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By the books western, 6 May 2005

As a big Robert Conrad fan I purchased the tape a few years back, watched it once and put it on the shelf, just recently looked at it again and enjoyed it more the second time around. Roy Jensen and Jan-Michael Vincent co star in this by the books western yarn, Jensen, who appeared with Conrad in the "Wild Wild West" episode "Night of the Eccentrics" plays one of three outlaws running from the law and travel south into Mexico where they are caught by mercenaries but are released while on the end of hang mans ropes quite literally, a lot of riding horses through the desert shots later the film meets a violent end. Conrad starred and co-directed on a trip to Mexico during hiatus between season 1 and 2 of "Wild Wild West". If you are a Conrad fan you should be satisfied by this effort, I believe it was Jan Michael Vincent's first film role as well.

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Nice period piece., 6 May 2005

Picked up this hard to find TV movie on an ebay auction, Conrad plays hard edged private eye out to find out who "iced" his friend. Conrad does some post "Wild Wild West" boxing and 4 on 1 fighting with his usual flair, story moves along fine and Shelley Winters makes an appearance. Conrad has a few scenes where he dons disguises, like Ross Martin did as his partner in "Wild Wild West", not a bad way to spend 90 minutes. I understand that this was a pilot for a TV series that did not "sell", is a shame because the "Nick Carter" character had a lot of possibilities that could have been explored in a role Robert Conrad was well cast to play. Guest cast was a good one and watch the unusual turn by Pernell Roberts. Recommended.