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a list of 71 characters
Heroes and villains from Sci-Fi flicks.
a list of 244 titles
A list of films that have to do with gangs of all types...Italian, Irish, Russian, Mexican Mafia, Yakuza, street gangs, organized crime, etc...
a list of 1,021 titles
a list of 300 characters
Some of the best characters in the movies over the years from A-Z.
a list of 195 characters
List of Superheroes and Villians in the movies.
a list of 49 people
List of past and current stand-up comedians that I like.
a list of 137 characters
Favorite cowboys, lawmen, indians, pioneers, soldiers, bounty hunters, crooks, politicians, females, and bad-asses from western movies.
a list of 15 characters
A look at Bridges' career.
a list of 19 characters
Roles from current generation action-star Jason Statham.
a list of 18 characters
Roles from funny-man Murphy.
a list of 17 characters
Characters played by Big Arnie.
a list of 13 characters
The works of Penn from a stoner, burn-out, surfing, high-schooler to a gay activist.
a list of 16 characters
List of actors who have played Bounty Hunters.
a list of 27 characters
You thought he was just some snazzy dancer.
a list of 8 characters
Roles from one of the biggest action stars of all-time.
a list of 10 characters
Vin kicking ass from a gentle giant to a street racer eluding the law.
a list of 14 characters
A look at Jason's career.
a list of 134 characters
List of animated characters and the actors who have voiced them.
a list of 17 characters
George's work.
a list of 15 characters
Some of Jack's characters.
a list of 21 characters
Look at Marky Mark now.
a list of 14 characters
A look at Leo's work.
a list of 28 characters
A look at Samuel L. Jackson roles.
a list of 18 characters
Denzel roles.
a list of 29 characters
De Niro roles.
a list of 17 characters
Neeson kicking ass from a thief rescuing a princess from aliens to a retired CIA OP. retrieving his daughter who has been snatched to be sold in a prostitution ring.
a list of 13 characters
Kevin Bacon roles.
a list of 13 characters
Favorite Pitt roles.
a list of 10 characters
Favorite Pacino roles.
a list of 39 titles
Some of my favorite political(drama, thrillers, comedies, satires, etc..) films.
a list of 291 titles
List of animated films/TV shows adult and family.
a list of 25 characters
Actors who have protrayed political figures in the movies.
a list of 54 characters
List of heinous killers in films and TV series.
a list of 162 titles
List of favorite Sci-Fi films.
a list of 89 characters
Bad guys of the 10s.
a list of 31 characters
Characters from Stone films.
a list of 43 characters
Characters from Tarantino movies.
a list of 211 characters
Favorite action roles... Good guys, bad guys, bad-asses, heroes, villians, etc..
a list of 125 characters
Best slashers, monsters, aliens, entities, creatures, killers, demons, spirits, ghost, psychos and pure evil.
a list of 84 characters
Some fun assassin performances.
a list of 396 characters
The best female roles... Memorable roles, iconic roles, femme fatales, bad-asses, villians, heroes, evil women, comedic women, eye-candy, etc...
a list of 174 titles
Favorite sports films, extreme sports, auto racing, team sports, individual sports, etc...
a list of 200 titles
Movies based on or loosely based on real people and/or true events.
a list of 131 titles
List of favorite musicals by year.
a list of 57 titles
Some of my favorite Christmas themed movies A-Z.
a list of 88 characters
Bond villains, henchmen, allies, and women.
a list of 678 titles
a list of 67 titles
a list of 50 characters
a list of 95 titles
a list of 23 titles
a list of 25 titles
a list of 116 people
a list of 50 people
a list of 74 titles
My favorite remakes A-Z.
Some of these are not as good as the originals, but I enjoyed them non-the-less.
a list of 88 titles
Cult films from A-Z.
a list of 151 titles
Some of my favorite laughs.
a list of 35 people
My favorite horror directors a-z.
a list of 678 titles
A list of my favorite horror movies by year.
A mix of A-list, B-movies, cult favs, campy, creature features, supernatural, science fiction horror, blood-splattered, slasher films.
a list of 185 characters
My favorite "Bad Guys"