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A cheap Die Hard knockoff., 6 August 2013

It sounds like Die Hard, it looks like Die Hard but it sure is not Die Hard. I'm pretty confident that Antoine Fuqua is a Die Hard fan and he thought that he could have fun with his 70M budget.

First mistake was to make Gerald Butler the lead. Half Tough Guy, half Romcom Ninja. This guy is boring and have near to no charisma. The closest he actually got from being cool was in Rock'n'rolla but yet, he was out-shined by Hardy, Kebbel and Strong. So the Banning character is not much credible during the whole movie.

Second mistake the whole plot. You have such a hard time trying to accept it that in the end, you just don't. That pretty much ruined the experience for me. I won't go into the details so I don't spoil it for you. But you don't see how the leaders of one of the most powerful country in the world could act like they do.

Third and final mistake. Too much gratuitous violence. Sure it's an action movie and there's terrorists involved. But some of this violence did not felt right at all, even in the context. While a few scenes where necessary because it showed how those terrorists meant business and were to be taken seriously. Some other scenes really felt like they only been shot to create a shock value. Those sometimes even felt sadistic to me. Which had no point being in that kind of movie.

However the movie is not that bad (hence the 4 stars) it's really action packed with only a few downtime. While there's nothing breath taking or really creative with the action, it's decent. And if this genre of movie is your favourite you might even end up enjoying it.

In the end if you're not a movie buff or an action fan you pretty much want to avoid this film. Gerald Butler is not nearly as cool as Bruce Willis and Banning is not the kind of bad ass McClane is. You better watch Die Hard over again.

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Pure fun, 18 September 2012

Making a good Comedy is unfortunately a lost art. Many tries but very few succeed. Now, even more than ever all comedies are alike. Tasteless blend of overused clichés and situations. Slapstick humour and gags you spotted from miles away.

French are usually exceedingly good at making bad comedies the last 20 years.

But not this time... I approach this title reluctantly as I was sure it will be everything I expected. A few funny joke here and there lost in a sea of banality and reprocessed gimmicks.

And man was I wrong. The biggest strength of this movie is being unexpected. Sure there's clichés, but clichés with a twist. A few WTF moments. And many well delivered joke (especially from Helene de Fougerolles) "Ride me like a burro" and more.

The directing is also quite convincing for a first movie. The acting is real good for a comedy (although most characters are pretty straight forward) and the writing is really innovating with a fast paced storytelling.

I heartily recommend this movie to any comedy fans as it is a breath of fresh air inside the cramped room that is the whole genre today.

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Boring story about a dysfunctional family, 5 August 2012

French movies often have horrible storytelling. This one is no exception. Although the acting was above average for a French movie, I couldn't care for any of the characters.

Poor character development and storytelling have been plaguing French cinema for decades. Tellement Proches suffers from both.

This movie is supposed to be a comedy but there's nothing funny. I smiled once. Most characters and situations are full of clichés. After watching this movie I cannot help but think that Nakache and Toledano got a crazy fluke with Intouchables and that will be the only good movie they ever make.

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Do yourself a favor and watch this show, 12 April 2010

Plot summary doesn't do credit to the sheer brilliance behind this Sitcom. Contrary to what you could believe, you don't need to be a geek/nerd to enjoy this show.

Sure being one gives you the benefit of getting every jokes flying around, yet most of its humour can be enjoyed by anyone due to the incredible talent of both its writers and cast.

I cannot praise writers enough for delivering such interesting characters evolving in a world surrounded by cliché and yet offering a perspective of its own to said cliché. Nothing annoying or seen a thousand times here. And everything served with the magical ingredient of awesome dialogs both witty and unexpected.

As for the cast, everyone works great and all characters click together.

The only big turn off for me is the live recording. I just hate audience laughters. And it's even worse when from time to time production just emphasis some laughter with prerecorded ones. Even with this big disappointment the show doesn't fell short of 10 stars to me.

I Hope it will entertain you as much as it does to me.

Gamer (2009)
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Nothing can redeem this movie., 22 January 2010

An unbearable stench ooze from this flick. And everyone no what that stench is. No one like it and no one want to bring some home.

So you really should stay away from it. If like me you'd felt somehow interested watching the trailer. You got it all already. There's nothing more to this movie than its trailer. Predictable plot, exact same action scenes but in different location, slow motion ad nauseum. Cliché and offensive to some category of people.

Counter Strike meets The Sims over a tasteless futurist background.

Props to Michael C. Hall for a couple of his character's main scene.

As for Gerald Butler I don't get why he get so many part recently. He's only a caveman version of Jason Statham without the charming British accent.

Amber Valetta to old to still be on the catwalk or on magazine's cover and definitely not talented enough to be on film.

Even if you're a hard core die hard fan of Action Movie, FPS and Gerald Butler I'm not even sure you'll end up enjoying this.

Knowing (2009)
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It's what bad movies are made of, 5 July 2009

I watch at least a movie a day and I generally consider myself an easy spectator. And I even come to enjoy bad films with extremely thin plot and even thinner acting.

However when it comes to Knowing even indulgence cannot come to the rescue of that P.O.S.

Knowing should not have been one of the six hundred movies produced by Hollywood this year. This movie doesn't bring anything to anyone. There's no funny dialog, there's no witty comments, there's no scientific background, there's no beautiful landscape, there's no thrilling plot, there's no sexy male, there's no naked female, there's nothing to redeem this movie.

I really can't think of anything appealing in this movie. Maybe 10 minutes back to back worth of C.G.I but in a 120+ minutes movie could be noted as entertaining.

Watching this movie whole demands some strength of will or strong resilience against boredom.

The acting is way below average, the kids are annoying, Nicolas Cage plays Nicolas Cage playing Nicolas Cage, Rose Byrne's character is ghostly and almost see-through as she gave nothing in this performance. The scenarist must have paid some intern in dough-nut to write the screenplay. The only thing the music is moving is your finger to hit "Fast Forward" The directing is text book "Director for Dummies"

I must say I am more than disappointed by this movie, I love disaster movies and anything a little Sci-Fi. But this one I couldn't handle without the remote.

The pace is way to slow, watching this movie feels literally like aging. This movie is proof of Hollywood long term illness getting more and more serious as the years go by.

This movie should never had been produced. And if those kind of films keep on being produced we soon going to pass the point of no return where quality entertainment will no longer exist.

Good luck to you if you plan on watching this. Be strong if you already did.