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Chasing Amy (1997)
Potential to be great...but that's it.
12 April 2003
Warning: minor spoiling.

After watching the movie, this thought came to mind: The message the movie delivers is great, but the overall execution was mediocre.

The comedic aspect of the movie delivers. I thought the comic angle, although not necessary, was a good compliment. Jason Lee is superb, as is Dwight Ewell. In fact, all the acting is generally good. However, the main point to the movie, the evolution of the relationship of Holden and Alyssa, does not deliver. Whether it's poor acting, or bad script writing, their relationship does not seem genuine. Unfortunately, that takes away from the message the movie is trying to deliver.

I'm giving it a 6/10.
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good episode but...
10 July 2002
This Japanese only episode introduces Metroplex, Trypticon, Ultra Magnus, the Arielbots, Protectobots, Stuntacons, and Combaticons. Note that this episode's plot conflicts with that of the American series, so it should be viewed as independent of its American counterpart.

The episode itself is good, however, this episode was meant to be a first of a running series - this episode ends in a cliff hanger - Metroplex and Trypticon are about to face off. Sadly, no other episodes were made.

It's quite unfortunate because the first episode showed potential of a strong series.
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