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um...OK, 29 May 2008

OK...when i first heard of this movie being made i thought it would be a right out comedy or a over 18's only film. but then i heard they were actually being serious when they made this movie i just couldn't stop laughing...i just had to see it, so i hired it just for the simple fact to say i've watched it.

then i heard samuel l. jackson was set to be in it and i just lost it. he is so over the top serious at times you question if its actually meant to be taken seriously or not the snakes are extremely unconvincing and where they happen to bite some of the people is just funny. and i mean cmon they made green tree pythons venomous??? lolz...a burmese python even smiles at the camera, i lost it then i couldn't stop laughing.

the pick up of this entire movie is probably the first 10-15 minutes which actually makes it seem like a decent movie. the idea of snakes going crazy on a plane seemed to me as alright, but the way it was delivered, a no go.

if you're in a really simple mood and really needing some entertainment, you can't go wrong with this movie. but i don't think this movie will become the cult classic that samuel l. jackson was hoping it would become

The Crow (1994)
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totally awesome, 29 May 2008

wow. just wow. this movie is so awesome.

the dark atmosphere in the movie gives it such an awesome feel to the movie. the emotions are so strong in this movie, its deep and you feel it.the music for this movie works magic for the feel to it.

Brandon Lee was absolutely great in his role, as were the other actors.truly convincing

the only thing i wish is that i wouldve been old enough to go see it in the cinemas for the complete experience of the movie.

this movie gives a real strong message on love and what one will do for that love.

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very enjoyable, 25 May 2008

When this movie was bought, I at first wasn't keen on watching it except because of Nicolas Cage I thought it might be alright.

Well when I sat down to watch this movie I was quite surprised to how entertaining this movie actually was.

There were funny parts that would put a smile on my face and some that made me laugh out loud. There were also great drammatical parts later in the film that just added to the fine touches of making a great film.

The chemistry between Nicolas Cage and Shirley MacLaine worked so well and their performances entertaining and often funny.

A great movie about learning to appreciate what is given to you and not wasting energy on what you cannot get. A gem of a movie, I recommend it.

Hybrid (1998) (V)
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don't take this movie seriously, 24 May 2008

this movie opens up with multiple segments of other movies strung together, i mean what the???

the acting in this movie is just terrible, the dialogue is that bad its laughable, like using the word besides three times to start a sentence in one segment.

this movie seems to try to redeem itself with random skin scenes that don't do too well at it.

there is cheap gore and a funny soundtrack. one scene that used the 80's synth beat for the music made it funny, instead of a dark atmosphere. i understand its a b grade movie, but thats no excuse for how bad it is.

a bunch of space renegades go into an abandoned military facility to escape a dangerous ionstorm but have something more "deadly" inside. guess what it is. an alien made of a really bad fake rubbersuit which makes you laugh every time you see it. the alien's noise is so terrible to listen to.

i give it a five only because that its laughable, and watching this movie with a bunch of mates makes watching this movie a funny experience.

Dragon Fighter (2003) (V)
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sounds epic...*cough*, 24 May 2008

there are those movies that are bad they are funny, then there are those where you scream "i want that one and a half hours of my life back"...thats pretty much what this is.

dean cain tries to be an actor but fails. the sfx are really bad (repeated scenes and rocks that look like falling paper) and the fake plastic guns that have torches taped on them...the split screen effect used to show multiple things happening at once is just terrible.

this movie cant even be used as one of those simple night entertainers, its just that bad

if i could go negative ratings, i would

The Mummy (1999)
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great mummy movie, 24 May 2008

OK, hands down this movie is just awesome...Probably the best mummy movie.

Brendan Fraser as the gung-ho Rick O'Connel is really funny and one of the characters that just makes this movie so great. John Hannah as Jonothan is good comic relief. one of my favourite seens with jonothan is when he is pretending to be one of the mindless followers of Imhotep.

basically Rachel Weisz' character wakes up a mummy, Imhotep played by Arnold Vosloo (who i must say did quite a convincing job and i enjoyed his performance) and Imhotep sets plagues onto the land of Egypt and wants to resurrect his lost love.

some people may find this movie has some scary parts in it, but its also a lighthearted movie in having comedy in it as well. you could say this is a horromedy.

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