope is currently the only program I look forward to going home and watching every week. I even watch the reruns, and still find the show funny the second time around. It is the only show on the air that will guarantee I will laugh out loud. It was rather unexpected that a show with such a premise would be so enjoyable, especially considering that I am probably not in the target demographic. The characters can be both ridiculous and realistic at the same time, which is the perfect formula for laughs. The actors, the writing - so far they have a winning combination. I am quite pleased there's a second season and am looking forward to more episodes and more laughs.

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one to watch, 22 September 2011

Is it me, or does it seem like there are more new shows this season than ever before? When I heard the premise for the show, I was a little concerned that it was a variation of something we've seen before. After watching the pilot episode, I felt a refreshed. This show seems like something new, or at least, something different. It has certainly exceeded my expectations and I am rooting for it to succeed. The main characters are interesting and mysterious. The storyline was not the usual predictable stuff. Do yourself a favor and watch this episode. I'm quite excited to see more episodes and have already programmed my digital video recorder so I won't miss a minute. One of the best premiers I've seen in a while.

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will wait and see, 22 September 2011

I really wanted to like this show more. It seemed like the perfect lead-in for Raising Hope, which is one of my favorite comedies. Maybe it was the fact that the funniest parts had been shown repeatedly in promotions, or maybe it was the anticipation of Zooey Deschanel being on television, but in the end I felt like the show did not live up to my expectations. The pilot episode came off as mediocre at best.

The character Zooey Deschanel portrayed is not unlike ones she has played in movies, which is certainly its redeeming quality. The three male characters are pretty interesting, my only concern is that one or more of them may be too stereotypical. The end of the episode seemed a little predictable and the genuineness of the characters was rather unconvincing - more to do with the writing than the acting, but it's understandable that it's difficult to complete a story in such a short period of time.

I think this episode shows that the series has some promise and I will watch it again next week.

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enjoyed it, 22 September 2011

"Ha'i'ole" was actually the first episode I have seen of Hawaii Five-O. As a loyal Lost fan, I could not resist seeing the reunion of Terry O'Quinn with Daniel Dae Kim. All in all, it was a pretty good episode. Obviously, there was an ongoing plot that left me feeling a little confused at times, but that is to be expected if you have not been watching. Otherwise, the episode could very well stand on its own. I loved the character Terry O'Quinn played, and at the same time I kept wondering if there were going to be any John Locke-esque quirks. The very idea of it actually made me a giddy with anticipation. I would like to see how it plays out with his character and will probably watch some more episodes, but unfortunately it is not my first choice for that time slot.

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lower your expectations, 22 September 2011

After watching the first episode, I would have to say that the show is okay. Maybe I'm not in the target demographic, but it didn't make me laugh nearly as much as other shows that are out there. I think the writers imagined what Paris Hilton would do if she were thrown into the situation and wrote a show around it. It's a bunch of regurgitated ideas that I'm bored of already.

I don't expect that I will be watching it again and I really do not expect that it will last. With a little tweaking and an infusion of some likable characters, this show MAY survive. I think it would work better with Two and a Half Men as a lead-in instead of the other way around, and put How I Met Your Mother could take the 9 o'clock time slot. I can see why they don't want those two popular shows back-to-back as it would be the death of this show for sure, and we'll see if sticking it in between the two will get them the ratings they are hoping for.

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brilliant, 22 September 2011

"The Girl Who waited" is one of my favorite episodes involving the eleventh doctor. The writing in this one is a perfect example of why so many people love this show. This was a rather self-contained episode that is very Amy-centric. It does not really appear to contribute to the ongoing story line, but it doesn't need to as it is quite brilliant and provides some insight into one of the main characters.

Karen Gillan made an excellent and compelling performance, and it was a joy to see a different side to her character.

This is one of the few episodes I actually went back and watched a second time. Some parts were a bit slow on the second go around, but the end more than makes up for it.

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