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I love to see comedy movies on Friday night after the hectic week schedule. I enjoy many of them but here are some of the best you will like too
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Yeah...I been told this movies are too bad to watch but still on my watch list.
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seen too much of world cinema and sci-fi but starting from May 2013, I will be waiting for these comedy flicks, romantic-comedy, action-comedy or comedy-comedy
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These are some of the best erotic movies in foreign language i have ever seen...some of them are really opened up for everything like unstimulated sex, oral sex, vaginal penetration etc. but some of them really need quality patience to understand it well till the end of the movie and most important is the way of expressing man/women desires that we can't even expect from Hollywood
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Movies that won Oscar for The Best Picture category
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In Hindu religion we have different beliefs about this life, past life and future. Here are some of the greatest movies of Hollywood and the evidence found in mythology
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woman's are like wine they get better and better with age..isn't that true?
check out my list of the Most amazing and beautiful mature woman's of Hollywood
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Hollywood is not in lack of new stories but its great to watch some classic movies with some great visual effects as well as camera work. These are some of the best movies which are remade in Hollywood.