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great enjoyment,, 9 June 2008

i watched this movie as it was being shown on TV. this was a really good movie.

I've always been a fan of Bruce Willis and i found his skill in his role in the movie as great as he has always been. it seems to me he works well with kids and you can see it done in this movie when he has to constantly look out for a child with autism named Simon (Miko Hughes).

Miko Hughes was an extremely convincing actor does a good job.

what happens to Simon's family because he could crack a new governmental code is sad...and also the fact the government are set out to kill him instead of fixing the problem.

The Fog (2005)
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bland, and boring, 6 June 2008

i hired this movie quite a while ago seeing that Tom Welling was in it and i had only known him to be in smallville and cheaper by the dozen.

i was in the mood for a horror and when i read the back it sounded mildly interesting.

i went home and watched it with no lights on hoping it would work to some effect. it didn't really.

watching tom welling in this "horror" (if you could call it that) was quite funny and some of the stuff he said and did i found even more funny coz i never suspected he would (not intentionally funny) the idea of the storyline was alright and OK acting but thats about it. other than that its bad.

this only got a three because when i watched it it was able to entertain me on a rainy night.

The Locals (2003)
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awful, 6 June 2008

hired this movie with a bunch of mates when having an all night movie night and the cover looked like a zombie movie whereas the blurb on the back didn't indicate it. so we were like what the heck and hired it.

we found this movie quite boring and one of my mates joked about what the ending was and he happened to actually be right.

i don't know if the movie was supposed to be scary or what, but basically we all found it boring. save the hour and a half of your life and don't watch this movie.

the acting was cardboard, very unconvincing. laughable really.

the idea was the only pick up of the movie, but not enough to give it a two star rating, it could've been done better i suppose.

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artsy awesomeness, 6 June 2008

i was given this movie and told "it's a very artsy movie you may not like it", quite the opposite.

this movie was so good on quite a few levels.

Zach Braff is a great director for this movie. his style and bringing things together and what the movie is about (also he is the writer) the movie is actually quite a funny movie, with subtle funny parts that not everyone notices.

the soundtrack is great. always suits the mood Zach Braff plays Andrew Largeman a guy who is pretty much a washed up actor who didn't get anywhere. he returns home for his mother's funeral, after not being there for 9 years.

He's been on lithium and other anti-depressants for the period prescribed to him by his pshychiatrist...his father,Gideon Largeman (Ian Holm)...but when he is back, he had decided not to take his drugs anymore and re-connect with himself with help from old friends and new ones. he learns the value of life and to love someone mainly with the help from Sam (Natalie Portman).

the movie is extremely deep and very strong in delivering its messages. definitely a must.

Sunshine (2007)
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decent, 6 June 2008

until last approx 45 mins i bought this movie hoping it would be good. i liked the idea of the sun dying and hoping a bomb would reignite the sun again.

the first lot of the movie was really interesting and easy watching which i enjoyed. then they found the Icarus 1 which was still fine until the whole mood of the movie changed because of what they picked up.

after that i just really lost interest in the movie. OK i mean they had to put something in it to actually make stuff happen in the movie, but i didn't like the idea they had.

other than that a decent sci-fi movie that i'm sure most fans of the genre would enjoy.

Enchanted (2007)
instant classic, 6 June 2008

i watched this movie just because it was put on and everybody else was watching it. i gotta say i'm glad i watched it, it was a great movie.

starting off as cartoon animation classic Disney style with lots of singing and little animals that help the princess and talk to her. oh and not to mention the evil stepmother (but of the prince instead of the princess)

Prince Edward (James Marsden) and and Princess Giselle (Amy Adams) are the two that fall in love and wish to be married straight away. but as Giselle goes to see Edward she is confronted by a hag reminiscent of the one from Snow White and i just laughed, and BOOM! she goes to the real world. where she meets Robert Philip (Patrick Dempsey).

the Disney characters in the real world is a funny, but great mix as Giselle is always optimistic and believes in 'true love' whereas Robert tries showing her the real life. Pip the chipmunk is just laugh out loud funny and some of the stuff Edward does is too.

Great memorable songs throughout.

this movie is definitely one for the whole family and will be much enjoyed.

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absolutely stunning, 3 June 2008

I've seen this movie twice at the theatres and own the book so i am easily a fan of I Am Legend.

there are quite a lot of differences between the movie and the book. but the movie pulled it off quite well, it was great.

the emptiness of New York has a pure eeriness about it which is an awesome feel for the atmosphere.

Will Smith is a great actor but his performance in this movie as Robert Neville is just a masterpiece. Having to entertain the audience on screen being the only human for over an hour. Showing us what his day to day life consists of, and showing us a semi-madness that his character has developed after being isolated for so long.

like the book the movie uses flashbacks and in the movie they are well placed and give us those bits of information we need to put the pieces of the plot together.

the disappointment with this movie is i reckon it actually could have gone on a bit longer to explore into the character of Robert Neville, exactly what he is doing and the stuff he is going through and what is happening to him. and the quick change for the last 30-40 mins of the movie, needed a longer transition but other than these this movie is definitely worth it and great.

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slightly entertaining, 3 June 2008

i watched this movie because i was told it was based on a real story/event and i was like righto.

i watched it and found myself not really interested in the movie at all. not the fact that it wasn't scary or not much happening i just didn't find myself interested in the movie whatsoever, so i found it a boring watch.

just the idea alone that was finally revealed at the end is why this movie got a two star rating.

this movie was only slightly entertaining and that's pretty much all it was.

disappointed because i'm sure it could've been more then what it was.

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awesome sci-fi, 2 June 2008

people criticized that Robert A. Heinlein was promotoing people to be militaristic, but with our world today, we arn't much different to what is actually shown in the movie.

the movie is great with the messages it conveys (it is more than just the world versing the Bugs in a war) there is a lot of violence and gore to show what war is like, its not just somewhere to go for adventure, people die.

but to lighten it up a little bit there is a little bit of humour added into the movie and a good romance in it as well.

guys will definitely love this action, sci-fi flick just for the action, but just remember there is more to it then just that.

very entertaining.

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not what its cracked up to be, 2 June 2008

OK i saw this movie on the basis of it being really scary and it definitely let down with that.

i will be truthful in the fact that Jennifer Carpenter playing as Emily Rose definitely was a great actor in her role but other than that just kinda blah.

i gotta admit some of the things that were supposed to be scary, although not scary were well done and convincing.

the fact that there was a court case in the movie didn't bother me, what bothered me was how long it seemed to stretch on for that not only me but some of my friends were growing bored with the movie.

don't see this movie in hopes that its scary, because its not

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