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just doesn't seem to do what is supposed to, 2 June 2008

OK i remember when i watched the first SAW movie and remembered how great a movie it was so when i found out this movie was made by the same guys i was pumped to watch this movie.

i watched it at night to add to the atmosphere of the movie which no doubt the movie was able to successfully pull off. but other than that it just seemed mediocre.

the ghost story that it revolved around was slightly interesting and the concept and what happens with it was alright but the acting wasn't the best so it was kind of let down with that.

the very ending twist of the movie just didn't make too much sense, its like they tried too hard to put a plot twist in the end and they weren't able to pull it off.

basically just a mediocre horror movie, nothing special.

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best comedy musical ever, 2 June 2008

OK i've always loved this movie every time i watch it, its just so cool.

i laugh out loud every time i watch this movie its just so good and so funny. i love the music in this movie too it is just so catchy and awesome.

Ray Charles as usual has a magical singing voice and he appears in the movie and even his short appearance is commical.

its a very funny movie and does go over the top but that just adds to the humour of it. you can't go wrong with Blues Brothers.

the movie is really funny, one of those classics that will never die "600 miles to chicago, half a tank of gas, a pack of cigarettes its dark and we're wearing sunglasses, lets roll"

not really better, 2 June 2008

i watched this one recently hoping it would be much better than the first one. it didn't really do that for me.

i thought with having a bigger budget than the first the lycans would be more convincing, but sadly they weren't. i laughed a little at them.

Kate Beckinsale in leather was quite good looking and her acting was alright but thats probably the best points in the movie.

the big bad vampire guy i didn't find too convincing either and i didn't find there to be any where near as much action as people claimed there to be.

all in all i was quite disappointed with this flick and would probably never watch it again.

Underworld (2003)
alright but disappointing, 2 June 2008

i watched this movie because I've always loved vampires, werewolves, etc for as long as i can remember so when i heard it was vampires and werewolves in a modern day world fighting it out i thought that it would be totally awesome.

the bullets that each species used against each other were cool ideas but what i didn't like about the movie was they pretty much only ever used guns. and i was like, "these guys are supposed to be extremely fast and strong, was the up and close fighting?" sad to not really see any of that.

but i gotta say the main disappointment was how unconvincing the werewolves, sorry lycans, actually looked. i laughed a little at how bad looking they were.

other than that the acting wasn't too bad and i especially liked the performance by Bill Nighy, i thought he was cool. the movie was definitely entertaining though.

Shooter (2007/I)
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quite entertaining, 2 June 2008

i sat down and watched this movie after my dad told my i should because he said it was a great movie, so of course i did.

i liked the idea of what the movie was about and Mark Wahlberg is a good actor. but poor Danny Glover with his lisp, i'm sorry but i just could not take him seriously.

the cinematography of the movie was stunning and the deliverance of the plot was good but to my disappointment i found the movie quite predictable and it was annoying my dad how i would suggest what would happen and he couldn't conceal that i was right.

the movie is great entertainment and definitely worth watching, you won't be disappointed with what you see.

Saw (2004)
great twists and great idea, 2 June 2008

i hired this movie for the mere fact that it was directed by two Australians and that not heaps of Aussie movies have gone too well and i also heard this was scary so i thought why not.

i was glued to the screen the whole time, it was so great. Leigh Whannel was a good actor and i was amazed to see Carey Elwes in it. i had only known him to be in comedies and some others, but never a thriller/horror. seeing Danny Glover after being a fan from his earlier days in lethal weapon was a good surprise.

this movie had so many twists that kept me guessing the whole time and each time i tried, i was shown to how wrong i actually was.

the ending twist just makes your stomach turn and you feel amazed at the same time by how unexpected it is.

great acting and awesome idea, i really enjoyed this. and it was also good because it wasn't so overloaded on the gore.

The Eye (2008)
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alright, but could've been more, 2 June 2008

yeah alright its already been established this film is a remake. but not all remakes are total flops.

Jessica Alba was alright acting her role in this movie and i was impressed by her performance. Alessandro Nivola was pretty decent as well.

the problem with this movie a mate of mine and i noticed was it went for the double scare, it would pull you in, scare you and just when you thought it was over, it would get you again. this was pretty much the only scare tactic it used so after a while, you could tell when a scare was soming and it would fail to make people jump.

the ending was kind of predictable and a little disappointing but not too bad of one either.

a decent movie that moderate fans of scary movies would probably enjoy.

Prom Night (2008/I)
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disappointing, 2 June 2008

when i first saw the trailers to this movie my mate and i both agreed that the most occurring thing to happen in this movie would just be people screaming, so i went and saw it and i was right.

every scare that happens in this movie is a complete cliché going with such cheap scares as closing the mirror cabinet and someone is standing behind...people be more inventive.

the acting was so bland, ugh it was terrible. i guess the way they tried to make this movie worth watching was to have nice looking girls,but sorry, that still didn't save the movie.

the killer was extremely unconvincing and just not mysterious at all, and what was with his hat? any fans of horror movies should not! see this movie with expectations, because you will be let down badly.

i don't really know why i gave this a three, maybe because i felt sorry for it, i don't really know.

Crank (2006)
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fun to watch, 1 June 2008

this movie is a lot of fun to watch. its high paced action and its mix of violence and humor make it a great movie for the boys.

Jason Statham is just perfect for Chev Chelios. some of the stuff he does to stay alive are funny

the visuals make it almost trippy at times which is awesome and the text that appears on screen and visuals of people calling appearing on the walls and mirrors is so cool.

the opening title looks like old game graphics and thats kinda like what this is,the fast pace,some of the violence and some of the stunts and how they change from one location to watching a game but with real people. also with no dull moments and its intense pace adds to it.

just a fun movie to watch and great entertainment.

worth watching, 29 May 2008

OK i bought this movie relatively cheap and was like, "awesome a zombie movie".

i watched it at night to add to the atmosphere i knew the movie would create. i was really excited to see it because i hadnt seen many zombie movies before. the zombies were convincing too.

i gotta say, the movie was quite entertaining. i mean its not original, but its definitely worth watching.

the atmosphere of the movie was really well given.

Ving Rhames i thought was just a totally awesome hero-type in the movie. and all in all the acting wasn't too bad.

i liked the whole thing of holing up in a shopping mall for survival and then people starting to get on each other's nerves.

even though how serious this movie was, there were actually some light funny bits which just really add to the experience of the movie, and a good one at that.

i recommend to sit down and watch this movie maybe with some mates, or by yourself, but definitely at night-time, just adds to that atmosphere.

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