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This includes various characters throughout the RE universe.
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Got bored and decided to come up with a theoretical list of actors/actresses to play the characters of the popular 80's cartoon. I could totally see Rainbow Brite being a cool, creative project for someone who's looking to do something that's family friendly and fun. Even though the characters in the cartoon are children; I thought, for a film, it'd be more interesting if they were portrayed as teenagers.
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It's been recently announced that a movie based on the popular 1980's TV series now has a director.
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Any of these would be better suited for the role than Jennifer Garner.
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A list of people I could see, or would like to see, in a companion series to The Walking Dead.
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Personally, I would choose to do a modernized adaptation of the 90's cartoon Captain Planet w/out the mullet.
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It's been recently announced that Disney is planning to produce another film that centers around one of the villains, similar to their up & coming movie Maleficent. The next one is for 101 Dalmatian's Cruella de Vil. This is who I think I would choose to cast in it.
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This list includes various members of the Justice League as well as their enemies.
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The all-female version of Expendables.