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16 Blocks (2006)
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a basic idea made entertaining by its actors, 16 July 2008

i bought this movie because i remember seeing trailers for it at the cinemas and was never able to actually go see it. i was not disappointed and definitely believe it was worth its money.

basically Detective Jack Mosley (Bruce Willis) has to deliver a witness to the court case through 16 blocks of New York traffic. Jack didn't want the job but had to take it.

the witnesses' name is Eddie Bunker, played by Mos Def, who does a really good job in this movie. Jack at first finds him extremely annoying at first but when his loyalties are questioned the two grow closer.

this movie is quite entertaining in itself. Bruce Willis as always does a good job playing a cop. Mos Def is funny and brings good life to the character and the chemistry between him and Bruce are great. David Morse at Detective Frank Nugent as well does a good job.

the plot is simple but made very entertaining by those three actors and some of the smaller characters. a great watch.

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slightly entertaining, 3 June 2008

i watched this movie because i was told it was based on a real story/event and i was like righto.

i watched it and found myself not really interested in the movie at all. not the fact that it wasn't scary or not much happening i just didn't find myself interested in the movie whatsoever, so i found it a boring watch.

just the idea alone that was finally revealed at the end is why this movie got a two star rating.

this movie was only slightly entertaining and that's pretty much all it was.

disappointed because i'm sure it could've been more then what it was.

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better than i expected, great surprise, 14 July 2008

i bought this movie after reading up about it and remembering i always liked Batman of the Future (Batman Beyond) i decided to buy it because it was cheap.

this movie was so awesome. from the dark past of Robin being kidnapped by The Joker and Harlequinn and transforming him into a mini-joker and then how the Joker returned even though thought dead. The Joker is entertaining to watch, and is voiced by Mark Hamill himself who does an awesome job being his voice.

the movie has a nice twist and is quite a dark movie but very entertaining, definitely worth watching.

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very good batman movie, 14 July 2008

i bought this because it was cheap and i had read up on it and i realised it was a continuation of the 90s Batman cartoons i had grown with.

I've always liked the character of Batman and i enjoyed this muchly. the use of flashbacks to show Bruce Wayne's life before he took up the bat and the woman he was with. then another flashback shows Bruce starting to want to fight crime but not knowing how to go about it right.

there is a mysterious killer that is going around Gotham that is murdering a gang of now old gangsters and Batman is being blamed. The Joker is also involved in this movie and is very entertaining to watch. voiced by Mark Hamill. oh and Kevin Conroy was a great voice for Bruce Wayne/Batman.

the movie has a good twist, decent animation, good voice acting and great plot. all in all a great edition to the Batman collection.

one weird movie, entertaining all the same, 3 October 2008

mate said to watch this movie saying it was really good, so i did.

John Cusack, almost unrecognizable at first, did a great job playing Craig Schwartz, a puppeteer who is getting no where and so gets himself a job filing at an office on the 7 1/2 floor...for short people.

Cameron Diaz plays his wife who works at a pet shop and is a bit of a weird character, especially when Craig finds a door that is a portal to John Malkovich's head.

I found the concept a good one, and it was slightly funny, it doesn't focus on being comedic. I did find the movie was getting weirder and weirder as it drew closer to the conclusion and some parts i think that could've been left out...but otherwise was an alright movie.

farfetche'd but so cool and funny, 7 July 2008

i was watching TV and there was an ad on that showed this movie was going to be on later that night, i thought why not? got nothing better to do. so i watched it.

it starts off seeming very western and thort it would be from a western point of view, but was son changed to an Indian family and their story and points of view on things.

it is a musical and most of the songs and when people sing and dance around they are quite funny.

Mr. Kohli, an Indian who has become a part of the American culture who comes back to India to look for a wife is both annoying and funny.

it turns out to be a happy ending which just makes you go awwww. this is a fun movie to watch

Cellular (2004)
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enjoyable fast paced suspense, 10 June 2008

i was at a mates house and he suggested for me to watch this, so i did.

i found this to be a great suspenseful movie that begins straight away and continues to go go go! the actors were good in this movie. the self centred young man. the distraught and frantic mother, the old cop who isn't sure where to go in his life and the bad guys, especially the main, were all good.

the action in this movie is great and rarely a dull boring moment.

this movie is great at building its suspense and it doesn't let down. great enjoyment. fans of suspense or action or even just wanting simple entertainment, because this movie isn't too complicated, will find this an enjoyable movie.

Crank (2006)
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fun to watch, 1 June 2008

this movie is a lot of fun to watch. its high paced action and its mix of violence and humor make it a great movie for the boys.

Jason Statham is just perfect for Chev Chelios. some of the stuff he does to stay alive are funny

the visuals make it almost trippy at times which is awesome and the text that appears on screen and visuals of people calling appearing on the walls and mirrors is so cool.

the opening title looks like old game graphics and thats kinda like what this is,the fast pace,some of the violence and some of the stunts and how they change from one location to watching a game but with real people. also with no dull moments and its intense pace adds to it.

just a fun movie to watch and great entertainment.

Date Movie (2006)
just horrible, 17 June 2008

i saw this movie at the cinemas originally with my cousins and i will admit i laughed out loud a little bit, but then i was in a really stupid state of mind.

i watched this movie again later and am almost ashamed i actually saw this at the cinemas. this movie was a piece of trash, just crap. i can't list all the things wrong with this movie because i would go on and on and on and on (ok you got the point)

anyways this movie only has a two because of Alyson was in it and i'm saving my one star rating for a different movie made by the same guys.please avoid this movie, it isn't even a smart parody.

worth watching, 29 May 2008

OK i bought this movie relatively cheap and was like, "awesome a zombie movie".

i watched it at night to add to the atmosphere i knew the movie would create. i was really excited to see it because i hadnt seen many zombie movies before. the zombies were convincing too.

i gotta say, the movie was quite entertaining. i mean its not original, but its definitely worth watching.

the atmosphere of the movie was really well given.

Ving Rhames i thought was just a totally awesome hero-type in the movie. and all in all the acting wasn't too bad.

i liked the whole thing of holing up in a shopping mall for survival and then people starting to get on each other's nerves.

even though how serious this movie was, there were actually some light funny bits which just really add to the experience of the movie, and a good one at that.

i recommend to sit down and watch this movie maybe with some mates, or by yourself, but definitely at night-time, just adds to that atmosphere.

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