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Scorsese and Paul Schrader have a real passion., 14 November 2004

Of the four movies about Jesus that I've seen, Nic Ray's King of Kings, George Steven's The Greatest Story Ever Told, and that Mel Gibson thing -- this is easily the best one. Instead of just cataloging the event's of Jesus' life, while it does do that, it also gets down to the psychological aspects of Jesus. It's not truly a Jesus film in the sense that it follows the Bible as it is based on the Nikos Kazantzakis novel and adapted by Paul Schrader. Yet even so it stays close to the subject as told by the Bible with extra attention given the emotional burden and terror of a man forced to carry the weight of the worlds sins. Amazing film, which I think anyone who considers themselves religious should be absolutely required to see. A different viewpoint and it did stir up quite the controversy, but it's the ultimate homage to the Christian religion because it gives a meaning to the sacrifice and shows how horrible it must have been to suffer. Do watch Scorsese's film, but don't even bother with that Mel Gibson pornography.

Grade: A+

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He wanted to go into space, I wanted to leave the theater., 14 November 2004

Come see Jake Gyllenhaal, before he hit his stride as cult hero wonderboy in Donnie Darko and boyfriend of Kirsten Dunst! *Sigh* What this one boils down to is Rudy with bottle rockets. More worn out and silly motivation garbage preaching how your dreams can come true it you work really hard enough, believe, and maybe even tap your heels together in your ruby slippers and say... whatever. He's meant to be coal miner like his pa played by Chris Cooper. "I wanna go into space!" This is really paint-by-numbers inspirational after school special material. A few decent performances but they ain't given much to work with.

Grade: D+

Brutal, 25 June 2002

Wow this is one hell of a movie. Not to be missed. Although certainly an unknown gem, dont let that turn you off as this has some of the creepiest cajuns ever captured on film. Its like a cross between Rambo, Delieverance and the Predator except it takes the best eliments from all three films and combines them into one until the gruesome and brutal conclusion.

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