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if you read the book, don't expect much from the movie, 1 January 2003

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I am a big fan of Anne Rice. I've read all the books, but i haven't seen 'Interview with a Vampire' simply because i had no will after reading the book. But something drove me down to my local Blockbuster to rent "Queen of the Damned"

And after about an hour through i wanted to throw something at the t.v. The movie, standing alone, would've been great. But saying that this movie is based off the book is laughable. The only thing they did was take some names, and slapped the title on it.

There are numerous differences between the two. More importantly, they left out the story of the twins, which is basically half the story. Sure, they had Maharet, but even she didn't play a significant role other than take the last drop of Akasha's blood, to which she turned into stone. Even so, Akasha didn't even die like that in the book!

Marius made Lestat??? That got me confused because i know for a fact that it didn't quite happen that way. What about the ancients?? They were on screen for about 3 minutes. And some of them died. That's funny, because in the book, none of the Ancients ( or Daniel and Jessie ) died after Mekare ( Maharet's twin in the book ) killed Akasha.

I do realise that this is supposed to be 2 books in one. But i don't quite see how "The Vampire Lestat" is there at all, except for his arising and being made ( But even that was different ). They should have just made each book into a movie.

This movie would have been great if it wasn't 'supposidly' based off the book. But it is, so i have come to the conclusion that if you have read the book, don't expect much of the story line to be in the movie.

**/ out of 5

Prancer Returns (2001) (V)
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A great movie!!!, 21 December 2002

I was flipping through channels when i came across this movie on USA. And i didn't regret it!! This movie was wonderful.

'Prancer Returns' is about a boy who found a reindeer and discovers that it's Prancer's son from the first movie ( i haven't seen it, so i dunno ). But the local Vice Principal from his school is determined to have it put down. Does he succeed?? Well, that is something that you have to find out by watching it.

Now if i can only find the prequel......

The Ring (2002)
Great, but stupid at the same time, 17 November 2002

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I'm a BIG fan of horror films, and i've seen my share that i don't really get freaked out.

The Ring is pretty decent. The story could have been ALOT better. There were plot holes the size of elephants. What did that kid Aiden mean "She doesn't sleep"? or What the hell was that woman doing at Noah's apartment after he died? Is she the ghost or something?

This is only one of the 2 movies i've walked out on saying 'God d*mnit, why? you KNOW theres gonna be a sequal" ( The other being Spider-man )

This movie is a little overhyped. I wasn't scared at all. If you want a real scare, go see Signs or The Others.

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i'm not laughing, 2 November 2002

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Why would anybody find this funny?


This movie is totally one-sided with no comedy at all. I think the only part i ever laughed at was with mrs. buttersworth or something like that. It was retarded, and lame. what really urked me was the ending. Who was smoking something to get a lame ending like that? it could have been better! I wasted like an hour of my life. Seeing somebody get raped, especially by the ex-girlfriend, was not tops on my list 1/10--for Josh

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great!!!, 8 September 2002

I remember i used to watch this show religiously!! It used to scare me and my friends beyond belief. I heard that nick started this show again, but i'm scared to watch it, seeing how dumb the shows are.

I hope the reruns come on so i can watch them again!

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not as good as the first, 11 August 2002

The first one was practically a classic. i remember being Mason Gamble ( the person who played Dennis in the first one ) age when it came out. and i always remembered "Hey mr. wiiiiiilson!". I saw this one and i was thinking "um, okay???". If you've seen the first one starring Gamble, this one won't be as intertaining.

"ER" (1994)
losing it's steam...., 2 August 2002

I used to be an avid fan of ER, watching every night. It used to be a great show. Now its just losing its steam.

ER lost great actors such as Sherry Stringfield ,George Clooney, and Juliana Marguiles. And Noah Wyle's character has gone through women like gum. And now i heard that Eriq La Salle is leaving. I think its great that there are new personalities, but they're making them dull.

I stopped watching ER about a year ago. ER now seems like a one hour soap opera than a one hour drama series. Its sad, but all shows eventually take this road...

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Don't you guys understand the concept of a cartoon??, 15 July 2002

Okay, many of you reviewers are like "the girls don't stand a chance against some of the villians, its impossible". Well, duh, its called a cartoon!! I don't see people complaining about Tom and Jerry, Where Tom runs into a shovel and the shovel takes the shape of the face. Whats the difference?? I used to watch What a Cartoon or Cartoon Cartoon, though i can't remember which one, and PPG was on it.

In real life,can people like Dexter be that smart enough to build a lab and not have anybody find out? Can dogs like Scooby Doo talk? NO! But, Scooby Doo is popular, as is Dexter's Lab. So, since dogs can't talk, and little boys can't build labs, That makes the show already suck? No. So why should Powerpuff girls be bashed simply because what they do is impossible?

Maybe people should just sit back and view it as a cartoon, i think they'd be surprised that they find a decent show!

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funny, hillarious, downright awesome show!, 15 July 2002

South Park ranks amoung my top favorite TV shows ( along with Courage, the Cowardly Dog ). South Park is one very funny show. But poor Kenny officially dies *tear*. BRING BACK KENNY! Though Tweek is very funny.

Like i said, South park is a funny, hillarious, downright awesome show!

"Rugrats" (1990)
Classic Rugrats were better, 15 July 2002

I used to watch Nick when the Original 3 came out, which was Doug, Ren and Stimpy, and Rugrats. I was a fan of 2, Doug was just a little off. Rugrats really did rock back then. Then, it just ran out of gas.

People who say that its the best cartoon/kids show are obviously new to the show. The original Rugrats came out when i was in elementry school ( i'm going to the 11th grade for the '02-'03 school year ). That was the talk of the playground. Me and my friends would go around humming the theme song. To this day i still quote the old Rugrats. So imagine my disappointment when i hear that Rugrats were cancelled. I was glad that i begged my parents to buy me Rugrats Vacation.

Between the time that the show was cancelled and then re-aired, I got used to other shows like Salute Your Shorts, Clarissa explains it all, and The Secret World of Alex Mack ( which don't run anymore ). Then Rugrats reappeared. I was so happy, only to be so disappointed.

Don't get me wrong, i mean, they were pretty decent when the first started to aire again, then The Rugrats Movie came out, it got worse. Rugrats In Paris was just downright embarrassing. All the new characters are annoying, and Angelica got softer.

'All Growed Up' was pretty good, but i have this odd feeling that it was the beginning of the end of Rugrats. But thats whats good for it. Rugrats got more boring and it strays away from what it used to be. Like other reviewers said, if you want true Rugrats. See the classics.

Thats an example of why Nick is just getting dumber and dumber as the years pass by. They cancel good shows, only to be replaced by extremely dumb and irritating shows. Since then, i refuse to watch anything related to Nick. If you want to see good animation, watch Cartoon Network.

RIP Classic Rugrats.

10/10 for classic Rugrats, 0/10 for newer Rugrats

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