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Real Men (1987)
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You might not have a sense of humor if..., 28 June 2002

... you didn't like this movie. I had the opportunity to watch this movie again (possibly my 20th time) this weekend and laughed all the way through it. The only reason why I'm leaving this comment is due to the overwhelming amount of negativity in many of the responses. Of course, "funny" is such a relative term and so interpretive that you cannot say this movie would appeal to everyone. If you fancy yourself a "sophisticated" person - you may not like it just on its lack of snob appeal alone. The only way to reference the humor in this movie is to compare it to other movies such as: "Used Cars" or "Planes, Trains and Automobiles". If you have seen these movies and NOT enjoyed them (even as a guilty pleasure)- please don't waste your time on "Real Men" - you simply don't have that sense of humor. - This movie is not Ben Hur - it exists to make you laugh - it's a comedy.