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Totally watchable., 12 October 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I don't know why so much negativity? The movie is by no means "unwatchable".

Its very well done and everything looks awesome. Very solid visual and aural solutions.

Actors' "play" is heavily criticized for lack of "expression", BUT it seems that people forget this is demanded by the story and characters.

The father is life-long military man who does not know how to convey his feelings for his son or family, more to that - he trained himself to steel his heart, to suppress his fear or rage and employ highly rational thinking in face of crisis - a necessary part of "ghosting".

His son, while tortured with guilt, is by no means an average teen. He is a cadet (and of the top ones). He was trained in military camp for years trying to get his father's approval and be a ghost like him (that is - emotionless and calculating). Success!

I don't get the complaints. What exactly did reviewers expect to see as "good acting"? An hour long discussion about their feelings toward each other accompanied with limitless tears and nail biting? Come on, people. Them are "silent strong male" types trying to survive the f*cking crash.

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Not worth your time, 10 January 2013

The whole thing looks like a premise of a porn movie. And the premise goes on and one for more than an hour. Tedious and repetitive. We are treated with a big number of mostly naked man and too many close ups on nipples. Most of these men are only given a single line of text.

The wholesome of the story is revealed in the first and the last 5 minutes. Everything in between is a naked wet men footage.

Seriously, what the hell?

Pretty much everything about this movie was bad, but acting stands out.

I cannot recommend this to anyone. If you want to look at men bodies, go straight to porn sites, this trash is best be forgotten.

Mantera (2012)
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Its like they are mocking us., 16 December 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I haven't encountered so much bad written cheesy dialog per minute in awhile. You can't be writing that awful unless you consciously try to replace every possible line with a cliché phrase.

I can understand medium budget CGI, I can forgive simpleton plot (yet another battle of good vs evil), but what on earth made them name prime forces "Alliance of Light" and "Legions of Darkness"??!! Those are literally the names of the two, and its not even ironic. And so on it goes all through the movie. The script is created straight out of some kid's imagination, we have savior who is a "purest soul", evil corporation, spacecraft stolen from X-Men, Star Gate-ish teleport device... heck! they even managed to clue in a martial arts training montage.

The only plus side is that global crisis does really feel global - we are shown different countries, nations, languages - and are not happening somewhere in the backyard of a typical USA small town.

Lost Woods (2012)
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Not as bad as it seems., 5 November 2012

Well, OK. The movie is not going to be an award nominee. Just get it down if you are about to watch this film. Managing expectations is a point in this case. Comic-ish intro sequence is actually rather good and sets you up for something with greater production value, but it is a decoy. The intro is probably the best part of this film.

Overall, the whole thing looks like a student's work, and almost every part of it leaves you wishing for better. Better acting, better camera work, better script, better FX.... It is not horrible, its just not on the level we are taught to expect from modern-era cinema, with millions of dollars invested into the making of a single movie.

Despite all downsides, I rated it 7. I found it to have a certain... charm. When you get to the core of it, it is not your typical "picnic-in-the-woods-turn-massacre" slasher. The whole thing is a rather dull implemented plot device to tell you a story of a person's journey from being a scared boy to a man. The monster is really secondary to that. It could be as well "group-of-friends-escape-building-on-fire", or some other dramatic event. And this is what I liked, the film has a message, its not just blood! guts! gore! tits! of an average horror flick.

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Scenarists do really need to be more computer-literate., 14 June 2008

Pff! It pisses me off.

I thought things like computer monitors exploding from hacker's attack are all in the past.

Yet this episode shows that a beer spilled on a keyboard causes monitor's image distortion and flickering. And not only that computer's monitor, but a neighbor monitor as well! Is it a kind of "infectious malfunction"? (By the way, this kind of malfunction CAN be produced on CRT monitor, only if damage applied to monitor's internals, but definitely this cannot be happening on LCDs, not by hardware damage).

For those who don't know: keyboard to computer is like remote to TV - if you crash remote you won't be able to control your TV, but that is all, no odd image distortions!!!

The other thing of this episode - secret database hidden behind a game - it is just ridiculous! Oh, theoretically one can make this trick. If that person is a super-duper hacker/programmer. Do you imagine how much efforts it takes to actually decompose a solid application and merge into it a stand-alone commercial database engine? And every time he wants to look into his database he must spend few hours to reach level 10?

I am software engineer myself and I tell you: It is much easier to use a simple password check, than build a monstrous system which can be bypassed by just any teen around.

It seems that the scenarists were in prison for many years?