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The Mummy (1999)
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great mummy movie, 24 May 2008

OK, hands down this movie is just awesome...Probably the best mummy movie.

Brendan Fraser as the gung-ho Rick O'Connel is really funny and one of the characters that just makes this movie so great. John Hannah as Jonothan is good comic relief. one of my favourite seens with jonothan is when he is pretending to be one of the mindless followers of Imhotep.

basically Rachel Weisz' character wakes up a mummy, Imhotep played by Arnold Vosloo (who i must say did quite a convincing job and i enjoyed his performance) and Imhotep sets plagues onto the land of Egypt and wants to resurrect his lost love.

some people may find this movie has some scary parts in it, but its also a lighthearted movie in having comedy in it as well. you could say this is a horromedy.

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great enjoyment,, 9 June 2008

i watched this movie as it was being shown on TV. this was a really good movie.

I've always been a fan of Bruce Willis and i found his skill in his role in the movie as great as he has always been. it seems to me he works well with kids and you can see it done in this movie when he has to constantly look out for a child with autism named Simon (Miko Hughes).

Miko Hughes was an extremely convincing actor does a good job.

what happens to Simon's family because he could crack a new governmental code is sad...and also the fact the government are set out to kill him instead of fixing the problem.

"Recess" (1997)
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best Disney cartoon, 17 June 2008

ahhhh to be young again and in the fourth grade. less work. more fun. imagination. freedom. exaggerated places where people belong on the school ground. wild kindergardeners.

this show is a really great watch. the characters are unique and have strong personalities. and not just the main characters like T.J, Vince, Gretchin, Spinelli, Mikey and Gus. but others like the Diggers, the Ashleys, Tubby, Wenlow, Randall, King Bob, and even some of the teachers themselves like Ms. Finster and Ms. Grotkey and even the principal himself: Principal Prickly.

this show has a great collaboration of characters and even if some of the stories seem exaggerated (hey thats what younger school life was like) you can actually relate to these characters. and a lot of the episodes have quite a deep story to them as well. as soon as i find these cartoons on DVD i definitely am buying them.

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very enjoyable, 25 May 2008

When this movie was bought, I at first wasn't keen on watching it except because of Nicolas Cage I thought it might be alright.

Well when I sat down to watch this movie I was quite surprised to how entertaining this movie actually was.

There were funny parts that would put a smile on my face and some that made me laugh out loud. There were also great drammatical parts later in the film that just added to the fine touches of making a great film.

The chemistry between Nicolas Cage and Shirley MacLaine worked so well and their performances entertaining and often funny.

A great movie about learning to appreciate what is given to you and not wasting energy on what you cannot get. A gem of a movie, I recommend it.

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very good batman movie, 14 July 2008

i bought this because it was cheap and i had read up on it and i realised it was a continuation of the 90s Batman cartoons i had grown with.

I've always liked the character of Batman and i enjoyed this muchly. the use of flashbacks to show Bruce Wayne's life before he took up the bat and the woman he was with. then another flashback shows Bruce starting to want to fight crime but not knowing how to go about it right.

there is a mysterious killer that is going around Gotham that is murdering a gang of now old gangsters and Batman is being blamed. The Joker is also involved in this movie and is very entertaining to watch. voiced by Mark Hamill. oh and Kevin Conroy was a great voice for Bruce Wayne/Batman.

the movie has a good twist, decent animation, good voice acting and great plot. all in all a great edition to the Batman collection.

Epic Movie (2007)
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why can't i go below one?, 17 June 2008

i saved my one star rating for this movie by these guys and far out it sucks i cannot go any lower. because giving this movie a one star rating people might think it is OK to sacrifice an hour and a half of their life for brain dead entertainment. its not people! this movie has to be the worst parody i have seen. its a load of trash. was it directed by a bunch of drunk people with no imagination? i'm quite sure if you gave money to a bunch of teenagers with an imagination they could make a better movie. heck probably 10 year olds even. how are these movies given any budget to begin with? take my advice and avoid this movie at all costs!

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absolutely ruined, 20 June 2008

after watching the first Starship Troopers and thinking that it was totally awesome i hastily put on the second movie. i was told it was a lot worse but i thought "how bad can it be?". well it was worse than anything i could've prepared myself for.

from the very beginning, and then throughout, you can tell this is a B grade movie at its best. the entire movie was filmed on one set, the camera work was bad, the acting was bad. the Bugs looked bad. pretty much everything was bad.

this movie goes for the horror angle and it does not deliver. the "idea" of what the Bugs are now doing was there, but the movie ruined it.

this movie was basically a lame excuse for gore and naked girls. thats probably the only reason that this got a 2 star rating.

Final Fantasy VII (1997) (VG)
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the best of the franchise, an absolute masterpiece, 10 June 2008

i still really enjoy playing this game. there is so much replay value and also some people may need to play a few times to really understand the storyline. but thats what makes this game such a masterpiece...its story.

i had never played a game so massive before in my life. the world is huge. there are so many sidequests and background stories of characters. this world comes across as so real im sure some wish that they could actually visit this place, whether it was real or a virtual reality.

this storyline, heck this entire game!!! has the player deeply immersed from beginning to end. the characters are memorable and lovable.

this game actually has some messages within it, the obvious one to me would be friendship, that you can't always do things on your own.

the visuals are always stunning and as for the variety of monsters and bosses is just so cool. these guys really have an imagination.

if you are a fan of epic/rpg games, there is no way you can go wrong with this game.

The Ex (2006)
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not everyone's cup of tea, 14 July 2008

i watched this because i reckon Zach Braff is awesome and i know Jason Bateman is a funny man. well i watched this and was disappointed.

i'll be honest most disappointed probably by Zach Braff. he was too similar to his character J.D from Scrubs. and he wasn't particularly funny when he was meant to be doing something funny.

Jason Bateman was good in the movie but i found i got really annoyed at his character because he's such an a**hole.which wasn't actually something negative.

there are just quite too many weird things like the job that Tom (Zach Braff) takes in the movie. i just got a feeling maybe they tried a little too much to be funny, i don't know, thats just my impression. quite disappointing.

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always funny, never a let down, 18 June 2008

i used to flick through on foxtel and would see the name of this show pop up on the guide and i used to always change channel without giving it a chance. and then one time i sat and watched a 5 episode back-to-back thing and i absolutely cracked up with laughter. my dad and i are great fans of the show and would often be brought to tears by laughing so much.

i find it hard to pick a favourite. Ryan Stiles, Colin Mochrie, Wayne Brady, Drew Carey (can be quite funny at times), and the regular guests as the fourth person. like Brad Sherwood, Greg Proops, Kathryn Greenwood. these guys are a bunch of geniuses at improv.

i often enjoyed how there would be one main thing of the episode (like one of Colin's many colourful shirts, or one of Ryan's very interesting pair of shoes, or even a stuff up) and would often refer to those things in another sketch, putting it in somewhere.

this show i found was always funny and even episodes i had already seen, i still found funny.

remember, the points don't matter

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