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Hard Candy (2005)
Stupid People!
7 December 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I bet who directed the movie was either been through this or has been blamed for it. This is stupid and so are the people that accuse pedophiles. You know he could of just been admitting to something he never did. Just because some one says something, does not actually mean they did it.

There has been number of people confessing to things they never did, just for the attention. The whole I got you, now I am going to make you kill yourself, is just stupid. The whole movie was boring. You know what this movie reminds me of, and never saw this one before it. Knock Knock, which I thought was dumb, but better than this one.

This movie with Patrick just makes him look bad as he did in The Conjuring. Never thought Conjuring was scary, and never will, and this was never even that much of a thriller. This also reminds me of a women I met that always said some hateful things about men. None, of it was all true, but just some of it.

No matter what you say to these women, they just keep arguing. Nothing pleases them. Just as bad as conspiracy theorists. Debate after debate. Nothing comes out right, but hey keep arguing just to think it pleases them. Nothing ever gets to be the right thing.

If anyone is a psycho, it is these people that think they can say something and hope it makes it all better. Life is just bad for everyone, but making it worse, does not make it better. Stopping someone you think is a bad person, does not mean anything, because there are more out there.

So many innocent people getting thrown in prison for what the actual person that did it gets away. So many people take things too far, and never find out the truth. Oh well, for those people. They think they are so smart, but in reality, they are not. Confessions are not always the truth.
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Preservation (2014)
Look at the idiot reviews
28 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Just because she is maybe 2 weeks pregnant does not mean should could not make it and kill them all. How stupid people are just to complain about her killing them because she is pregnant. Man I am tired of the lame crappy reviews you see on this site.

It is better than people say it is on this site. Way too many terrible reviews on this movie and I bet they rate the worst ones higher than this one. Always the way this site is. No way you can trust most of the reviews on this site at all.

So what if there are plot holes. Even the better movies have a couple of plot holes. Man I am boggled at how many people are so idiotic. 3 campers go and find out they are hunted down by teenagers and the pregnant women of a husband and his brother are attacked.

The women ends up being the one that survives the whole thing. Better than what you see in other reviews. Needed a 10 because the crap you see on this site puts good movies down. Need to see more 10 reviews for it.
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Don't Kill It (2016)
People ripping off other people, not movie off another
24 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The problem not lies in the movie but the reviewers. They are so picky, that they take it out on the movies, but think they are better by tearing the movie down, which the movies they are tearing down are better than the people tearing it down.

This whole site rating is backwards. The whole high rated movies are actually worse than the ones rated bad. Go figure, because this site can't force a mandatory rating or vote for movies. So the ratings on these movies are always going to be f-ed up.

All this time with the site up, they still can't figure to make the ratings or voting mandatory. If you take a little of your rime for each title, you would know what I am talking about. Half or more each title are no stars at all, but in the review they put stuff like, 3 out of 5 or 2 out of 5 only.

That is not the actually rating IMDb. You won't fix it, then the whole point of coming to get real opinions of movies on this site is pointless, and can't believe one person on this site at all. Only believe yourself and try the movie out for yourself.

Know one is going to know more whether you love, hate or just like the movie until you watch it. These reviews are just trash. So do not even believe me, just watch it. That is how bad this site is for reviews. If I had a site and money to maintain it, then I would be giving accurate reviews that are better.
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Get Out (I) (2017)
What the....?
23 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
OMG! People liked this? I don't care if this is more a thriller than a horror movie. It was unbearably slow, and even when it got to the end with the killing people to get away, it was too fast to be even a horror with the gore. It left many questions to WTF? I don't care if others love these kind of movies that just are so deep that make you think to be a great movie. I think if you have to hurt your head just to understand it, then it is a terrible movie, not great. I have no problem with black and white relationships. I am white or Caucasian.

I do have a problem with director not making his movie clearly easy to understand like this one. 3/4 movie is just waste, and the end is just like, "what the..., is this?" 7.7 rating is way too high. Sorry, but I am more into violence and gore fan.

This is slight gore, and slight violence. The only reason for an R is the language, the rest is just blah. Cut the language to one F word, and you got a PG-13 movie here. I do not care if they say it is based on a black guy interpretation. It is not that good at all.

I saw heck of a lot more better movies than this. Not a more than once watch for me at all.
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Can we say Supernatural?
21 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The eyes go dark on the ones that go evil. Just like the demons on Supernatural. LOL! I agree with others that the acting is way bad. I usually am defending horror movies that bad is okay for horror movies, but this is beyond bad acting.

The blonde is just dumb through the whole movie. I usually watch all the way through even on bad movies, and this one is making it hard to do that. Only a few make it hard. Troll and Troll 2 are like that. I only watched those on television broadcast.

This one is on Netflix and definitely giving thumbs down. No way that people say this shouldn't be a 3.3. Well, you are kind of right because it should be a 2 rating. Not even scary the least. I love rated R and unrated for over the top gore but this is just bad from the acting.

I don't think just the acting but the director is bad too.
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Starry Eyes (2014)
Not Rated?
18 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Good movie but what is the NR for? This is nothing close to Hellraiser: Hellbound. Just showing blood is not that gory to me. Usually Not Rated or Unrated is over the top gore, and this is just a horror movie that should be just R rating. I can't believe people that make such a deal over tamed stuff.

This girl is hot and tries to audition for a horror movie role. Oh well, people want to say this movie is gory, then they need to get out more. This is really tame for gore. Even what is even listed under gore on this site, is tame, but says 10/10 on it. No way.

Only the bad language is making this movie higher than a PG-13. I can't stand what people say when it comes to wrong information on a movie. So what if I sound like an over the top gore freak but I rather see that than a tamed up movie that is boring, like a lot of so called horror fans trying to be fans and hate the gore.

Pretty darn mellow, boring, and slow is all I can say, but for normal movie.
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Slasher (2016– )
What is wrong with all of you complainers?
9 November 2017
Nothing wrong with this show, and the main character is just fine too. Do not listen to the dummies out there that pick at everything they watch. Just plain dumb to listen them. This is better than some horror movies that people rate higher, and the great ones rated lower.

The whole rating system is messed up on this site. Do not trust the ratings either. TV shows are not the same as movies. They are drawn out to be longer. That is just the way it is. Get a life, those complainers. I will just enjoy watching what I love, and that is stuff like this.

So many slasher movies, but this is fresh air to actually see slasher stuff into television series. I hope people are not all like these complainers. Just way too many of them in the world.
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Missionary (2013)
Decent Thriller
8 November 2017
Well, this is decent thriller and jumpy at some parts, but I heard things about things happening on missions with missionaries on the mission I went to. Santa Rosa, California, around 1992 to 1994, is when I went on mine. There was a women I was tempted to do the same thing with.

I am not like this guy in the movie. She was hot, and luckily, I had a companion that got me not to do it. My last area of the mission too. So I would of been like this except I did not think of having a family with her and sealed.

I am still going to church, and never done anything like this in the movie. This movie is great, and I am into horror movies and some thrillers. I always wanted to see this movie, and watched it on Netflix. I am glad I did and enjoyed it. It only deserves a 5 though.

So it is not fabulous but good. I would watch it again but just to watch if there is nothing else to watch and be okay with it.
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Red State (2011)
Not LDS Cult, You Dummies!
7 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
So sick of this kind of crap put out to make a normal religion look bad. Just because they hate them. Do not tell me that is not what this movie is about. LDS people do not do this crap. FLDS are totally different and are like this. So quit comparing LDS to FLDS.

People are so dumb to do this. WOW! The world now a days are so stupid to go this far, and actually make movies and television shows about making the LDS church look bad, when they are not. Those people will have to face it in the end.

Oh well, go ahead. There are worse religions out there that do this stuff, and are not even LDS. One Criminal Minds episode with Luke Perry, and Numbers episode, and this movie. These people are the clueless ones about LDS church. Keep your bad information to yourselves and quit giving it to others.

Must be atheists that do this stuff.
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Little Evil (2017)
Not funny at all, and not scary either!
6 November 2017
It is alright but for a horror movie, this is bad for what I would expect for a horror movie. This is like "This Is The End," which is not that good either. This is the end movie, is better than this in comedy but that was more disgusting in comedy, than it was funny.

I hate when comedy is considered stupid and people actually think it is funny. It is not funny at all. I think horror is more like slashers, and the action or disturbing over the top gore, is a lot better than this. So for those liking this is a little much. I prefer to rate this low on Netflix and get better stuff to watch.

Good luck on this content, but to me it is terrible to my liking of horror movie. 4 stars for interesting but nothing more.
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What is wrong with fake gore? Love this movie!
29 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I cannot understand the hate of fake gore. People say it is unnecessary but it is really necessary. All the movies without it are unnecessary, because it is part of horror but not all of horror for a movie. Cutting it out is just basically turning it into a thriller.

Irritating to hear someone claim they are a horror fan but can't stand the fake gore. WTH? Do not ever call yourself a horror fan, if you have to only watch movies without gore. Argument never stands with saying there is no need for the fake gore.

From start to finish, this is an awesome gory zombie movie. Anyone that keeps talking smack about gore, just is not all there in the head. You could say the for me, that likes it. Well, I do not consider a horror movie without it a horror movie.

This movie starts in a hospital and a nurse working, then after work goes home to her husband, but while at work a patient is taken with a bite. Turns out we don't know what is going on until she gets home and hangs out with her husband and has sex, she takes a shower and sleeps at night.

In the morning is when hell breaks loose with zombies getting more and more coming. All of a sudden her husband is attack by a kid next door biting him and turning him into one, and then she leaves with her husband trying to attack her.

The rest just gets more interesting. You can watch it for yourselves. It is awesome, and for the fake gore haters. Just keep in your PG-13 club, and all the real horror fans will enjoy the real actual horror movies.
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Death Note (2017)
Idiots rating this!
23 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I do not understand why that you people put this movie down. Sorry, but this is a lot better than Troll movies of horror genre by a million miles. You don't need stupid slapstick comedy in a horror like Troll movies to make them good, which are so terrible to watch.

I really hate people that say they are horror fanatics and they just say bad things about horror movies, and then they rate terrible movies higher than the actual better ones, like this one. Thousands of people rated this movie as bad. Stupid if you ask me.

Oh well, to each their own. I will just keep enjoying this great movie while you people complain.
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Awesome Sequel!
5 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Man, I am tired of reading stupid reviews, that just people are not all there. The one that says the title, and then they were confused that there is no cult. What The? How could you not see the many dolls that look a like except one with a weird hairdo?

Come on, those dolls were brought to life from Tiffany, to have chucky soul in each of them. Like multiplicity but the cult was the extra dolls following chucky's killings in the first place. Did you see the same movie as us? Not that hard to figure out.

Some people are just not there or are but not trying hard enough. Not trying to be totally rude, but jeez, there are just some people that make you wonder what is wrong with them. There is also at the end where there is Tiffany as a human and the doll in back seat as possessed Tiffany doll.

Cult is a following of what is being done. That is what is happening in this movie. The extra dolls are following chucky in killing people. Not that hard to figure out why it is titled "The Cult Of Chucky." I say that this is gory but not as gory as they claim.

I watched the unrated, and it just seems to be pretty tame for an unrated. Most unrated are not much more than the R anyways. There are a few that promise the unrated over the top. Hellraiser 1 & 2, Dead Alive, The Midnight Meat Train, and more.

Tame on the comedy jokes from Chucky. Never expected the outcome on the end of this one. Always, on this series is a left to hint there is another to come. There is the remake supposedly going to be made too. I watch them all. I like remakes, just to see what it is like, bad or good.

I am a horror fanatic, and that just not mean a lot of PG-13 ones. Those are not considered enough to be a horror movie to me. They are cut from the real horror that should be in a horror movie. We need a massive bring back of unrated and R rated horror movies.

I will always go for the unrated over the top gore over the R, and no PG-13 horror, will ever get my attention like them. If you are a fan and love this, then that is good, but if you are a fan, and can't stand it and disappointed, then something is wrong with you.

People that get irritated with gore and rather have a tamed PG-13 horror, then better ever, never meet me in this world. I won't enjoy them, and never agree they are great movies. Check this out, and hope you love it as much as me.
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Very nice older horror movie!
1 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Okay, I just read a review of this movie and the guy says this movie is PG-13. Where the heck did you get that rating from? It says it is rated R, and no where else says PG-13 for this movie. Someone has lost his marbles. Need to go find them dude.

One of the best Anthology movies, but not the best. Most of the 80s anthologies are very good compared to the newer ones. This one pulls you in and really takes you into the horror at the end. I really enjoy these kind of horror movies.

Just not that many done in the 90s or 2000s. I wish there were though. I really like catching this on Comet television network. That I saw it quite a few times now. Creepy, but I do not get scared easily, and PG- 13 horror is a no scary movie at all for me.

Lack of everything a rated R horror movie should have from a PG-13 horror. So there is no way this one was PG-13. Guy that said that is nuts. Must of been on something to say that. Check it out.
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Not as bad as the people are saying!
28 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
People say it is bad, but really isn't must be the relatives of the drunk kids. Jeez, I liked it a lot and I am not really into trucker movies or rednecks. So must be a redneck to not like it. I am not. Oh well, you either hate it or love it.

I love it, and thought it was okay, but missed after watching the first half hour and then did other things. Now, catching it again and watching it all the way through on television, and all I can say is, that it is a great and awesome revenge movie.

I think this site sucks because the ratings on here suck from bad reviewers, and this site lets the bad reviews in. No forcing of ratings, just people making things up to ruin the ratings. I will enjoy it while others complain about it.

People are so picky about movies, it's pathetic.
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So Sad that People Like this
17 August 2017
First one hated and regretting seeing it, then I see the sequel knowing that the first one sucked, this one has to, too. It was exactly as I thought. First one was considered R rated for scares alone, and there was not one scary part in it. Like a TV-14 movie from TV got put on the big screen.

As for the first paragraph about this one, is the same. No difference on rating. Must of been a teenager hired to preview the movie before released to get the rating for it. Now, they rated R, but really should be TV-14 rating.

People actually got scared off these two movies? Annabelle was spin off the first and was not even scary, and had more gore than both of these two together and did not get scary. What is wrong with directors and producers now a days?

Both Sinister movies was hell of a lot better than all Annabelle's and The Conjuring movies. They are not making any more sequels to the Sinister movies. That is a shame. I rather see many, many more sequels of Sinister movies, than this crap.

These two movies put shame to the R ratings. Blasphemy is what this is. No recommendation as for horror movies to watch.
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Really, Misunderstood?
16 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Comedy is not Horror, no matter what anyone says. Totally, two different genres. This is nothing to be considered a horror movie. So it should never be listed in genre for this movie at all. It is about a nut that goes nuts, thinking he is a Vampire after being bit by one, and assumes he is turning into one.

Pretty stupid if you ask me and not even funny. How people are saying it is misunderstood is stupid too. Horror is not meant to be funny at all. That is why it is called Horror. Stupid to say stupid things, and expect others to agree with you. My mother does this all the time. Why the heck rate a movie high just for comedy alone?

Annoying when he calls Alva name over and over again, and chases her to the ladies room. Stupid as heck. I love Nicholas Cage but this is by far his worst movie. Should be an option for negative votes or rating. If you don't rate, then it is not for or against the movie on this site at all.

That is so stupid that people do not rate when reviewing movies on this site because of that exact reason. That is why a lot of movies are rated bass ackwards. So glad they got rid of the bulletin Boards. Too many people complaining about bad movies being to low and that they are not that bad, like this movie.

They would be saying stuff that makes no way for it to be rated higher. There is at least one bad movie for an actor, and this is Nicholas Cage one. Only thing on television right now. So kind of forced to watch it. Too bad television broadcast sucks with bad movies and too much reality television.
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Deathgasm (2015)
Worst Movie? You are Stupid!
4 July 2017
You think this is stupid and the worst, then you must love Troll 2 then. Dumb people should stay in their own group. Should never be invited to the party. Keep your dumb comments to yourself. This is better than what you call better than this. Almost all PG-13 are lame and tame to what real horror movies like this does.

Stick with your teeny boppers and be that childish jerk off teenager lover of wanna be PG-13 horror movies that are more of a thriller that can't handle to be a rate R or unrated movie. So many lame people out there to put down better movies and say that better movies are trash, and the trash is what they watch instead, and they praise that instead.

The real dummies come on this site to review movies and can't use grammar well, or even type like they are toddlers to give their own opinion of a movie. Stick to your trash and I will enjoy my better movies that you watch anytime. As for gore, it is the best gore movie out there. Anyone that can't handle should of never watched it in the first place. Dummies!

Funny, this is one of the best mixed comedy and horror together. So kiss off! Just like the people that TCITW movie. Either love or hate movie, but way too many haters out there. Oh well, if I ever ran into someone that hated this kind of movie, they would never be talked to or recognized as a person at all. Unless, it is my family, then I can forgive them.

People I do not at all, won't bother at all to even acknowledge. So keep to yourself. I actually love Metalcore but this is an awesome movie to watch. I love Dead Alive too. So just stick with tame, dummies.
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Way too many bad reviews for an Awesome movie!
4 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I hate to say this but I hate PG-13 movies like a passion, but this took me by surprise. I was like slow at first and then woah, it is better than people are saying. I hate people that just because they do not like it, it is the worst movie ever, and not to everyone because of it. People like this are just out of their minds trying to persuade others to not take their own opinions and watching it themselves to find out if it good or not.

Yes, as I have said it starts kind of slow, but once it kicks in, it is very fast paced and good. One of the best PG-13 horror movies. I did not notice the F words that IMDb says it contains in the PG-13 version. I never saw the unrated one. I think they messed it up saying that the PG-13 has 6 F-words in it. I think it is the unrated one has it, and saying that makes me want to buy the unrated one on Blu-Ray.

Don't Think It, Don't Say It! Over and over again. Kind of like Candy Man movie, without saying it three or five times to bring the horror. I am the horror buff that loves R and Unrated over PG-13 but this has to one PG-13 movie I would watch if they put it on television. I would buy the Blu-Ray unrated in a heartbeat when I have the money. The bad reviews are just bad people that don't what hit them.

I can't stand people that give good movies a bad rap. They need the bad rap about their stupid reviews. So, do not listen to the crap reviews and listen to our great reviews.
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Not scary at all
29 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This is a horror movie and there is not one thing even to think it could be scary. What is wrong with people rating this high for a horror movie. It is like a dramatized play on a movie. I for one as using this movie an example of Price movies, it terrible and boring as heck. I can't see what people would rate this movie so flipping high, and rate actually more talking and action, lower than this movie.

This one is not even a bother of watching all the way through. I never liked any of Price movies. Just can't see the fetish of Price. Same goes with John Wayne, and also Elvis Presley and so on. Well, to each their own. Good luck with liking these kind of movies.
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Awesome Movie and Bad Reviews on here
28 May 2017
People that say it is bad are stupid and the ones that think movies are to be made for reality. What is the point of seeing a movie if it is more of a reality, instead of taking us away from reality? People are just dumb when being a critic to a movie. I watch movies for the entertainment, not for whether it is based of a fact or true happening or story.

Movies are for disbelief and that makes entertainment. If it was a fact, true happening or story, then it basically a documentary, and documentaries are the most boring genre to any movie. Documentaries are for education, not entertainment. That is why Found Footage sucks so bad, and those who like them suck. Yes, found footage is a documentary tried to be a drama or other genre, that should not be.

Hate reading dumb reviews about how it is not real on how it happens in the movie but in real life that would not happen. What is the difference between movies and real life? Not them being the same. If I want to get my mind of problems in my life, I would not be watching people going through the same stuff.

I would be watching this kind of stuff instead, dummies. So many people that probably have high IQ but act dumb as they can be without trying. Maybe they should have two theaters in one. One for us that like entertaining movies and the other for those who want boring found footage and documentary movies or based on true story, which say that are based on true stories but aren't.

I will stick with entertainment and not be bored. I can watch this many times over and still enjoy it. Just people are too hard to please. Stay away from those people. They are trouble or trouble makers or arguers and debaters on everything.
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I hate found footage but....!
23 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This is surprisingly awesome for a found footage. I hate shaky camera movies with a passion but this one blew my mind for horror. Sorry, TBWP fans. I hate TBWP and never liked it but this one compared to it, blows it out of this world. I went and saw TBWP, and wish I asked for money back.

I did not watch this one in the theater but for free with friend owning it. I thought before knowing it was a found footage and was debating to watch it, because of this. I finally jumped in and took the chance and do not regret it but glad I did. This was an awesome movie for a found footage.

Like I said that I hate shaky camera, but what I really love was the continuous pace it had. No just boring parts like on TBWP. I like the part where they first realized they were going in circles and going through the same places they already been. That creep me out. I was blow away that they kept seeing things come at them.

Another thought when they went in the catacombs was The Descent, that movie I really love too but not much a found footage. George I like and all the movies I saw him in, he did great. So when I saw him in it, knew he would be just as good or better. This is one I would try to get on bluray and watch a lot.
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Baskin (2015)
Awesome But......!!!
22 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I would of given this a 10 rating but with not in English and the captions that I despise and really hate so darn bad. I just can't stand captions or subtitles. I rather it be dubbed in that countries released language. Like I am in USA means English.

So sick of wanting to watch a movie and it is not in that language you live in that country. I do not give a crap if it costs more money. It is just more logical to do it that way, then reading the darn screen or movie like a book instead. Rather hear and see than read and try to see or watch.

I think all foreign movies should be dubbed instead. I could careless about those that hate dubbed movies. I rather have that then text all over the screen, no matter what. No matter how good the movie is a 10. If it has captions, it is dropped to a 7 instantly.

Besides that this is an awesome movie and love the gore. I love gory movies, and welcome them all. I just can't get enough of the gore. Seemed really slow in the beginning, getting started but then when it finally started somewhere, it was more towards the end. Evil, creepy, and dark.

Hard to tell what is going on with caption crap, but with the cops being called for backup and end up in a trap to hell in an old abandoned police station, deep down under the building, and sacrificed like animals. This is pretty gory.
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The Stranger (IV) (2014)
Awesome Movie!
21 May 2017
I read that review that the guy says he did not like it because the language from the actors was dubbed. He rather have subtitles instead. That is crap. I rather have dubbed over language than trying to watch with text all over the stupid screen. People like that should just go to the other country and watch it.

If I wanted to read a book, then I would not watch and read on the stupid screen. Some people just think that because they finally actually do something right, that it isn't right. I did not see anything wrong with the way they talked. Awesome movie but dragged a little slow.

I hate captions or subtitles so bad it is more annoying than any dubbing over. Just wish people would let it be done more. So sick of reading instead of watching. Hard to tell what it going on in a movie that way. Just do it right and the movie is good like this one. The guy is stupid to say this was bad because of the dubbing.
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Videodrome (1983)
Woods Best!
17 May 2017
Sorry, if those like him in other movies but this is far his best to me. I really like horror movies and this one is a torture porn kind of horror movie. I really enjoyed this one. Lots of sex, torture, and killing horror. Too bad there are not more movies like this or they continued with sequels.

I would love to see more than two movies of this in a series. It is just awesome. The gore is incredible. I can not watch it enough, it is that good. I love women but the one he sleeps with is kind of fugly to me. Do not know how they chose her for the part, but I just think she is that bad.
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