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Stunts - Stunts - Stunts - A cheap way to make a so called slasher-horror film and have a little padding to it.
10 April 2008
Warning: Spoilers
1) Arthur, a seemingly precocious little boy, is caught spying on his Mother and her drunk 'bad guy' boyfriend while having sex. We already have a rip off of a number of films - HALLOWEEN - The Boogeyman (which also ripped of Halloween.) - Nightmare In A Damaged Brain - I could go on and on. He brutally stabs mom and boyfriend to death with a large butcher's knife. Did little Arthur go to elementary school with little Mikey Myers? Did Mikey teach Arthur a few things? Or, did he just try and mimic what he saw Mikey do? I guess cinema and reality are just another form of each other.

2) Arthur is all grown up now. He's now a very large, muscular man in which the guards are self aware that he's one of the most dangerous patients in the asylum, but they're more worried about a basketball game to use common sense when opening Arthur's door. Eventually, Arthur murders a few guards and escapes where he goes on a cross country trip to find the actress he fancied for years on television. "For God's sake he can't even drive a car." "Maybe someone around there gave him lessons." 3) The aforementioned actress also has a lot of problems of her own. Her agent wants her to appear in a low budget 'sci-fi, slasher, monster, zombie film. The producer doesn't even know where he wants to go with the movie and has no more money to pay his crew. The beautiful blond actress stops at a gas station where an oversexed middle aged mechanic tries to persuade her into giving in via force. Of course, she resists. A customer pulls in at the right time - The actress runs from the wannabe rapist only to discover that it's a big young man with blood on her face. Old Arthur recognizes her right off the bat. The oversexed mechanic has a change of heart and tries to help the girl, only to be killed by the hands of Arthur. The actress escapes and here we go again.

3) Arthur goes cross country - stealing cars, trucks, and eventually an 18 wheeler. (Keep in mind that Arthur has been locked up ever since he was a kid and can somehow drive an 18 wheeler with 16 gears) The movie takes a turn from familiar slasher territory into a semi-action film with TONS of big-muscular stunt men biting the pavement or desert sand by the hands of Arthur.

4) We see more of the sleazy producer as we're taken to the movie set - right in the middle of the desert. A great location where no one has to be paid for setting up shop in their location. A paradox of the movie itself. Arthur also steals a motorcycle - kills a bunch of muscular buffoons and finally makes his way to the set where he eventually kills the sleazy producer, dresses up in a monster uniform and does his real life gig in front of the camera un announced. After pretending to be an alien monster, he soon gets a little too rough with the actress and his cover is blown. Arthur gets taken down and the rest is history.
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Nightmare (1981)
Trashy, sexually depraved and murderous intentions
9 December 2007
A depressing and trashy slasher that was released at the height of the slasher craze in the early 80's. It delves in sexual depravity and bloodlust - Ill thoughts and murderous intentions towards less than wholesome women. It deals mostly with a maniac's return to his family (ala Halloween) after being released from the mental institution after the doctors thought he was cured. All this after he murders his mother and father (at the age of ten) while he and his mistress are doing a little bondage type foreplay.

Bloody, Gory - Make sure you wanna go emo for a day if you decide to watch this film. It will leave you in a lonesome depressed mood all day long. Actually, that's pretty good...if a movie can leave such a lasting impression on you. At least there's some talent hidden behind the filth.

I'd throw this in the same pile as other trashy films such as 'Maniac', 'New York Ripper', 'Don't Go in the House' etc.

Don't go looking for anything other than sexually charged insanity and the sheer depravity of a killer gone mad from childhood.
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Shocker (1989)
I'm not sure what to think
6 December 2007
This was a childhood favorite of mine and all the pals in the early years. Shocker is quiet an enigma. I'm not real sure as to what Craven was trying to pull off. Not only was Shocker a strange film, The People Under The Stairs that came out a year or two after was also a strange film.

As for 'Shocker' - I can only go as far as to say that there were nays and yays. First and foremost, all the supernatural elements of 'Shocker' may turn a few heads and leave some wanting to turn it off. Some people like the supernatural element going on with this film. Personally, I lean towards the former. If this flick was made into a balls out slasher/serial killer film which only used the main character's psychic ability instead of going to the extremes of allowing the main characters (killer/Hero) to jump inside televisions, using electricity as a source of supernatural power, it would have fared better, and been one of the great ones.

Even aside from all this nonsense, 'Shocker' still has it's moments. It has a very dreary and bleak atmosphere that somehow sucks you in. It's almost the same atmosphere emitted from his 1984 venture, 'A Nightmare on Elm Street'. There's this surrealistic feeling throughout the entire film, and you're not quiet sure what's gonna happen next.

There's a few comedic touches in the film that come from nowhere, but they are quiet welcomed in what otherwise is a very depressing feature.

In all honesty, 'Shocker' is a laughable attempt by Wes Craven. As I mentioned, the film has its moments, but the sheer absurdity of the circumstances lures one away from giving it a chance. Understandable.

Good acting, tho. A good performance by our male lead. Also, a great performance from our deranged psychopath - Who uses television and electricity as a catalyst to possess other people to do his dirty work. There's a slight hint of some occultisms when the killer (right before he's to be executed) has hooked boosting cables to his hands and attached them to a live television set. I guess he was recharging or something. Plus, I have no idea how he obtained boosting cables in jail. Maybe he put them in his lower body cavity? Anyway, if you're in the mood that allows you to throw all sense out the window, it might be an OK time waster. I'd almost go as far as to say that only horror fans would even watch 'Shocker' more than once. Good things, but mostly stupid things...not necessarily bad things, but things that should have been used for another ANOES sequel.
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Halloween (2007)
wonderful adaption
22 November 2007
What people need to realize right off the bat is that this isn't a film by John Carpenter. It really pains me that some people can't let go of nostalgia and enjoy a good movie. You've got slasher fans complaining about the lack of decent slasher flicks, and when one rears its glorious head, they throw off on it simply because it's a remake.

Rob Zombie is probably the best horror director in the business today. I'd go as far as to say the past fifteen years. 'The Devil's Rejects' was a modern day masterpiece. It's plain to see Zombie's genuine love for the genre, and with Halloween '07 it's no different.

We start out with a young Michael Myers, being brought directly into his dysfunctional childhood - Pole dancing mom - Alcoholic, verbally and physically abusive father figure - Slutty sister - The only true form of normality and pureness in the trashy home is his baby sister.

Zombie pretty much sticks to the basic beginnings of the original 'Halloween', but adding a disturbing glimpse into a disgruntled childhood that the original didn't explain. A lot of people's gripes come from the fact that Zombie actually shed some light on why Michael did what he did. Was it because he was a product of a shitty childhood? Probably not - And I think the kid who played young Michael did a great job of proving it went much deeper than that.

I'm going to make one complaint in that Linda, Annie, and Laurie weren't the likable trio that they were in the first - and I'm not sure they had to be in the new version. Films are flavors of the day like anything else. Kids these days (sad but true) aren't truly likable. After this being said, I do think the young actress who played Laurie Strode did become more likable when the action got started.

There's also a lot of gripes by fans of the original that Malcom McDowell didn't play out well as Doctor Loomis. Personally, I don't think casting could have done a better job. I think he was about as close to the real Dr. Loomis that we'll ever get. There's also a lot of flack being tossed Zombie's way in regards to Loomis' dialogue. Again, I thought it was absolutely fine. Wonderful acting on McDowell's part.

One can't talk of a Zombie film without mentioning cameo appearances. Ken Foree, Clint Howard, Brad Douriff (not as much a cameo), Courtney Gaines - Just to name a few. All did a great job to boot.

The score - What can I say. For the most part, the original score was recycled, only spruced up a bit. I'd almost swear I heard a few licks from Halloween 2 in there somewhere too. The added score was masterfully done. I could almost feel the raw power in some scenes as the score and camera coincided to give Myers an 'earth shattering effect' - making him seem like an oiled machine, shaking the ground as he walked, or viscously raged something all to hell.

I almost forgot - Sherri Moon pulled out a wonderful performance. She proved here that shes more than capable of playing broader parts - more than a maniacal killer with the mind of a teenager. Great acting.

All in all, Halloween '07 does what most horror films these days simply can't do. Zombie is such a true fan of the genre, that it shows in everything he does. To be a true fan only means that it's conceived in the mind of someone who knows the genre inside and out already. It's certainly a plus and it certainly only adds to the all around dark and depressing nature of the film.

The camera work was filled with close-ups, almost giving a smothering presence and a much more intimate feel. I also commend the cinematography department. Halloween '07 is chock full of familiar atmosphere, capturing a very seasonal-like tone that adds that certain feeling most suburban neighborhoods associate with Halloween. I think Zombie put all his blood, sweat and tears in this flick, and personally thank him for it. A somewhat sad tale in the end - a depressing outlook on how a little unconditional love and a feeling of being needed can mean the difference in the mind of a child - how when the stars are aligned just right, when all the circumstances are in place, a child can host the very evil that leads to homicide.
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Great Backwoods slasher flick. A classic in all respects.
8 November 2007
Just Before Dawn came out during the golden days of the slasher film. The backwoods slasher pretty much started with films like Friday the 13th, The Burning, and Madman. Just Before Dawn is a step ahead of the typical backwoods slasher flick. The cinematography is gorgeous. The acting is top notch. The heroine of the film is not your typical 'final girl'.

Constance is a 'woods' girl, but when it comes down to the primal instinct of survival, she's a step behind. Not until it comes to saving the life of her and her boyfriend, does the primal notion of survival kick in. There's a subtle transition that gradually focuses on the final girls hidden sexuality - coinciding that alongside her will to survive.

Just Before Dawn isn't for everyone, but for the slasher fan, it's as close to perfect as you can get. The killer(s) are very menacing - Almost like it's a game to maim and murder anyone who crosses their territory. The end scene is a bit off kilter. For the first time viewer, it may be a little shocking. I'd recommend this to anyone who's a fan of the backwoods slasher. Even non-slasher fans will find something to like about it. The setting is eerie and makes one feel uneasy. The death sequences aren't particularly gory, but I'm not sure the film needed gore. See it!
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Arctic Son (2006)
Wonderful and from the heart
27 August 2007
This is a great documentary. I was captivated from the beginning. I saw so much of Stan Jr. in myself that it was uncanny. This film leads us through the reunification of a father and son after 20 odd years as the son visits his dad in Old Crow - an old and dying settlement in the Yukon. Jr. comes from the city and likes to drink and party. There's absolutely nothing in common between the father and son. As the film goes by, we see a subtle transition in the way Jr. thinks, and a certain realization by Senior that if left alone to do a job, Jr. is certainly capable of doing it. One can see through the entire film that Senior so desperately wanted to make up for the lost years by teaching his son his own way of life. That was Senior's way of showing love. Jr. finally realizes this as the film goes on. The uncanny thing is, at the end of the film, and after he has returned home - back to drinking and partying with friends, he missed Old Crow and the snowy landscape of the Yukon - The hard and cold work. I'd certainly recommend this to anyone who likes heartfelt documentaries.
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Deliverance (1972)
8 July 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I wish I had read the novel before watching the movie, but I didn't. I've still never gotten around to reading it, but the film itself is one of the most powerful pieces of modern film making in the history of cinema.

Leaving the book on the back burner, 'Deliverance' is a movie in which a group of men find out what they're made of. The primal urge to get away from city life and, join nature at its most coherent level, ultimately ends up being their worst nightmare. The very thing they were trying to get away from confronts them right in the place where it was never supposed to happen.

Not only does the film commentate on risky subjects such as homosexuality, bestiality, and rape, it actually entwines the three into one big ball of shock. A film on survival, will, determination, trials, tribulations - and the heart it takes to overcome them all. Some groundbreaking movie making - not only with the location and casting, but with the true depiction of deep backwoods types.

The banjo scene goes down in history as one of the most memorable. Ronnie Cox and the 'banjo boy' playing 'Dueling Banjos' is probably one of the most sketched scenes ever.

Aside from being groundbreaking on a number of different levels, the modern backwoods slasher film owes a helluva lot to 'Deilverance'. Such films as 'The Final Terror '83', feature a backwoods killer in a remote area alongside a river. The Canadian film 'Rituals', also owes a lot to 'Deliverance'- as a trip in the woods goes horribly wrong for a group of hunters. 'Deliverance' set the stage for a number of cash-ins that still ride its coat tails until this day.

In a nutshell, 'Deliverance' 'delivers' - and it delivers big,
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One of Fulci's Better movies
27 May 2007
A family movies into a new house in the country where strange things happen and people get murdered.

The opening scene opens up like a typical American slasher film. A boy and girl just get done having sex when they're brutally murdered. The girl actually gets a large butchers knife through the back of her skull and out of her mouth. It soon turns from familiar slasher territory and launches itself half-speed into a full fledged Gothic-like drama with some good kill scenes thrown it. HBTC is more than just a souped up drama with a good slice of Americana thrown in tho, it's a very good film as a whole and proves Fulci-despiser's wrong when they say he's a hack.

I'd certainly recommend this film to all horror fans. Slasher/Giallo fans will also find something redeeming in HBTC. Fulci gives us a little class along with sporadic gore, but limits himself- keeping in frame with just hammering out a good damn film.
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Atmospheric Onslaught
27 May 2007
1) A table drill through the skull by the hands of a mad father 2) a girl puking up her entire intestinal tract 3) A woman is buried partially alive. Chris George hears her screams and barely misses impaling her gorgeous pale face as the instrument gouges through the face of the coffin. (One of the most tense scenes in cinematic history) 4) Zombies that pull the back of you head off and crush your brain.

5) Corpses turning up at home in the kitchen floor when they dies a few days before.

These are just some of the things that makes 'The Gates of Hell' what it is. It's an atmospheric onslaught of death and carnage. There's something about All Saints Day in the plot, but, after you witness a maggot storm and a blow up doll inflate by itself, you'll forget about such thing as a coherent plot.

This is a film that's most popular for its brutal gore and even more brutal imagery. Fulci let us have it with this one. He hit us hard and sucker punches us pretty good.

A gore hound's dream. Even non-fans of gore will appreciate the nice cinematography.
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Worth the view
27 May 2007
The Final Terror is an 80's slasher attempt that's often overlooked. One reason may be the low body-count and high survivor rate. The other could be been shoddy distribution. TFT has numerous alternate titles and a lot of people have probably seen this under such names as 'Campsite massacre' or 'Carnivore'.

TFT starts out with a man and his girlfriend wrecking a motorcycle deep in the forest amongst tall cedars and wild animals. The guy hurts his leg and sends the woman for help. She tries to reach someone, but it's no use. When she comes back, she notices her fiancée is gone, but soon finds him when he's dropped upside down from a tree (Friday the 13th style) Of course, the girl gets hers too - by way of sharp tin-can lids. Very creative.

LAter on, we have a bunch of rowdy forest rangers who are talked into going on a 'clean-up' trip just so their boss can get a week-end in the woods with his lady friend.

What ensues is your typical backwoods killer fashion, but there's something that stands out in front of other cookie cutters. The acting is top notch. Besides this, the scenery is lush and beautiful, and the characters merge together in the end.

There's quiet a few survivors, but in reality, a stalking maniac is no match for six or eight angry men and women.

The stand out character is 'Zorich' (Played wonderfully by John Friedrich). He's a hardened Viet Nam veteran who has a knack for marijuana and psychedelic mushrooms. He soon takes charge and builds a humongous wilderness trap while under the influence of psychedelics.

The killer is creepy to boot. We only see a glimpse or two throughout the movie, but we see the killer in their full glory at the end in one of the best endings to any slasher film. 'Joe Paliantano (sp) does a good job as the eccentric Eggar who tries to coach the group away from their destination.

TFT should be a better film than it is, but, for the sake of being realistic, it's definitely more believable than films like 'Friday the 13th'. The opening kill scenes are very well done, as well as a 'making love scene' where the 'thruster' is attacked violently and bloody by an unknown specter with a homemade hook of some sort. Good stuff.

For the slasher completest, it's something to see if you haven't already. I think a lot of slasher fans are pleasantly surprised when they finally do get the chance to sit down and watch The Final Terror.
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