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Stop hating and just enjoy it!, 30 June 2016

Okay I saw this movie a few days after opening day. As I eagerly awaited scene after scene for more I found myself wrapped in a blanket of memories and nostalgia! I read the other reviews before writing this out of curiosity and find myself shaking my head at the overly critical opinions of those who are what I like to call "the cookie cutter generation".

An epic cast, awesome visuals and a basically simple plot (aliens attack humans fight humans win), I consider GOOD! I mean SURE, some can say "oh just the same movie again"...well YEAH WW2 was just the same war again too! (CLEARLY it wasn't hence my point), if u want to go and sum things up so simply then well stay home and watch a twilight movie cause u clear must love the originality of those.......

I loved this movie. My girlfriend who has never seen the first one, loved it too! Is it a blockbuster like the first one.....

No....and only because well the first one emphasized , being overwhelmed by something unknown and far Superior to us, but yet still prevailing. THIS movie however answers some questions some wondered at the end of the first one....what happened next? Acting was pretty good if u ask me. The knowns did great like their careers shown, and the newbs well most part were believable. I think Will Smiths exclusion from the move was a shame considering offered comic relief but hey wasn't that big of a deal.

U want a good interesting movie to go check out, check it out! ACTION slammed ear to ear, BARELY a moment of "calm" so if at a theater not many moments to take a bathroom break. Go into it ready to enjoy the next ID4 and I quite like the "suggestion" of a sequel at the end, would love to see an ID4-3 or like someone suggested a TV series spin off even.....ALTHOUGH not totally convinced a TV series would survive very well since it would seem like a Stargate clone........

Evil Weed (2009)
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Completely Horrible, 7 March 2011

All I can say is this is an incredible embarrassment to cinema. Some movies out there will be horrible to some, and awesome to others (IE The Thing, Battlefield Earth, ID4, etc). However, in no way shape or form can I say this could be construded as 'okay' even in the best of circumstances...Such as being intoxicated. In the words of a stoner, this movie is a severe buzz kill. No time is anything expressed of 'unique' talent or even 'basic' made for TV movie talent, this movie is absolute junk. If you want a laugh (mind you about the only one and its due to irony not humor) fast forward to 54 minutes into the film. This part demonstrates the best acting in the whole movie....(no that doesn't mean its good acting).

So without giving the movie away, lemme wrap it up for you. Horrible talent, bunch of no names (which doesn't automatically mean they suck, but in this case it happens to be true), no production value at all, the most spent on this movie was probably the lunch breaks and the fake blood and teeth (probably about 15 bucks from spencers). And I can pretty much guarantee no one had a 'salary'...(pro bono acting?). And of course the script.....I hope they were high when writing the script.....I've had dreams that had more story ability (mind you my dreams are nearly incomprehendable). So I can find no reason to watch this movie. Even for the easily entertained this movie offers nothing. It's even relatively short (which could be considered good) so ...yeah there you go...believe me or not, but I guarantee you will truly feel worse about yourself after watching've been warned!

Pandorum (2009)
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Just WOW!, 1 December 2009

Okay right off the bat I felt this movie was gonna be great. Withen the first 5 minutes you're wrapped in with intrigue and excellent acting. The idea the character knows about as much as the viewer is the real "catching point". I found myself watching this movie from beginning to end with complete focus. Thats just my initial reaction.

Witehn the first half an hour you'll start asking questions about the movie, as in whats going on, who's who etc. This is excellent cause it creates a bond between story and viewer.

Excellent cast delivers amazing performances, as well as a few new faces appear who ALL really bring on a triple a performance.

THe story, Phenomenal. A combination of Event Horizon, Dead Space, Aliens,and ghosts of mars blend perfectly, while staying unique in its own little way. Not once will you find yourself uninterested in this movie.

Exciting is an understatement as I found it hard not to keep wondering whats next and whats going on. A lot of people say Paranormal activity is scary and such. NOT, that movie was a bunch of silly wires and fans. This movie has genuine spook moments which not only frighten but induce a sense of paranoia which blends effortlessly with the story. Everything feels like it belongs not forced.

So with fear of giving away any plot (believe me its worth discovering on your own) I have to say the ending is AWESOME. Im so sick of movies these days coming out of the gate strong but finishing at a slow crawl almost making people wish they hadn't even seen it. This ending is NOT the case. it not only was a major 'WOAH' moment but offered some closer WHILE giving excellent potential for a sequel.

Overall excellent acting, GREAT scripting, awesome effects (and not over done with excess of cg, in fact from what i could tell only a few shots used any cg at all), Phenomenal ending , OUTSTANDING plot curves and twists , and yeah all I can say JUST WOW! Everyone should see this movie, ESPECIALLY sci-fi junkies, mystery buffs, and everyone else in between.


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The only thing dieing is this movie, 1 December 2009

Let me just say this is gonna be simple. The movie emphasizes just how cinema is getting generic these days when it comes to the wow factor of shocking people instead of trying to create clever stories, intricate characters and scripting involving the viewer as much the actors and actresses.

This movie fails on ALL points. From its really shoddy acting, to cliché scripting. And yet thats not even the worst trait. You'll notice often what I call the 'BS approach'. Like the main event of the movie that sets everything in motion. In other FInal Destinations I have to say the 'event' was more often than not a descent done, horrible sequence of coincidential type events. THis one is absolutely no science behind it what so ever. From the time it starts to ends, you will literally be laughing, not sitting in shock. I am very disappointed in the CG especially since its all obviously fake without any attempt it seems to appear real making it even more humorous.

Plus the death scenes are completely void of reality. I just cant watch this movie entirely without letting out a chuckle over how someone can make it and feel pride over their work when this is what they get? SO overall a bunch of no names, forgetful visuals and a story thats gotten used so much that even the initial charm is not to be scene.

I actually do NOT recommend this movie AT ALL. The only death will be the death caused by extreme boredom and disappointment. Let the franchise go, for this one, has nothing to offer.

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Exceptional Disappointment, 27 October 2009

Im a huge fan of Stargate anything, from the original movie, to SG-1, SG-A, all of it. I went into this one with what I would say a strong biased positive opinion.

However within minutes I see a Stargate first. A genuine sex scene. Believe it or not this ruined it for me. STargate has always been like a star trek next generation type maturity, using good scripts to avoid the soft porn dilemma plaguing the screens nowadays.

Otherwise its somewhat entertaining then you start to notice the entire filming technique is a complete rip of Battlestar Galactica . Computer nerds would refer to this as a mod of BSG.

I agree with other comments on this girl Chloe in the show, really has little purpose and only begs to wonder why shes there. Also adds a lot of soap opera-ish feelings to the show. WAY to much internal drama, something previous SG shows have always had a clear command structure that worked well as a team.

However now being the 5th episode I am completely turned off. First ANOTEHR SEX SCENE. FOr the love of god I don't watch this show so I can see some unknown actresses soft porn exposure. Thats ALL shes good for and its disheartening to see a beloved franchise sink to the gutter.

Next they involve more drama with lottery for survival. Why whats the point of this meaningless drama, I mean the premise a alien ship completely unknown part of space, so MUCH could be exploited by this premise but instead, we're having episodes where people are worried about having a shower? ANd whats with he food they're eating, bagged powder and water? Last i checked the military had M.R.E.'s, or at the very least in sga, and sg1 they had multitudes of power bars.

Im just so incredibly turned off by this show, and makes it difficult to watch in its entirety. The background music is even incredibly bad sounding EXACTLY like it was stolen from days of our lives.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I hope they shape up, forget the internal drama something SG franchise has touched but never flooded u with, which was a great thing.

SOme may like it but its fans something SG relies on in truth will NOT like this ....violation of their beloved franchise.


Im at the 9th episode now and I am completely sick of this show. I wouldn't even be watching this episode but, ep 8 had promise some real stargate feel to it. Then ep 9 rolls by and fills my heart with dread all over again.

WHY SO MUCH PORN!? I Understand when your show sucks, directors and script's have reflected more nudity to be an attention grab or shock value (ref: lady gaga) But ultimately underneith NO real substance or quality.

I am getting increasingly frustrated with this Chloe chick. OMG COuld a character be any more useless? No acting talent, no proper scripting make you despise a heroine in the movie to the level of hoping she dies!

LISTEN SYFY, first you made the huge mistake of changing your name (syfy what is that? Lets make our youth even more retarded), but now this? CUT the scripting, CUT most the actors and try to salvage this Immediately (cut out all the love triangle jargin especially), and you MAY save something.

Otherwise this show if survives will emphasize the radical declination of our modern cultural interest. I would truly be ashamed to be called a human at that point (as if im not already)

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No Sequels PLEASE, 23 October 2009

All I can say is. check out this movie called Idiocracy. There's a part in the movie where it is explaining how the human race has become so retarded, a movie based purely on the showing of a bare ass, was the blockbuster of the year.

This movie cleverly uses that exact metaphor.

I have to say the film festival version at least had the better ending, while the released theatrical one was.....changed.

This movie is what I call horror foreplay. THis moments when something occurs and IF they had done 'this' or 'that' could have made one heck of a scene. However, creating proverbial "blue balls", it never really makes any true home run hits when it comes to bringing a moment 'home'. Instead you find yourself with some, rather generic activity, strongly overshadowed by the MUCH exaggerated acting of the lead characters.

I have to say, the main highlight of the movie had to be the leading actresses....assets. However any joy that can be obtained from such visualization is shortly ruined by a movie plagued by obnoxious characters, horrible scripting, and, for the love of god, the closer to the end it gets the more ludicrous it seems especially went eh 'real' stuff starts happening , you continue to question why are these people so nonchalant about it, however freaking out every night.

The movie, which seems to be self ego'd for realism (the whole real TV thing going on) I have to say misses the ball, and strikes out hard. Lets just hope it doesn't inspire a sequel (ie Blaire witch). We've all seen what happens then...

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Not too Shabby, 1 April 2009

Well lemme just say I've seen the first movie of the series and was semi impressed, but more confused.

Never saw the second one. Just watched the 3rd.

Let me just say I honestly was intrigued through pretty much the whole movie. FOcused around 'time travel' but not in the traditional 'got a special machine sense'.

Based around a number of grisly murders, where the main character is attempting to 'witness' or even change the course of events by finding out who the killer is. I have to say I was curious to find out who it was and even though the discovery moment of the movie was kinda a weak climax for such awesome horror foreplay I have to say I went away generally satisfied. Not too bad of a twist, but then generic at the same time. However the overall experience is very entertaining.

I recommend watching it. The acting isn't bad for the most part and while the movie seems really confusing at first, if you pay attention it actually makes sense at the end.

Check it out, not for anyone but I'm sure a lot will get a kick out of it.

Below (2002)
Surprisingly Good AND Original, 7 July 2008

Okay let me first just say until doing a actress timeline search I hadnt even known about this movie, till 6 years after it came out. I don't know if it ever went to theaters or not, but let me say, it easiler could have been a blockbuster hit.

First thing you'll notice is A lot of well knowns are in this. AND not just well knowns but a great combination of GREAT actors and even a semi lesser known actress who does an extradornary job.

THe premise is pretty simple. A tale of a crew of a submarine, with a story that is VERY VERY well thought up. The best part is the 'enemy' never really makes 'itself' known, nore even if there is an enemy or just a string of some very unfortionate events. Plus the whole plot does a great job with its twist, making M.Night Shamalan look like an amateur.

The chemistry on screen is great, and even included a few people from movies I absolutely am entertained EVERY occasion of viewing, like the hot tub bandit from 'Out Cold' to the bounty hunter from Chronicles of Riddick, and the best part is they tend to even portray those characters, IF they had been on a submarine during WWII.

I also have to add the spooks in this movie are pretty descent, straying away from habits like Hostel and Saw have invented with the MUCH over emphasized gore. There is a few scenes depicting a dead body or severe injury to the realistic nature WITHOUT having to take it to the microscope, discovery health level.

If you like ghost stories, and like movies based on what I refer to as 'spooky stuff at sea' (like deep rising being a personal fav), you will absolutely enjoy this one. Its a perfect blend of that movie Ghost Ship, even in the sense of a great plot, great twist, and this one an ending which makes you disappointed the movie is over instead of glad its over.

Hancock (2008)
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Everything Okay EXCEPT Charlize Theron Role, 4 July 2008

Short and sweet.

Movie starts off pretty funny, when you'll finding yourself laughing a lot by the unique humor and original jokes. The plot is descent if you're going in open minded and not expecting a comic book style adventure where some ultimate bad guy has some super doom in mind for all humanity until said super hero defeats before said villain or nefarious event.

However, yopu'll immediately discover a sour taste in your mouth whenever a scene involving Charlize Theron comes into play. Her acting is so extremely artificial it almost is like watching a 3rd grade play. Aeon Flux was a perfect demonstration of this, but worked out better because well the character she was playing as was in general monotone anyways. However that sever acting flaw shines brightly in a movie thats more domestic than 'cold killer'. This gets even more highlighted when her role becomes more involved later in the movie.

Over all I was generally pleased by the movie until the deeper plot comes out which kinda makes it feel like the writers were runnign shallow on the idea and just making it up as they went along.

Over all its a good watch, can be easily waited for to be released to home theater but due to its action scenes and descent screen play by most of the people involved (minus Charlize Theron) you should be able to walk away with a new experience on your hands.

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One of Romeo's worst!, 5 May 2008

This review is gonna be short and sweet just like the interest span of the movie. You start off with a descent chaser, which ultimately sets u up for some zombie action. What follows is some of the worst acting and scripting I have ever seen.

First off lets comment on the party involved. A group of college film students. Okay. First thing you'll notice is how extremely annoying the camera man is. I mean extremely. The guy has no character, to the extent you wonder why he even has dialog. THe next worst actress is the second/main female leading role. This woman CANNOT act. Sometimes you wonder if she came up with the lines herself and just winging it. Her stretches of emotion really cry 'no real acting class used' and makes you almost wish she would hurry up and die in the movie.

The premise of the movie is descent. Documentary of a zombie attack. I love zombie movies. I love Romeos work. I hate this movie. Its extremely tacky , and even 'news' shots of the chaos , can be easily noticeable as simple riot footage, some I've even seen on some real TV shows. The zombies are back to the slow stupid kind. Making you wonder just how they even seem to be a menace, when a cricket can outrun them.

In conclusion, Debra Moynihan, stop acting NOW, you're not good at it, and your attempts to show emotion during acting backfires horribly. In that, I conclude the cast is what ruined this movie. Horrible main actress job, but the effects were descent if not stretched.

If you're into zombie flicks, this ones even a stretch to like for you. You'll find the simulation of chaos, ruined by the dumb witted participants. I have to say I cant get over just how bad Debra Moynihan made this movie, I really really couldn't stand her. In fact only 2 strike me as 'characters' worthy of noticing, being the professor, and the Deaf Amish guy with the TNT....Debra Moynihan is the Uwe Boll of acting.

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