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decent prequel, 23 May 2009

but no tight leather, but chainmail instead.

OK this movie was a decent movie. it explained a few questions that i had after watching the second movie but some holes in it too. oh and the werewolves were a little more convincing this time too. guess coz it had a focus on them. Bill Nighy was good with his role of Viktor. he is a very convincing actor and loses himself in his character. Rhona Mitra and Michael Sheen are good too. i guess the only down side is you already know whats going to happen in the end. but hey, thats the same with all prequels,but its always interesting how it happens.

all in all a decent prequel in a decent franchise with some solid acting from a few of the actors.

P2 (2007)
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Campy happiness, 22 May 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

this movie would be one to watch with friends and not to be taken seriously, with that in mind this movie is very enjoyable. from the good performance of Rachel Nichols in her wet dress, cleavage and bouncing and defending herself to the performance of Wes Bentley playing an obsessed security guard whom goes too far. What starts as an average movie turns into a much faster splatfest galore. although the movie is a bit predictable at times, its definitely one of my more favourite movies of the horror genre.

the best scene is probably when Rachel Nichols has to defend herself against a rottweiler :P

Taken (2008/I)
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makes you want to jump through a window..., 4 October 2008

and tackle someone and shoot them.

This movie has a slightly slow start, and you feel slightly sorry for Liam Neeson's character as things with life just all seem to go against him. Only to soon after have his daughter kidnapped in France as part of the sex trade.

Neeson goes after her, after what would frighten any parent, hearing the kidnapping of his child whilst on the phone to her. Neeson stops at nothing to get her back.

This is where the pace of the movie accelerates 10 fold. It does not stop. It just goes and goes. You have a feeling of satisfaction as each person is killed by Neeson, knowing what they support, thats what you want to happen to them.

Then towards the end, Liam jumps through a window to reach them because there is no other way. You just wanna try it yourself.

The action in this movie is great, the performances great, especially by Liam Neeson. I can't wait for this to come out on DVD, definitely a great watch.

Mirrormask (2005)
predictable but done well, 3 October 2008

this is a Jim Henson company movie but there is no puppetry. i must start with that. but i found that did not ruin the movie.

Stephanie Leonidas plays Helena, a girl who has grown up in circus life and wants a 'normal life'. She is a talented artist and has walls taken up by her drawings.

She finds herself in a different world. One made of cgi...which is really well done. She meets with a man named Valentine who saves her from the shadow. They set out to find the charm that will restore balance between the two kingdoms.

this movie is quite predictable, kind of another coming of age movie done as a fantasy. the acting is done well and the CGI characters are really cool. very entertaining.

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pay attention to the signs on a road and you won't die, 3 October 2008

me and some mates watched this movie coz it was on. pretty much a waste of time. within 5-6 minutes there is a pretty gruesome death and throughout the movie goes on from there.

a bunch of people in a forest making a reality show and start being hunted and killed 1 by 1 by a family of inbred people.

some parts in this movie are completely gross, whereas other parts you just laughh at how ridiculous it is and will probably feel like it goes on forever.

oh and Henry Rollins' character throws a bit of 'Rambo' action into the movie, thats pretty funny.

one weird movie, entertaining all the same, 3 October 2008

mate said to watch this movie saying it was really good, so i did.

John Cusack, almost unrecognizable at first, did a great job playing Craig Schwartz, a puppeteer who is getting no where and so gets himself a job filing at an office on the 7 1/2 floor...for short people.

Cameron Diaz plays his wife who works at a pet shop and is a bit of a weird character, especially when Craig finds a door that is a portal to John Malkovich's head.

I found the concept a good one, and it was slightly funny, it doesn't focus on being comedic. I did find the movie was getting weirder and weirder as it drew closer to the conclusion and some parts i think that could've been left out...but otherwise was an alright movie.

Tsotsi (2005)
powerful and moving, 11 September 2008

i am very glad i was able to watch this movie and can understand why it won an academy award for best foreign film. this movie presented its story in a very strong way.

Tsotsi is a 19 year old African male and is the leader of his own small gang. One night he goes out alone and shoots a woman to steal her car, and whilst driving discovers there is a baby that is still in the backseat. He then took the child and went back home and starts on a path of self redemption.

all the acting in this movie is very very good, all of it convincing. talented actors and i would like to see them in other movies.

Rogue (2007)
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another great movie from Mclean, 11 September 2008

remembering i enjoyed Wolf Creek and to hear that Greg Mclean was directing another movie i was much looking forward to it.

when i eventually was able to purchase the movie i was not disappointed. the acting was very good, especially by John Jarratt and Michael Vartan.

the big croc was reasonably convincing and though the movie is not really a scary one, i sure as hell would not wanna find myself near one of those things at all.

yeah this movie is less a scary movie but definitely one for entertainment and a good Aussie movie.

a good little movie, 16 August 2008

mate lent me this and as i started watching it i found out it was a nickelodeon movie, but didn't stop me.

this isn't an in-depth great movie. its just Jack Black being himself in a slapstick movie with a bit of crude humour and basically its just a good little entertaining movie.

you watch it and kinda want Nacho to win because he's fighting for the benefit of the orphans ya know.

Hector Jimenez was funny to watch and Ana de la Reguera made a good performance as well. And little Darius Rose as the cute Chancho are what made this film i reckon.

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Great Muppet Fun!!!!, 16 August 2008

i remember seeing this movie in the cinemas when i was a kid and unfortunately never had the opportunity to see it again until recently. i was finding movies to buy and i had told my sister once i wanted it. she came to me and showed me she had found it and without a second thought i bought it.

we watched it that afternoon and i was in such a good mood watching it. from small appearances by Billy Connolly play Billy Bones to Tim Curry playing Long John Silver was great. the muppets spin on this classic tale was a lot of fun to watch. the muppets truly did well with this movie.

this movie will be enjoyed by all the family young and old, soft and tough. you cannot go wrong with this.

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