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Sharpe's Sword (1995) (TV)
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Read the book instead, 24 June 2002

I read the "Sharpe" books before they were adapted for televison, and although it is difficult to faithfully convey a novel in a two hour TV movie the adapatation of "Sharpe's Sword" disappointed.

As with the other films the backdrop is the Napoleonic War, however the whole point of the story is Richard Sharpe's desire to possess the sword of his deadly foe, and, the bond between Sharpe and Harper. The film totally fails to convey any of the emotions of the two characters; Sharpe and his consuming passion to own the Klingethal and Harper's, when halfway through it appears that Sharpe will die of injuries sustained in a swordfight.

The film becomes just another boys own adventure in the Sharpe series which is fine on one level but totally misses the point of the story

Enjoy the film for what it is but I encourage you to read the book.